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There’s an episode coming up that has a lot of Harry-HR interplay, and it’s not just entertaining for the audience, but it’s also entertaining for me to watch Tom Cavanagh play two different characters, literally shoulder to shoulder with me, and me having to play with both of these figures,” Valdes says. “It’s one of those moments where you have to step back, not just as an actor, but also as a character, and say, ‘This is weird, right? This is weird.‘

Requested by anon:

You were one of the Auradon Prep kids, meaning your mother was a princess and your father a prince, but that didn’t stop you from hanging out with the four from the Isle of the Lost and playing a game of truth or dare with them. How bad could the dares possibly be? Carlos didn’t even have it in him to hurt a fly and Evie was just a sweetheart along with Mal and Jay proving how kind they actually are underneath the facade. 

“Alright Carlos, truth or dare?” Mal asked starting up the game as Carlos choose truth. “Out of all of us here, who do you find the most attractive?” She questioned as Carlos and Jay shot each other quick and panicked glances as Jay bit his lip, secretly hoping no one took notice in that. 

“Um, I have to say y/n. Who’s next?” Carlos clearly lied and did his best to move the game along. It was already obvious that the two of them had a thing for each other but no one decided to mention it until they were ready to admit that. 

“Y/N, truth or dare?” Jay asked and being that you didn’t want to be outed on who you liked, you chose dare without hesitation. 

 “Okay goody two shoes, I dare you to go steal something out of Charming’s room. Anything big or small, doesn’t matter, try not to get caught though,” he told you with a smug look on his face knowing you weren’t one to do anything of the sort but you were dared and you couldn’t back down from that. 

“Simple I’ll be back in a minute,” you answered him standing up and heading to Chad’s room praying he wasn’t there. Stealing a comb from someone was way easier than having to admit your crush on Evie, thankfully you chose dare. 

Wolf//A Disney Descendants Imagine

Anon said: can you do one where you’re the daughter of the big bad wolf and you’re a werewolf so Carlos is terrified of you and you just want to be friends with people but they’re all scared out of their minds and no one wants to talk to you, but when Carlos realizes that not all dogs are bad, he starts to think that maybe you aren’t that bad either

Aw yis (I’m using Teen Wolf and Being Human references for this one)


You sat in the car, keeping mostly to yourself, but the other kids had shoved themselves as far away from you as you could. 

“So, what do you guys think Auradon is gonna be like?” you asked in an attempt to get them to talk to you.

They didn’t answer, but Carlos squeaked in fear and moved even farther away from you.

You sighed and thunked your head on the glass. You just wanted to be friends with these people, but they were all scared that you would rip out their throats.

You arrived at Auradon Prep, where you were greeted by Prince Ben and his girlfriend. You hung back, not wanting to scare anyone.

“Who’re you?” Audrey asked rudely, pointing at you. 


“No, the other person cowering behind everyone else. Yes you.”

“I’m (Y/N).”

“Who’s kid are you?”

You stepped in front of everyone else. “The Big Bad Wolf.”

There was a collective gasp. 

“The werewolf?” Audrey asked in horror.

“Yes. And yeah, that makes me a werewolf too.” You let your claws show and began to pick at your teeth with your index finger. “That’s not gonna be an issue, is it?”

She looked at you in fear. “No problem.”

Ben stepped forward and shook your hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you (Y/N),” he said. 

You smiled at him gratefully. “Same to you.” 

“Doug will show you to your dorms,” he said to everyone. 

“Ben?” you said quietly. “Can I talk to you in private for a sec?”

He nodded. “Of course.”

He led you out of earshot from everyone else. “What is it?”

You took a breath. “So, you know about my, uh, condition, and I wanted to thank you for treating me like a normal person.”

“Of course.”

“It’s just…I can’t really have a roommate,” you mumbled. “The whole thing with the moon, and I have nightmares, and there’s this whole thing with they way everything has to be set up.”

He smiled understandingly. “I took that into account. You have your own room.”

You exhaled heavily. “Thank you.”

“Absolutely. And I will make sure everyone stays indoors on the full moon so you can have free range of the grounds.”

“Really?” For years, you and your father had had to lock yourselves in cages and cellars to keep from hurting other people. 

