I vote that mornings should be banned.

I don’t like them. Mornings are unpleasant and should be avoided.

On another note, I have returned to England after a long holiday in Greece and then France and then Greece again and then Portugal, but I still can’t cosplay until my deadline at the end of the month, so just a few more weeks to go. I might be doing some drawing though! Hope you all had great holidays :)

(I like this submission)

Neither would I consider my societal ‘look’ gender-fluidity—I’d consider it rather simply a matter of human preference— but then people will assume weird things about me based on stuff like never wearing makeup or that when I do wear skirts, they’re always long skirts, and people do tend to make assumptions.  (I tend to fall into “none of this gels properly with my understanding of social norms, so are you some kinda vegan/fundamentalist/new-agey type?” and it’s always hilarious).  So there are labels, but the labels don’t always matter to everyone, and what you make of them personally does matter in your context.  Tomboy works just as well for me (except that people would think of sports in that context) but then I’m comfortably female and don’t really feel like makeup or clothing choice affect that very much.  So what people publicly express as, within the parameters of their culture, matters a lot to some people and others it doesn’t, is what I think it boils down to, and that the Tumblr demographic has a lot of very specific wording that it’s developed within its own milieu.  Society as a whole does gender things, but isn’t as likely to use such specific terminology, and as a result I think said terms get ever more specific as an attempt at conveying things to the world at large.