carlos the science nerd

So has anyone in the Benlos fandom considered that in the prequel novel Carlos is a big science nerd/inventor and that Belle’s father, and by extension Ben’s grandfather, was also a nerd/inventor? Just think of the possibilities. Is he a friend to Carlos? A mentor?

Maybe he’s passed away before the movie but after they start dating Ben gives Carlos his old laboratory in the palace (because giving their significant other entire rooms of the palace is sort of a family tradition) and Carlos thinks it’s the greatest thing since Dude and he starts tinkering immediately. Then Belle stumbles upon him because Ben didn’t think to ask her permission (Ben just isn’t good at details, remember he brought Sleeping Beauty’s daughter to meet Maleficent’s kid on her first day in Auradon), at first she’s kinda pissed because this former villain she barely knows is fooling around with her father’s personal things. Then she sees that familiar Excited-Mad-Scientist glint in his eyes and she relaxes and starts offering advice, and after an hour she’s not only accepted Carlos as her son’s BF, she’s started planning their wedding.