carlos jimenez


Kaaja Collection by Carlos Jiménez Design for By Enströms

This Furniture collection, called Kaaja, is a design developed by Carlos Jiménez Design. Ithaca a character of straight geometrical and minimalistic shapes to allow a high number of combinations and personalization, without losing its combination of Scandinavian style and Mediterranean influence. It is the new furniture line of the Swedish By Enströms company.

Who dedicates a goal to you from Mexico nt

Aries: Jorge Torres
Taurus: Carlos Vela
Gemini: Raul Jimenez
Cancer: Oswaldo Alanis
Leo: Andres Guardado
Virgo: Israel Jimenez
Libra: Javier Hernandez
Scorpio: Guillermo Ochoa
Sagittarius: Hector Herrera
Capricorn: Diego Reyes
Aquarius: Giovani Dos Santos
Pisces: Carlos Esquivel