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Do you think Erika is preparing an AA program for Worlds, giving that Ferrari won't probably be there (and neither Ferlito, I guess)?

Vanessa will for sure not compete at all this year. Carlotta is going to the gym regularly but I don’t think she’s planning on returning to comp this year either. Erika should get back bars and possibly compete them at the final Serie A competition, or at least that was the original plan. It looks like she has a basic but decent bar routine for now so I’m confident that she’ll compete it soon. As for Worlds, it’s probably too early to say, but if they’re smart they’re not gonna push her cause there’s absolutely no reason for her to be there. I can see Elisa Meneghini going, she’s already doing AA now and she was the only entirely healthy Italian in Rio lol, and mayyyyyybe Martina Rizzelli, if she gets back her more difficult bars set. Other than them, I hope they send Martina Maggio and someone out of Noemi Linari, Desirée Carofiglio, Giada Grisetti, and Caterina Cereghetti, if only to build some experience. In with the new!


20 Day Countdown to Rio ➝ Meet the Gymnasts

Meet Team Italy: Erika Fasana, Carlotta Ferlito, Vanessa Ferrari, Elisa Meneghini, and Martina Rizzelli. The Italian team finished 7th at the 2015 World Gymnastics Championships in Glasgow, United Kingdom.

Correction: Carlotta Ferlito is actually the Italian National AA silver medalist, not American Cup. Thanks to everyone who pointed it out :)


La ginnastica artistica è sempre stata la mia passione, e penso che lo sarà ancora per molto. Amo la ginnastica, mi fa sentire libera, è lo sport più bello che esista a mio parere. 

-La trave, il corpo libero, le parallele asimetriche e il volteggio.

I 4 attrezzi, gli attrezzi che una ginnasta deve affrontare sia in gara che in allenamento.. e ad ogni fine di un'attrezzo c'è un traguardo raggiunto!

I’m proud of gymnast.


Merry throwback Christmas from team Italy!