• Anthony Hopkins as William Hodges
  • Dane DeHaan as Brady Hartsfield
  • Carlos Knight as Jerome Robinson
  • Gillian Anderson as Janey Patterson
  • Lily Rabe as Holly Gibney
  • Jessica Lange as Deborah Hartsfield

#CarlosValdes, #TheFlash’s #CiscoRamon, is celebrating his 28th birthday today!

#JessicaLange, star of #AmericanHorrorStory, completes 68!

#ClayneCrawford, actor of #LethalWeapon, is now 39!

#AndySerkis, who can be seen in #TheLordoftheRings, celebrates 53!

#CrispinGlover, leading man of #Willard, also completes 53!

#ShemarMoore, from #CriminalMinds, turns 47!

#RuthConnell, actress of #Supernatural, celebrates 38!

Happy Birthday :)


Joshua Bullen
SI Prototype Research Series 01 AW16/17
701R1 Lasering on Liquid Reflective Base
Anorak Limited Edition 01/100

336/365 To travel is to evolve.

I just got back from a huge trip. Went to Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas back to Mexico, Peru and final destination will be Brazil. All in a month and it’s crazy but I feel every single thing I’ve seen, every taste and sound, they’re all a part of me now.

I walk the streets amazed, wanting to work more and much harder. I can’t wait to meet more people or maybe taste different coffee.

So yeah, it is true that to travel is to evolve.

319/365 Live well. Travel often.

Today I got to see a huge whale launch off the water right next to this boat. Couple minutes after I got to visit one of many travel blogs’ “Places you’ve got to visit before you die”.
It was a secret island 20 minutes away from shore. We had to swim through a cave with strong waves pushing us away.

All I could think of was to never stop traveling. To keep living well.