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I saw this thing and I wanted to do one. The first GIF that comes up for each Bruin in the search. *Long Post*

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Return to the Isle: Part 1

Request: Can I have a harry hook x reader where the reader is carlos’s twin sister and goes to auradon with them and then also comes back to rescue Ben. When they’re on the isle she is captured with ben by harry because they know how much Carlos loves her and that will help convince the vks to bring the wand. Then can you do fluff where she ends up falling for harry eventually. I hope this makes sense haha. Also, I love your writing!!

Warnings: None

Words: 1,039

A/N: I know it’s not quite what you had in mind since she ended up going to the Isle after the initial returning to the Isle and everything, but I still hope you like it, I really do! I really enjoyed writing this, I really hope that it turned out alright to you!

[Y/N] sat in her shared dorm that she shared with her twin brother Carlos, her headphones in her ears as she did some homework, looking up when she noticed the door open and shut, pulling an earbud from her ear as she watched as Chad Charming entered their room. “What are you doing?” She asked, raising an eyebrow when he jumped.

“Oh, uh just using the 3D printer…” He began to explain, him quickly shutting up when she raised a hand.

“Out,” She commanded, tisking her tongue whenever he tried to argue, only looking away from him when the door opened again and Carlos and Jay both entered the room, them both freezing when they saw Chad.

“Out,” Carlos commanded, which made [Y/N] giggle some because the two of them were more alike than either cared to admit, raising an eyebrow once more once she noticed that they were attempting to make a copy of Fairy Godmothers wand, and apparently Chad noticed as well because he questioned them on it. [Y/N] rolled her eyes when Carlos began to panic, knowing he was hiding something but she’d get the truth from him eventually, or rather from their shared dog, Dude.

“Ben’s been captured!” Dude said, which made her jaw drop in surprise.

“Dude can talk?” She asked to no one in particular, then she turned her attention to her brother and Jay. “Man, when you say that you’re teaching him new tricks you sure mean it.” [Y/N] joked, laughing to herself while her brother just continued to make the wand and Jay kicked Chad out.

“[Y/N], you can’t tell anyone,” Carlos said as he typed into the computer, to which you scoffed.

“I won’t tell anyone because I won’t be here. I’m coming with you. Carlos, why didn’t you tell me you were going back to the Isle? I’m your sister…we don’t keep secrets. On another note, why didn’t you tell me Dude could talk?” [Y/N] argued, crossing her arms and standing up to go over to her brother.

Carlos sighed and ran his hand through his shaggy hair, looking at his sister. “I didn’t want to risk you getting hurt, I know how much you hate the Isle. I wanted to protect you.” Carlos said as he looked at his sister with sad eyes, him unable to forget just how sad his sister had been on the Isle of the Lost. How he almost gave up the chance to come to Auradon just so she could, but luckily Ben allowed them both to come.

“Carlos, I may hate the Isle, but I love you. You’re my brother, and if you go to the Isle, I go too. That’s how this is.” [Y/N] told him in a gentle voice, going over to him and giving him a hug. “So this means you have no choice, you have to bring me to the Isle. I’m not going to risk you… and you still didn’t answer my question about Dude,” She asked with a laugh, which both boys joined in and Carlos gave in.

A few hours later, the phony wand was finished printing, so the three teenagers hurried their way to the limo, [Y/N] dressed in her clothes from the Isle which she hasn’t worn since first arriving in Auradon. Carlos, noticing her dismay, reached over and took her hand and gave it a squeeze. “Don’t worry…I won’t let anything happen to you.” He promised as he looked at her, to which she gave him her typical shy smile.

“I know.”

Upon their arrival back to the Isle, an unseen force gripped her heart in fear, flashbacks suddenly coming to her as she looked at the ever familiar scenery of the Isle. ‘Be strong, you have to. Carlos would never be afraid like this. Be strong.’ She repeated to herself, getting out of the limo and hugging Mal and Evie. “[Y/N], what are you doing here?” Evie asked her.