“I’m not going to ask you to lock yourself away. You can’t help the way you are.”

You felt like you were going to cry. “Thank you so much Ben, I can’t tell you how much this means to me.”

He smiled and hugged you. “You’re welcome.” 

.   .    .

The next couple days were awful. Audrey had made sure that everyone knew what you were, and no one wanted to talk to you. You had wanted to go out for sports, but you decided not to. You didn’t want to scare people anymore than you already had.

Jay had actually tried to become your friend, and you were so happy. He actually talked to you and the two of you ended up becoming very close. Carlos repeatedly asked him why he was friends with you, because in Carlos’s eyes, you were a rabid pack animal. he tried to tell them that you were actually really nice.

.   .   .

Carlos sat in the forest, scratching Dude’s belly when he was hit with a sudden realization. What if Jay was right? What if you weren’t actually that scary? If he had been wrong about dogs, he might have been wrong about you. 

He ran back to the school. “Ben!” he yelled when he saw the prince. “Have you seen (Y/N)?”

Ben shook his head. “She’s not in classes today. It’s a full moon tonight, so she’s getting ready for that.”

Carlos took off to your dorm room and began pounding on your dorm. 

“What?” you yelled, opening the door. “Oh, hi Carlos. Do you want something?”

“I want to help you get ready for tonight.”

You stared at him. “You want to what?”

“I want to help you.”

“You’re not scared of me?”

He finally caught his breath. “I was scared of you because I saw you as a dog, but worse. But then I realized that my mom was wrong about dogs, so what if everyone else was wrong about you? Jay seems to think so, and I should have listened to him.”

You swept him into a bone crushing hug. 

“(Y/N)…can’t…breathe,” he choked out.

You let go, blushing. “Sorry.”

“So what can I help with?”

“Okay, so first we need to go to the kitchen for a chicken.” You slung a backpack over your shoulder and Carlos followed you down to the kitchen.

“So why do you need a chicken?” he asked as you hauled a raw chicken out of the fridge. 

“We tie it to a string and drag it in a huge circle through the forest.”


“It leaves a scent, and when it’s in a circle, wolf me is going to follow the scent, thinking that I’m tracking an actual bird.”

“That’s genius.”

“And the backpack needs to be at the edge of the woods.”

“What’s in it?”

“Clothes, a toothbrush and a water bottle.”

“Oh. Can I ask you something?”

You nodded. “Shoot.”

“How does this whole thing work?”

You sighed. “Hoo-boy, this could take a while and you have class really soon.”

“Give me the short version.”

“I can be a “wolf” any time I want. You know, claws, pointed ears, fangs, that whole thing. But I’m still humanoid. I only become a full wolf during the full moon. I can control it most of the time, but I black out on the full moon.”

“What’s changing like?”

“It hurts. Imagine all your bones breaking and then rearranging themselves into wolf shape. Imagine claws piercing the ends of your fingers and your teeth elongating.”

Carlos was speechless. “That’s awful.”

“Yeah. But sometimes I can remember glimpses of what the wolf remembered, like running across the forest floor and it’s amazing.”


“Come on, we gotta do this.”

The two of you ran to the forest. Carlos tied the string around the chicken and tossed it to you. You ran as fast as you could in a huge circle, dragging the chicken tomorrow.

“Did you fill the water bottle?” you asked. 

He nodded. “How did you do that so fast?”

“Superhuman speed.”


“You have to get to class and I gotta stay in my room until it gets dark.”

He nodded and ran back to the school. You took your time going back to your room, thinking about how grateful you were that Carlos had decided to be your friend.

At about six o’clock, you felt the change coming on and you ran for the forest. You ran past Ben and his eyes widened, realizing what was happening. He ran for the school and into his parents’ chambers. “Everyone needs to be inside, now,” he said, panting. 

His father made the announcement and everyone came inside, slightly confused. 

At about six-thirty, a howling scream echoed across the grounds, sending chills down the spines of everyone that heard it. 

The next morning, Carlos and Jay knocked on your door. When you didn’t answer, Jay opened the door and peeked inside. You weren’t there. 

“We should go find her,” Carlos said. Jay nodded and grabbed a blanket. Fortunately, it was a Saturday, so no classes. 

