carlos nines

  • Jay: Do you wanna know how I actually hurt my wrist?
  • Chad: Yes.
  • Jay: I was hula-hopping. Carlos and I attend a class for fitness, and for fun.
  • Chad: Oh my God.
  • Jay: I’ve mastered all the moves. The pizza toss. The tornado. The scorpion. The opsie doodle.
  • Chad: Why are you telling me all this?
  • Jay: Because no one will ever believe you.
  • Chad: You sick son-of-a-bitch.

this is for @mistletoemal, merry christmas my dear

A collection of the best Jaylos fanfics in AO3, in my opinion. (None of them content kinks, explicit smut or a sad ending) I’ll be adding more,yay

A big shoutout to the authors; if you see your work here let me tell you you’re the best.

One Step at a Time | One-Shot

He is three years old, and he remembers thinking that his mother no longer loves him. / A timeline of Carlos De Vil’s life.

Some Type of Ever After | Three part serie

  1. Magical: Regardless of whatever it had been that brought them this close, Jay just wanted to make sure that, no matter what, Carlos was happy. And, truthfully, that was the only reason the older teen hated knowing the black and blond boy had feelings other than friendship for him. It wasn’t because it made him uncomfortable, but rather that they stood in the way of Carlos’s happiness.
  2. Good to you: It had been an accident. At least that was what Evie had said to him. Carlos wasn’t quite sure he believed her though. After all, she had been the only one he had told about his feelings for Jay. But how exactly she had gotten Jay to eat one of the spare love potion laced cookies right in from of him he still hadn’t figured out.
  3. The Right in the Wrong: As Ben’s coronation approaches, Carlos is quickly beginning to realize that accepting Jay’s offer of love was a mistake. (this part has five chapters)

Float like a pretty box of your evil | two part series

  1. Honestly will break this point that we made: A kiss for a treasure, Jay thinks. One of the first things Jay is taught in life is how to steal.
  2. a mind full of questions, a current to purify: Carlos is nine when he discovers science.

Oh, really? | One Shot

Carlos realizes tourney is not for him, so he joins the cheerleader team and no one knows, so when it’s game time he cheers for Jay. The opposite team is so distracted by Carlos that they loose the game.

The writing’s in the wall | One Shot

Carlos writes anonymous messages on a wall and Jay makes a game out of replying to the mysterious street artist.
feat. Awful pickup lines.

Laws of probabiliy | Christmas One Shot

Jay is forced to join in with the Auradon Prep Secret Santa. When he gets Carlos, he uses the anonymous notes to hit on him.

 Fairy Tales For Rotten Apples | Christmas One-Shot

He has heard of time standing still during important events in someone’s life but he’s never thought it was anything more than a figure of speech. He counts up to 60. The clock still reads 6:30. The blankets are still cold. - A Christmas Carol.

Stealing Snowflakes | One Shot, winter

Jay scanned the crowd one more time, looking for dyed blond hair and any flash of black, white or red he could find. In traditional Carlos fashion, he had probably escaped and gone to hide somewhere within the first hour of festivities.

Just Acting | Fic In Progress. Nine chapters at the moment.

In a moment of confusion and panic to avoid going out with Jane, Carlos tells her that him and Jay are dating. So him and Jay come to an agreement. They weren’t dating, or fake dating. They don’t do dating. They do arrangements. This was their fake arrangement. No feelings. Acting. Totally just acting.


Because I went on something of a page-saving tear this weekend, here are ten more just for the hell of it.

  1. Paul Gillon, “Cet infant ira loin”
  2. F’murr, Tim Galère
  3. Jordi Bernet & Antonio Segura, Sarvan
  4. Max & Paco Mir, Gustavo Comecocometrón
  5. Guido Buzzelli, I Laberinti
  6. Daniele Panebarco, Giù la falce, Nick Martello
  7. Carlos Nine & Dalmiro Saenz, “Ni yankys ni marxistas idealistas”
  8. Oswal & Ricardo Barreiro, Buenos Aires, las putas, y el loco
  9. Peter Pontiac, Frankie Lee
  10. Joost Swarte, “Caesar Soda?”

Nate: Didn’t you spend a summer in Monte Carlo when she dated Carlos?

Serena: I was nine. Carlos taught me to play using Necco wafers as chips.

Nate: Well just imagine Carter owes the Buckley’s half a million Necco wafers. 

-Favorite Scene 3x06 Part 6: Enough About Eve