“I’m here to help get Ben back, what does it look like?” [Y/N] asked as she looked at them, running her hand through her black hair that had white streaks through it, and she could see the look of worry in everyone’s eyes. “Guys, don’t worry. I’m not a child, I can handle being here. I lived here sixteen years. What’s one day going to do?”

Walking back towards the hangout where everyone used to hang out, part of you realized that you had forgotten just how bad it was on the Isle…well, maybe not forgotten. But blocked out? Oh well, she didn’t know. Frankly, she didn’t care. She wanted to get in, grab Ben, and get out.

Life is never that simple though, not for a VK.

While she was looking around at the familiar scenery, reminiscing about some of the few good memories she had on the Isle, she didn’t realize that she had gotten separated from the others. Normally that wouldn’t be too much of an issue, she knew her way around and could get places pretty quick, but now she wasn’t exactly on the Isle’s Top Ten list. Well, maybe she was, but it wasn’t the Top Ten list one wanted to be on.

‘Keep your head down, [Y/N], just keep your head down. No one will notice you.’ She thought to herself, keeping herself as close to the sidelines as possible. As she rounded a corner, she let out a gasp when she walked smack into someone, the impact having caught her off guard so she fell to the ground. Looking up, she realized she had made a wrong turn.

“Well look at what the Barracuda drug in,” Harry said in that delicious accent of his that always seemed to have the power to make [Y/N] go weak in the knees. “Why don’t you come for a visit? Oh don’t worry, love…your brother is invited too,” Harry said as he grabbed her with the hand that wasn’t holding the hook, using the hook to gently caress her face before pulling her towards the docks where Uma and her ship were, and only two words entered [Y/N]’s mind.

‘Oh no.’

To Be Continued…

#18. Borrowed

Dad!Chibs/Reader (platonic)

Background Reader/Juice

Sequel to #20. Diet

“Lass,” Chibs called, knocking softly on the door, “Can th’ stand-in-Da see th’ bride afore her weddin’?”

The doors opened and he took a look at his girl, all prettied up for her big day. When Y/N had first arrived in Charming, she had made a few new friends with a couple of the crow eaters that hung around, and ever since he’d met her, Chibs had protected and looked after her as if she were his own. Seeing her in her wedding gown though, hair braided back from her face, caused him to lose his breath as his heart swelled with pride.

“Oh, lass, y’look so fuckin’ gorgeous,” He sighed, twirling her in place. “I’m so damn happy fer ya.”

“Thanks, ‘Lip,” she said, starting to tear up.

“Oi, none o’ that. Dun’ wan’ ta ruin yer makeup a’fore you walk down th’ aisle te yer lad now, do ye?”

“How is he?” she asked, shakily, “He’s not having second thoughts or anything?”

“Shite no, love. Juicey-boy’s more hyped up than a kid in a candy store. An Hap’s been glarin’ holes in th’ boy’s head since he arrived. Juice’d have the whole west coast o’ Sons after his arse, if he even thought of steppin’ out on today.

“But, tha’s no’ why I’m here; I’ve got som’thin fer ya.” He reached into his suit pocket and pulled out his rosary, still holding your hand, he turned your palm over so he could place it around your wrist. “Heard you’d not yet figured out yer ‘somethin’ borrowed’, so I figured I’d lend a hand, if you’d do me th’ honor?”

“Oh, Chibby…”

“Nah,” he scoffed, pulling you to him and wrapping you up in a bear hug, ever careful of your dress and hair. “What’d I say? None o’ that. Now, we’ve got a weddin’ to get to. Ya ready?”

“Born ready.”

“Tha’s m’ girl.”

Family is more than blood, and right here was all the proof in the world to Filip Telford.

@a-daydreamers-stories and @red-w00dy, pretty much the two people who keep my distracted ass on any sort of track when it comes to writing. I love you both! <3


(HQ) Grant Gustin, Tom Cavanagh, Jesse L. Martin, Carlos Valdes, Candice Patton, Jessica Camacho, Keiynan Lonsdale, Tom Felton, and John Wesley Shipp on the set of The Flash tonight. My pics- I think Jesse, Tom, and Carlos may have seen 😂