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As you watch xenophobia become more and more a part of mainstream political discourse, you don’t really expect Dredd to be the voice of reason, the man giving the speech in fiction that somebody needs to give in real life.

This story predates our current political turmoils, but then Wagner and Dredd have always been more than a little prophetic, and political careers based on hatred have always been there, alas. I’m sure his fascist tendencies are still there, and I might change my mind in a real election, but his awkward attempt at a party political broadcast would have won my Mega-City vote, I suspect.

From “Judge Dredd: Mega-City Justice” by John Wagner, Carlos Ezquerra & Hector Ezquerra, in 2000AD Progs 1687-1693, reprinted in Tour of Duty: Mega-City Justice


😂😂😂 My harem of 2d men and one lady.
First row: Carlo, Timo, Miguel, Mouri, Kennyo, Mitsunari.
Second row: Randy, Vincent, Glenn, Takeda, Hideyoshi.
Third row: Giles, Albert, Byron, Katsura, Kirisato, Haru, Okubo.
Last row: Nico, Claude, Sid, Yuki, Ryouma. 😁 tell me I have a problem.

Another great example of the long game in Judge Dredd, part 1: 1982′s “The Apocalypse War” storyline ended with this bit of bravado, in which Dredd purposefully killed half a billion people by nuking the mega-city of East-Meg One, in retaliation for an attack on Mega-City One. (By John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra, this colored version from the 1985 Eagle Comics reprint.) – Graeme


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With Ava Gardner (Via timelessaudrey); Bette Davis (Via onthesetwithaudreyhepburn); Rex Harrison and Joan Crawford (Here); Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti; Billy Wilder, Mel Ferrer, Maurice Chevalier and James Stewart; Eddie Fisher, Elizabeth Taylor, Mel Ferrer, Natalie Wood and Robert Wagner; Barbra Streisand; Loretta Young (Here); Gene Kelly (Here); Gina Lollobrigida.

A Short History of Female Judges in Judge Dredd from 1982 to 1986

Following the early explosion of female judges in the second half of the first five years of Judge Dredd, there came a settling down period where faceless background crowd-filling women in uniforms mostly faded away in favor of developing the ones established over previous years. In other words, quantity gave way to quality, though of course there were a few notable exceptions and a couple of interesting experiments that are well worth dissecting. But first, let’s pick up where we left off…

(Disclaimer: unless otherwise noted, all stories mentioned in this post are written by John Wagner and Alan Grant. Trust me, it’ll save us a lot of time)

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A Cookies Rehearsal

Cookies ‘14-15 roster

Amor Ledesma
Bianca Vallar
Crisila Aban
Dea Sevilla
Gaby Wagner
Kayla Graham
Mari Madrid
Marilyn Remigio
Melissa De Jesus
Natasha Yeh
Nicole Aguas
Selene Haro
Sofia Chacon
Tess Garnica
Tiffany Le
Tracy Seiler
Vivian Lin

Anthony Quidachay 
Brian Carranza
Carlo Darang
Chris Ballecer
Chris Martin
Darian Patterson
Devin Pornel
Dustin Yu
Fabian Tucker
Jason Patio
Jayare Robles
Joey Pollock
Keone Madrid
Kevin Banares
Kevin Nguyen
Matt Magallanes
Mikey Mesina
Nic Ballecer 
Paul Gabriola
Paul Ross
Richard Villareal

Tracy Seiler
Dea Sevilla and Kevin Nguyen
Kayla Graham
Mariel Madrid
Chris Martin

Keone Madrid
Carlo Darang

Jess Glynne “Right Here”
Future “Move That Dope”
Danny Brown “Dip”
Ralf Gum “Take me to my Love”
Aluna George “Superstar”