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M!A: you and your husband are fused together (like in Steven Universe) for 5 asks


(HQ) Grant Gustin, Tom Cavanagh, Jesse L. Martin, Carlos Valdes, Candice Patton, Jessica Camacho, Keiynan Lonsdale, Tom Felton, and John Wesley Shipp on the set of The Flash tonight. My pics- I think Jesse, Tom, and Carlos may have seen 😂

Autistic Carlos who has a hard time identifying his feelings, leading him to identify himself as quoiromantic.

Autistic Carlos who meets Cecil and feels something strong toward him but has no idea what the emotion is or how to deal with it.

Autistic Carlos who acts awkwardly around Cecil and relies on businesslike scripts for his first year in town because if he doesn’t even know what this emotion is how can he know how to act? It’s best to deal with this once all data has been collected.

Autistic Carlos who only realizes that the emotion is romantic attraction when he hears Cecil’s voice break over the radio when he thinks he’s dead.

Autistic Carlos rehearsing the line “After everything that happened I just wanted to see you” over and over in his head and being grateful that Cecil doesn’t want him to say more because all these new emotions are really overwhelming.

Autistic grey aromantic Carlos taking time to figure out his emotions and Cecil respecting him 100% and giving him all the space he needs.

Light shone through a small gap between two heavy curtains, seeping through the eyelids of a certain purple haired girl. A small, frustrated groan rumbled in the back of her throat as she turned, burying her features in the warmth of the figure next to her, earning a muffled chuckle of affection. There was a soft coo of her name, to which she ignored with a passion, tangling herself further into the mess of blankets. There was a slight prod to her ribcage, causing her to whine and curl into a ball.
“Mal…” It was practically sung in a tone of warmth and amusement, and eyelids grudgingly fluttered open to reveal green irises. Her vision was fuzzy from sleep, but she could still see brown eyes swimming with endearment and a tangle of blue hair. There was a flutter in her stomach when the other girl smiled.
“Mal, it’s almost time for school. You have to get up.” The thought alone made her lower lip stick out in a pout, and Evie laughed, making it rather challenging to appear saddened.
“Come on.” The blue haired girl attempted to detangle herself from the heavy quilt, but only succeeded in getting her legs stuck, earning a snicker from Mal. Her features took on an expression of faux offense, scoffing. “You think it’s funny, do you?” The other nodded in response, causing her to grumble under her breath and push the girl away, much to her displeasure. “I’ll show you funny.” Managing to unwrap herself from the blanket, Evie shoved the shorter girl off the bed, huffing.
Mal landed awkwardly upon the floor, groaning as she tried to free her arm from underneath herself. She pouted once more when forcing her torso into a sitting position, bangs brushing just underneath her eyelids and casting the view before her in a purple haze. “How rude.”
Her only answer was nimble fingers wrapping around her own and lifting her to her feet, although she didn’t really want to carry her own weight, and instead leaned against the taller girl, which practically forced said girl to wrap her arms around her small frame, else she would have fallen over. “M, seriously. We have to get ready. Or I least, I do. My hair is a mess.”
The fairy descent almost scoffed, marveling at how Evie said that so easily. Her hair always looked perfect, no matter what. Come to think of it, she always looked perfect, no matter what. The sudden thought of affection caused heat to rise to her cheeks.
Once again, there was a prod against her ribcage, and Mal elicited a sigh. “Fine.” Removing herself from the others girls embrace, she perched on the edge of the bed and slipped her feet into the combat boots below, not noticing the sympathetic smile sent her way as Evie grabbed her brush from the bathroom counter.
Having some trouble with the laces of her shoes, she pushed magenta locks out of her vision in frustration, but her sight was still blurry. Squinting, she managed to pull the purple and green strings(she mixed two pairs together)through the loops and tie them at the top, but had more trouble than when she had first learned to tie shoes. After rubbing her eyes, though, her vision seemed just fine. But, without her knowledge, just fine to her was still more blurry than most.

By the time Evie was satisfied with her makeup and whatnot, Mal had been leaning against the doorway for ten minutes, a purple jacket thrown over her purple t-shirt with stains of green, and a green beanie sitting just below the tips of her ears. Normally, the girl would have arched a brow at the crown of braids placed atop Evie’s head, but now there was a simple upward quirk of her lips as she extended her arm, allowing the other to loop hers around it.
Opening the door, Mal gestured toward the hallway, tilting her head the slightest. “After you, Princess.” The blue haired girls giggle entered her eardrums like a melody, and her fingers itched to paint her smile somewhere permanent. Although, it seemed to have already found its place in her mind.