They ran to the forest. Carlos checked on the backpack, but it was untouched. 

“Carlos!” Jay called. The white haired boy ran over to his friend. 

You were lying on the forest floor, covered in dirt and what looked suspiciously like blood, and your hair was a tangled mess. Jay put the blanket over you and gently shook you awake.

You opened your eyes and sat up, pulling the blanket tightly around your shoulders. 

“Shit!” Jay screamed, leaping backwards, yanking Carlos with him. You wiped your chin and your hand came away covered in blood. 

“There’s a washcloth in the backpack,” you said, your voice hoarse from howling. 

Carlos handed you the washcloth and the water bottle. You poured some of the water out onto the cloth and rubbed it on your face, but it only got some of the blood off. 

“Let’s get you back to the school. Here, clothes.”

They turned their backs and you put on the shirt and jeans that were in your bag. You stood up, but your knees buckled. Jay caught you and pulled one of your arms over his shoulder. Carlos got your other arm and the two of them helped you back to your dorm. 

As you passed people, your superhearing picked up the whispers of people as you passed them. 

Is she covered in blood?

What a freak.

I bet she killed someone.

Jay opened the door to your room and they set you down on your bed. He left and came back with bandages, soap, and washcloths. 

The two of them cleaned the cuts on your face and arms and cleaned the blood from your face and chest. 

There was a soft knock on the door. “Yeah,” you said, cringing at how rough your voice sounded. 

Ben walked in with a glass of water. “Hey. How’re you feeling?”

“Like I got run over by a truck,” you said, taking the glass from his hands and draining it. 

“Yeah, you look like it.”

“Hey, you aren’t so pretty yourself mister,” you said. 

The three of them laughed.

“So, people think I killed someone,” you said bluntly.

Ben sighed. “Yeah, but we quashed those rumors. They found the rabbit you disemboweled last night.”

There was another knock. “Who is it now?”

“Mal and Evie.”

“Come in.”

The girls came in. “Hi,” Evie said. “We wanted to apologize for the way we’ve treated you. We figured if Jay, Carlos, and Ben all trust you and aren’t afraid of you, Carlos especially, then you can’t actually be that bad. Except the blood on your face was a bit disconcerting.”

You smiled. “Honestly, it’s just nice to have friends.”

“Are you gonna do anything today?”

You shook your head. “Nah, the day after is my recovery day. I usually just eat pizza and chips and watch movies with my dad.”

“Well,” Carlos said, sitting next to you. “Your dad might not be here.”

Jay sat on your other side. “But we are.”

Ben, Mal, and Evie all plopped down on your floor. “We’ll watch movies and eat pizza with you,” Ben said.

“Yeah. We’re your family now,” Evie said. “And before you say anything, we know that we weren’t exactly nice to you and we were afraid of you, but we aren’t anymore. Now, we’re here for you.”

You grinned. “Thanks guys.”

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im so sorry i couldnt help but notice yuuri had 6 fingers

My hands feel like lead as I sat on the rough concrete ground outside Manila Airport. One hand clutching a fork with a celestial substance known as spaghetti, the other hand held my phone as the gentle, generous Philippine sun offered its rays to my dry skin. For a moment, my mind goes blank and created an unintelligible thought; 

“God, I just…love the sun’s rays on me.” 

My thoughts skipped mindlessly as I recall the chaotic events of the last few hours. I had boarded a plane, with or without a glass of champagne in my underaged hands is irrelevant. The mild chill to the air had bit my skin as I strolled through the airport gates, whisked away to the world of overly friendly flight attendants and mediocre but rather nice airplane meals. It was a whirlwind of chaos; at some point I had sat on the wrong assigned seat and chatted away a good eight minutes to travelling Italian dude with lovely mid-length hair whose name I did not catch but is destined to be somewhere along the lines of Carlos, no racism intended. He had told me within the matter of only a few minutes that I was like a niece to him, which somewhat touched my cold-stoned heart. It was hardened again as I realised that I was, in fact, on the wrong seat. I tell our Carlos goodbye and pray he finds a babe in London where he is travelling to and we one day meet again for me to be a bridesmaid in his wedding. I steadily moved to my assigned seat and cry about Carlos for the next three hours as I listen to sad anime soundtracks. 

