So I was on a field trip with my friend, who’s also into WTNV, and we’re sitting on a bench waiting for the bus (sadly in the sun) so I start talking about it. I started out like ‘Yeah, and imagine an episode from Carlos’s perspective. Like… maybe he’s kept science logs are something. That’d be so cool.’ And the other girl on the bench (not my friend) is already looking at me like I’m insane. I wasn’t even saying anything strange yet?? So for a while I keep trying to talk about with my friend and sound normal about but I couldn’t say what I wanted that way. SO, being the way I am I get sick of this girls look cause she looks at me that way the whole time, so I dramatically fall onto my knees off the arm of the bench and quietly scream, ‘I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT THE MOMENT CARLOS REALIZED HE LOVED CECIL WAS LIKE’ and suddenly, POOF, the girl is gone and now me and my friend have a whole bench to ourselves

Quiet Dreams (Part 5)

Summary: After Barry changes the timeline and saves his mother, he discovers a huge aspect of his life has changed, maybe for the better. (Set after the finale of Season 2)

Universe: The Flash

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

A/N: !!!! I can’t link the other parts but if you’d like to read them, just go to my page :) !!!!! I think that this story might wrap up soon. I don’t know but thank you so much again and leave suggestions if you can!!


It’s the little things. The way you linger on her when she isn’t looking. The smile you fake to play the part. Quiet dreams you keep to yourself. - Felicity Smoak, The Flash Season 1


One month. 31 days since he woke up. 31 days without you.

Barry had never felt so empty. He was lucky, very very lucky, that metahuman activity was low because honestly, his heart wasn’t in it. He couldn’t focus with all those sweet memories coursing though his head, those memories that made him long for you endlessly.

Barry sighs and enters S.T.A.R Labs with coffee in hand, only to see Caitlin, Cisco, Joe, Iris, and Wally gathered in the cortex.

“Uh, hey guys?” He questions, his footsteps slowing.

“Barry, sit down.” Caitlin says softly. Barry does as she says but begins to fidget a bit. Why were they sitting there with worried looks on their faces?

“What’s going on?” He asks. He takes a sip of his coffee as Iris comes forward.

“Barr, we’re worried about you. You haven’t been yourself ever since you woke up.” She says, rubbing his arm. He knew she still loved him, and he felt horrible that he had chased after her for all these years only to stop loving her as soon as she realized her feelings for him.

Everyone thought they were meant to be, but Barry had been especially distant from Iris since he’d returned. He cared for you, you had become more to him in that month than anything else.

He considered telling them, but he didn’t know if he should. He knew he would hurt Iris, but maybe speaking about it could finally help him make sense of it all.

“Barry,” Cisco interrupts his thoughts, “talk to us.”

Barry lets out a heavy breath. “There’s something about the other timeline that I never told you guys,” the five of them looked at one another, realizing and understanding this may not be good. “And I know I shouldn’t tell you, that it screws with time but it already happened and I can’t hold it in anymore.” His voice had strained and he took a long sip of coffee to calm himself. “In the other timeline, I was engaged.”

“Engaged?” Iris stops him, Wally lightly grabbing her arm to keep her from worrying.

“Yeah, engaged. To this absolutely amazing girl. And I, I didn’t mean to, but I fell for her. I can’t help but miss her, so much.” He says weakly, his eyes wandering to avoid their gazes.

“Barry,” Joe begins, “do you think you love her?” Barry just nods, knowing it seems crazy. A month and he loves her? But no one could really understand the level of intimacy, the level of happiness they had reached together. As they all have their thought processes, Cisco speaks.

“Okay, listen guys. I know you might all think because it’s the other timeline it’s not meant to be and we’re screwing with something we shouldn’t be, but I think that maybe, we should just find her. You know, see what happens.” He shrugs and begins to walk towards the computer. “What’s her name?”

Barry feels hope start to sprout inside his heart, desperately begging the universe to let them find her.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” He says, antsy. He rolls his chair next to Cisco, looking at the screen.

“No results for Central City. I’m going to need to expand it.” A few clicks, everyone gathered around the computer, and a bit of hacking later, Cisco grins. “Found her. Star City.” He clicks the file and it opens to show a beautiful girl. “Damn, she’s ho-”

“Don’t finish that sentence.” Barry hisses. “But yeah,” he breathes, “that’s her. That’s my Y/N.”

“Okay, so just wondering. How are you going to explain all of this to her?” Joe asks.

Barry stares at the screen. “Good question.”

“Maybe Felicity and Oliver can help.” Cisco states. Caitlin rolls her eyes.

“Do you seriously think that they know everyone in Star City?” Caitlin says.

“Okay sorry Ms. Negative Nancy. It was just a suggestion.” He grumbles, his hands up in surrender

“Okay guys stop fighting. How about Cisco and Barry head to Star and see what they can do?” Wally suggests.

“Sounds good.” Barry grins, grabbing Cisco by the arm and getting ready to run.


“Boo.” Barry laughs as Felicity jumps. It was easy to sneak into places for him, especially at his pace. Cisco stands there and laughs as well, Felicity getting up to greet them with hugs.

“What are you guys doing here?” She asks, returning to her chair. Cisco and Barry share a look, not knowing if they should explain.

“Uh, we’re looking for someone.” Cisco says, scratching his neck awkwardly.

“Okay.” She drags out the word, raising an eyebrow. “Who?”

“Y/N Y/L/N.” Barry says quickly, walking closer to the desk.

“Oh Y/N? She used to work at Kord Industries with me.”

“So you’re saying you know her?” Cisco asks. And when she nods, he grins. “Hah, wait till I tell Caitlin!”

Felicity stares at the gleeful man who gets his cell out and begins to tap away and just shakes her head with a laugh. “Anyway, do you need to talk to her or something?”

“Yeah,” Barry says softly. “I need to see her.”

“Sure, Barr.” The atmosphere shifts and she could feel that this mattered to him, the way his eyes lit with emotion.

He feels his heart pound as Felicity takes out her phone and dials the number. This could be it.

“Hey Y/N? It’s Felicity! Can you meet me today?” Barry grabs onto the desk and takes a deep breath. “Sounds good, see you!”

Felicity ends the call and stares at Barry for a moment. “Explain, please. She’s on her break and she’ll be here in just a bit. This is obviously something important and don’t lie to me because you look like you’re about to pass out.” Barry opens his mouth for a second, trying to start explaining but fails.

“Cisco? Give her the short story for me? I don’t know if I can live through that insanity another time He begs. "I need a walk and more coffee.”

He hears Cisco’s explanation begin and Felicity’s gasps and he chuckles to himself, flashing to the local coffee shop.

As soon as he reaches the shop, he fumbles over his feet at the sight and stops before he falls.

You. You were right there. So close to him, just a glass wall separating you two.

Barry feels the panic setting in. He couldn’t just come up to a girl who didn’t even know him and tell her he loves her and needs to be with her. That might come off as a bit psychopathic.

He takes a heavy breath and walks in, just resting against a wall and staring at you. That hair that he would always run his fingers through. The eyes he had wiped tears from. The lips he’d kissed many, many times.

He feels his lungs lose all oxygen as you begin to look over, beautiful as ever, and he rushes off before you can see him.

But the thing is, you do. You see the man with green eyes and wind blown brown hair. You see a man you’ve never met before, memories you don’t remember making, flashing through your head.