By the time the core four were in Remedial Goodness 101, Mal’s eyes almost hurt from squinting, even at some small details that were only a couple inches away. She could feel Evie frowning from beside her, but chose to ignore, instead writing down some sloppy answer in frustration on the paper below.
The door clattered behind them and broke her concentration, and she glanced over her shoulder to see Ben walking into the classroom, an awkward smile on his face. She arched a brow.
“Excuse me, Fairy Godmother, may I speak to them for a moment?” The woman in question looked a little confused, but shrugged good-naturedly. “If you must.”
The young King stood in front of them, small pamphlets held in his hands. “Normally, a King would do this via email, or scroll, depending on what era, but as your friend, I would like to personally invite you all to Auradons’ traditional Summer Ball.”
Mal could feel Evie perk up beside her, and almost rolled her eyes. Almost.
Instead, she was challenging herself out of frustration to see if she could mark out the details of the Beast pendant on Ben’s blue jacket, but ultimately failed, frowning.
“It takes place in two weeks, and you may bring whomever you’d like.”

“Yes, Carlos, you may bring Dude.”
There was a small cheer from Jay and Carlos’ side of the room.
“The details are on these pamphlets,” he began, setting one on each desk. “And I hope to see you there.”
Mal glanced at the sheet of paper in front of her, and grit her teeth. The text was so small that it was just black fuzz to her, and the fact that she couldn’t even make out a letter grated against her nerves.  Before the King could exit the room, she called his name, hesitating slightly.
“I, erm…What time is this ball, again?”
Ben tilted his head with a curious smile, raising a brow. “It’s on the very front of the pamphlet.”
“Right…” Mal turned back to it, expression defeated as she tried to read it once more. She felt a slight nudge in her side, and turned to see Evie almost pouting in worry. If not for the situation, she would have found it extremely adorable.
“Are you alright?”
The girl nodded, although adverting her eyes and running a hand through her hair. “Yeah, totally.”
Her gaze was brought back to the other when her hand was placed atop her own, and she felt guilty when met with concerned eyes. “I swear, I am…I’m just tired, is all.” It was obvious Evie didn’t believe her, but she tore her eyes away anyway, finishing her(rather easy, honestly)homework just as Carlos turned in his. To be quite honest, they didn’t even need this class anymore, but they did have to finish this grade, and someone(probably the previous King)set it up to where they wouldn’t advance unless they finished it. That small annoyance caused Mal to be more on edge, and she bounced her leg until the period was officially over, and she nearly fell over from jumping out of her seat so quick, earning curious glances from her classmates.
She shoved everything in her backpack and fumbled with the zipper for a moment longer than normal before slinging it over her shoulder, beginning a fast pace toward the door. She jumped when something cool passed over the back of her neck, only to realize it was Jay in a lazy attempt to swipe the dragon pendant on her choker.
He fell into step next to her and rose a brow, grinning. “A little on edge today, eh?” Her shoulders uplifted in a small shrug, adjusting her bag. “Yeah, I guess.”
No more words were said as Carlos and Evie joined them, only to split off a couple minutes later for a different class, Evie pecking her cheek before disappearing into the classroom. Mal and Jay had the art of sword-fighting together, and therefor spent the remainder of the school day making fun of the pictures of ridiculous poses on display.

The next day was almost the exact same, except a little worse. She had more trouble seeing, and a couple times had to ask Carlos for help during math, seeing as he sat right next to her. Later in the day, during a break between classes, Mal stopped Ben in the hallway, fidgeting with the sleeve of her shirt.
“H-hey, um…is it possible that someone who still holds a grudge on me may have…I dunno…Cast some kind ofspellonmethatsmakingmeslowlygoblind?” The last words were rushed out in embarrassment, and the young King stood for a moment to sort them out, soon furrowing his brows. “No, I don’t believe so…why? Is something wrong?”
The purple haired girl shook her head quickly, her nerves causing a chuckle to bubble up. She didn’t like the feeling that something wasn’t in her control, especially when it had to do with herself. “No, not at all. It’s probably-…It’s nothing.” She began to turn on her heel, but was stopped by his hand on her shoulder, gritting her teeth at the sound of worry in his voice. She hated making people feel that way, and a small part of her, hidden away, hated that she felt guilty.
“Mal, what is it?” When she didn’t answer, an idea came to mind, and he brushed her bangs aside, peering into her bright green irises. Little golden specks still lay hidden in them, but they seemed unfocused, and only now did Ben notice that they were always like that, even when he first met her. Originally, he had thought she was calculating ways to trip him up, but now understands she was only trying to see his features more clearly.
“Mal, have you ever had an eye test?”
Of course, she frowned with confusion. “A what?”
Smilingly lightly, the young male dug into his pocket, and placed a pair of black-rimmed glasses upon the bridge of her nose. She rejected them at first, then blinked, looking around with an expression of confusion and slight amazement.
Taking her wrist, he led her away from the lockers, not bothering to take the glasses back. “Come on, I want to show you something.”

