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Turn off or on: talking on the phone with Cec

the “turnoff” “turnon” game. ask me anything and i will answer if it is a turn off or turn on.

I was in a desert other world with pretty much just his voice, i mean, it’s not always a turn on because i can handle just talking to my husband on the phone but when he uses, that voice,  I am gone, far off to cloud nine population Carlos the Scientist

  • Jay: Do you wanna know how I actually hurt my wrist?
  • Chad: Yes.
  • Jay: I was hula-hopping. Carlos and I attend a class for fitness, and for fun.
  • Chad: Oh my God.
  • Jay: I’ve mastered all the moves. The pizza toss. The tornado. The scorpion. The opsie doodle.
  • Chad: Why are you telling me all this?
  • Jay: Because no one will ever believe you.
  • Chad: You sick son-of-a-bitch.