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Anon request: Could you do an imagine with grant where his gf is a popular youtuber and while he’s away filming he and his cast watch her videos maybe she’s a gamer and they watch her play scary games

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"That looks good on you!" ((Ryan))

// sorry phone didn’t tell me and internet has been hit and miss on laptop //

Carlos looked over as he heard Ryan and blushed. He was wearing hot pants and a crop top. He’d been helping Evie work on something when she’d had to run and grab something leaving him like this. “I… thanks.” he blushed.

Jaylos Headcanon (1st Anniversary)

-For their first year of dating anniversary, Jay prepares something extremely special for his puppy (yes, that would totally be his nickname for Carlos)…

-He would ask Ben to help him setup a romantic date for two in Auradon’s finest restaurant.

-Then he’d buy Carlos the new laptop he’s been going on about, using his own money. He would secretly work for some of the students at Auradon Prep to earn that money.

-Since they started dating, Jay never stole for Carlos (unless absolutely necessary) to show that his love for the younger boy was strong and true.

-On the day itself, Jay surprises his boyfriend with a box of chocolates and the laptop wrapped nicely in a box by Mal (because Jay can’t wrap and apparently Mal can)…

-Carlos then gives Jay a new leather jacket and a photo album of their pictures together that he compiled with the help of Evie.

-Finally, Jay brings him to the restaurant and they have a lovely meal together.

-Carlos finds it sweet to see that he prepared all this, because Jay’s not the type to fuss over everything. But when it comes to Carlos De Vil, Jay would do anything for him…

No but Cecil and Carlos first start dating and Carlos borrows Cecil’s laptop to test if the wi-fi growls on every device or just his and he’s trying to find the file and Cecil’s like “what are you wait don’t click on thaaa…”

And it’s just unapologetic Jaws fanfic smut

Comfort (closed with Justaradioohost)

Carlos tapped at his laptop, trying to keep his mind focused on the grant applications that would fund his team, and give them all paychecks every week. Though even with how important this was, he found his mind wandering.


His sweet, lovely, honey-voiced-honey, Cecil.

It’d been nearly three days since…. Well, since what happened. Since he came home, crawled into bed without more than a mumbled hello. Station Management had given him a few days off. Normally Carlos knew Cecil would be ecstatic at the prospect of a ‘staycation’. Right now…

Carlos shook his head, as if to shake away the thought. He glanced over the application, clicked on the 'save’ button, and closed the lid on the laptop. Science later, boyfriend needs comforting now. Or at least it was worth another try.

Carlos half debated making Cecil something to eat… He honestly wasn’t sure if Cecil had left the same blanket-nest he curled into three days ago. That seemed plausible due to the fact that he was in more or less the same position when the scientist left and came home from checking on his experiments for a couple of hours a day.

He swallowed a little bit, having reached the doorway to the darkened bedroom. From the doorway Carlos could see the small lump of blankets that he knew his love was buried under. “Ceec?” The scientist’s voice was soft. “You awake?”


 Pamela has informed me that I am not allowed to read any of the files on your laptop. Even though I did figure out your password.

 "You don’t have to read anything.“ Carlos carefully handed the laptop over to CECIL. "I just want you to look at the files themselves. These are the reports I do after our sessions-”