My eyes suddenly avert themselves finally to the phone screen and as I chewed away the celestial substance, my heart sank as lowly as Jack Dawson as I read the word: “im so sorry i couldnt help but notice yuuri had 6 fingers”.

I take a sharp breath, re-reading the words over and over, re-reading the words in Morgan Freeman’s voice and then to Adam Sandler and at some point, Lance McClain. I shut my eyes closed and my heart began to race faster than a Hennessey Venom GT (270 mph). I gulped, whispering to myself in a ritualistic manner that it was okay, that I was at least spared from an ‘lol’.

I couldn’t  quite breath properly, it was only then that I was subjected to staggering flashbacks of the night before; with only four hours sleep in a mediocre holiday inn conveniently next to Melbourne Airport, I had bloodshot eyes as I stared at the computer screen with two infamous gays, my hands yet again quivering as my mind slowly engulfs to the dark void of ‘I don’t have a girlfriend fuck this shit’. I had ignored organising my baggage in favour of the activity and had Usan Bolted my way to the hotel lounge where ‘Jerry’ had given the complimentary one hour wifi for me to upload the piece. 

I sat in the lounge, unashamedly wearing shorts with unshaved legs and wearing my mother’s shoes because I had to restrain myself from a pained Simba cry in the disappearance of my flip-flops. An aged duo of a white man and a black man discuss the future of the Apple company and eventually the economy to my left as I upload the piece, I don’t take any true interest but it’s hard to miss “Fuck off, Henry. I bet two meat pies you’re wrong.”. 

“Ice, let’s go.” my brother nearly exclaims and I’m whipped back into reality. 

I wonder if through it all, I can just say I’m sorry to the anon. But sometimes, we stumble into holes in life’s deepest journeys. Someday I will be a Sokka and someday I will be a Zuko, all in all as I stay in the height of Toph. It’s fascinating to say that I’m so shook by one message that could mean all kinds of things. Possibilities, really. If Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson could be with me in this moment, he would tell me that everything happens for a reason, be it in art or in life. He would tell me to life my dreams just as I live in the belief that he is, in fact, the Tooth Fairy. He would tell me Carlos, in all 15 minutes he was in my life, was a blessing and that two aged men debating whether Apple is going downhill or not is also blessing and that we should appreciate flight attendants who have to force their smiles in a day-to-day basis. And that maybe Yuuri accidentally having six fingers in my drawing was also a sort of fate, a Jerry, a Henry and a Carlos. A kind of destiny that we all face in our lives and hope we know what to do it when it plunges us to the ground. 

So I gently placed my fork down the ground, eyes watering ever so slightly, deep breaths completed,  my thoughts clear and my path in life ahead of me as I slowly began to type my reply to my anon;

‘lol more for victor then uwu’

Dance Off//A Disney Descendants Imagine

Anon said: carlos imagine where your captains hook’s daughter and are ike brave and stuff and carlos’ kind of gf from back on the isle and when you get to auradon audrey tries to embarrass you by challenging you to a cheerleading tryout thing but you actually kick ass

You got it (Changed the romance a bit, I hope that’s cool)


“Son of a-”

“Language,” Carlos said, walking up next to you. 

“Shut up de Vil, my essay that I wrote for the stupid goodness class is missing.”

“You mean this?” he asked, holding up the paper. “You left it in our room last night when you were helping Jay write his.”

You snatched it from him. “Oh, thank god.”

“Nope, I’m just Carlos.”

You pointed at him. “de Vil, I swear to god.”

He grinned and ran off. You stuffed the paper in your bag and shut your locker, smiling to yourself. 

“Aw, does someone have a crush?” a familiar whiny voice asked.

You squeezed your eyes shut. “Hi Audrey.”

“I can’t believe the heartless, leather wearing pirate has feelings!”

You glared at her. “I never said I had a crush on him.”

“ugh, whatever. Look, there’s a cheerleading competition to try and find a new member for the cheer team. You should come check it out.”

You made a face. “Cheerleading isn’t really my thing.”

“Oh, well, if it’s too hard for you…”

You knew she was baiting you but you couldn’t resist it. “I’ll be there.”

