carlsbad fire


As you may know, it can be ridiculously hard to find a place for your pets and animals when you need to evacuate and take shelter from a disaster like the wildfires currently ravaging the county. The San Diego Humane Society released this list of resources on their Facebook today.

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raw footage of the carlsbad fire in San Diego today. (this was less than a mile from my house)

Mod Post: San Diego-Carlsbad Fire

So as most of you know there is a crazy fire in San Diego, specifically in Carlsbad, Oceanside, and San Marcos. This is home and home of many many of my friends, many of them going to school there or stationed in Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton. While my family lives in San Francisco and I am currently in Baltimore, out of all the cities I have lived in, Carlsbad is really home for me. I spent the best four years of my life in Carlsbad, that town holds so many memories. It is weird timing but right as these fires started was when I was about to launch a Kickstarter for a book about my high school in Carlsbad and the graphic novel I am planning about the stuff my friends and I would do during those lazy summer days there. But with the fires, I don’t think now would be the best time. And while I couldn’t make it back, I do feel sad that I was going to miss the alumni reunion that was planned for this weekend. Though now I am worried about all my friends who are attending now stuck in that fire. From all the photos I see, it reminds me a lot of the 2007 wildfires that hit the same area. For the last few days my Facebook had exploded with news of this fire (considering ¾ of my friends are from that area) and it’s been really hard to watch. I haven’t contacted a lot of these friends in over a year and wish I could contact all of them to make sure they are okay but most of them have been offline trying to evacuate. And yet it seems like I have been trying to avoid news of this fire as well, its like I want to preserve that nostalgic memory of this place not the vast destruction the fire will leave behind. But regardless, if you are in the please be safe and prepare to go to an evacuation shelter. If you know friends in that area call them and make sure they are safe.