The next day, Mal wore a pair of squared, dark pink-rimmed glasses, and although she could see a lot better than she could remember, nerves fluttered in her stomach as she walked into Remedial Goodness, purposefully late. She had refused to wear them while Evie was around, and hadn’t even put them on until a few minutes before when Ben chastised her.
She could feel her friends’ eyes locked on her, and kept her gaze downward, allowing her bangs to cover her glasses. She felt unbelievably stupid, especially since the lighter color of her hair made her look even more like a nerd.
Taking her place beside Evie, she refused to look up except when it was required to glance at the blackboard, and couldn’t help feeling relieved when all she had to do was glance. No more squinting, frustration, or asking her friends to help with the simplest of questions. Just…a lot more embarrassment.
After a few moments of complete silence, Evie uttered her name in a slightly confused manner, which only caused her nerves to skyrocket. She knew she looked geeky, and she hated it, and she hated being self-conscious. She had never been self-conscious about her looks, she never really cared, especially with her mother breathing down her back. But the more she thought about it, the more she realized how hard she strived to keep an intimidating look, even after her mother turned into a lizard the size of her palm. Back on the Isle, if she had looked like she did now, she would have been the center of attention for all the villain kids to make fun of. She should know, from personal experience of being the bully. But things weren’t like that here. Except…what if they were? What if-
Her thoughts were cut dramatically short when Evie placed her index finger under her chin, forcing her to look up. Her other hand was used to brush strands of magenta from her vision, and she stared for a long, pain-staking moment, before her lips parted in a large grin, brown eyes twinkling. “I always knew you were cute, but not this cute.”
Mal spluttered like a fish out of water, shocked, her face turning red as the other girl kissed the tip of her nose. From behind her, she could hear Carlos and Jay whistling, and even a quiet chuckle from Fairy Godmother, her face now burning like molten lava.
“I do hope this means you will raise your grade above a C+, my dear.” The very tips of her ears burned, especially after Evie elicited a melodic laugh, and she didn’t even try to hold back her large, geeky grin. “No promises.”

At the end of the day, the four made their way back to Mal and Evie’s dorm- mostly because Carlos really wanted to experiment on her glasses, and partly because his and Jay’s Xbox Live ran out. Jay nudged his shoulder into hers, grinning. “You don’t mind if I call you four eyes, do you?”
She glanced towards him out of the corner of her eye, raising a brow. “So long as you don’t mind getting beat up by a glasses-wearing geek.”
“My glasses-wearing geek,” Evie corrected, to which Jay made a show of gagging, Carlos simply rolling his eyes.
Mal grinned for what seemed like the fiftieth time that day, and returned Jay’s previous nudge, a little too hard, and nearly sending him crashing into Carlos.

However, later that night, her streak of grinning ended abruptly when all four of them ended up ducking under a table or a bed, trying to avoid the sparks jumping off her pair of glasses in the middle of the floor. “Lucifer, Carlos, what in the world did you do?!”
“I don’t know!” Came his panicked answer, and Mal groaned in despair as they caught fire, Jay rushing forth and stamping them out.
Beside her, she could hear Evie trying to muffle fits of giggles, and glared, glowing green eyes and all. That only caused her to laugh harder, seeing as Mal was on the verge of a large pout, which set Jay off, their emotions seeming to be on a high after so many events in just a few short minutes.
Huffing, Mal grabbed the pair of glasses(which were really just fragments, now)and Carlos’ wrist, mostly because her vision was blurry again and she wanted to make sure she wouldn’t make a fool out of herself by tripping or something ridiculous.
Carlos yelped as he was dragged out of the dorm, Evie and Jays’ laughter echoing behind them. “W-w-where are we going?!”
“Ben’s. I need a new pair of glasses, thanks to you.”

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Hi!!! First i love u style, is very amazing and beautyfull!!!! And second u can draw the rotten four with costumes changed??? Pls pls pls pls plsssssss

Hello! THANK YOU, I’m super happy you like my art and sorry this reply’s late. Heheee. Alright, on to your request - I had so much fun doing this! So here ya go:

Forgive me Descendants fandom for dressing up our children in things that are not leather.