“I can’t believe you agreed to this,” Carlos said. “It’s so not like you.”

You groaned. “She challenged me! You guys know I can’t resist a challenge.”

“(Y/N)!” Audrey cried. “So glad you could make it!”

“Where’s everyone else?” you asked with your hands on your hips. 

“They couldn’t make it. I guess you’ll be going against me!”

You groaned. “Get on with it then,” you muttered. 

Someone started playing music and Audrey did her routine. When she finished, she took a swig from her water bottle and then turned to you. “Your turn,” she said smugly.

You took off your jacket and tossed it on the bleachers. You were glad you had decided not to wear a waist cincher today. 

“Carlos, music please.”

“Gladly,” he said, grinning.

You had spent a lot of time on board your father’s ship, and pirates were surprisingly into dance offs. You had been breakdancing since you were very small. Flipping around in the riggings helped too.

When you finished, everyone stared at you in shock. 

“Wow,” Carlos said, staring at you with his mouth hanging open. 

Audrey sniffed. “Well. It looks like the pirate can dance. But you’re not on the team.”

“Wait a minute!” Jay said indignantly. “She danced better than you and you know it.”

“Well this wasn’t a dance competition. It was a cheerleading competition.”

“Audrey,” one of the girls said. “We kind of think we should let her on the team. Like, not in routines, but give her solos to get the crowd pumped.”

Audrey gasped a little. “Are-are you serious? You want to let her on the squad so she can dance for people?”

“Yeah. We all want to. It’s kind of a majority thing.”

Audrey stomped her foot. “But then she’ll be better than me!”

“Tough titties,” you said, smirking.

You walked away, arm in arm with your friends.

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And I ƒєєℓ my heart beating
                                                                    I ƒєєℓ my heart underneath my skin
          Oh I can ƒєєℓ my heart beating
                                                                               Cause you make me ƒєєℓ
                                       Like I’m ᴀʟɪᴠᴇ again

Jaylos Tutoring AU (Descendants Fic)

Part 1:

So I already wrote part 2 AND posted it like a month ago, but I accidentally deleted it earlier today :( So I’m here trying to re-write it!

This is the (rewritten) second chapter of my Tutor!AU Jaylos fic. Carlos is assigned to help Jay in science, but Jay is more interested in his cute tutor than he is in learning anything.

Carlos is a nerd. He hasn’t so much resigned himself to that fact as he has completely embraced it. He likes his text books and homework problems that make him scratch his head. He can recite the periodic table, he can build nearly anything and he’s on a first name basis with every librarian in the city.

But being a nerd also means looking like a nerd and, that part, Carlos doesn’t embrace. He’s awkward and twitchy and scrawny. He’s always messing up his hair subconsciously and he slouches. That’s not to say Carlos has low self-esteem - his mind will always be more valuable than his body - but he is aware of how he looks.

So what is the problem with this stupid jock?!

When Carlos had been asked (well, told, really, by Professor Yen Sid) to tutor Jay, he had been ecstatic! The idea of helping and motivating someone to love science as much as he did was so exciting! The hope that Carlos could inspire another student had him dizzy and rushing to the library to meet Jay as soon as classes ended.

It turned out, Jay was not nearly as enthusiastic as Carlos had been to study. He was much more interested in, well, Carlos himself. Which was odd. Carlos had a handful of friends, but he wasn’t popular. People didn’t just take an interest in him randomly.

Nonetheless, Jay is standing outside the library doors, test in his hand and arrogant smirk on his face. His eyes narrow when he spots Carlos and the mini genius feels like a mouse about to walk into a cat’s lair.

He straightens his shoulders and looks Jay in the eyes as bravely as he can. The entirety of their period together would be focused on Jay’s most recent Biology II test, assuming he can keep Jay centered on the work, rather than continuously running his fingers down Carlos’ spine like he did last time.

“Now, I know,” Jay starts before Carlos can even open his mouth, “that this isn’t what you wanted, but this is the best grade I’ve ever gotten in that class.” He pushes a small stack of papers into Carlos’ hands. Jay’s breath is warm in a way that gives Carlos goosebumps and sweet and fresh, like peppermint. Looking down, there’s a plastic wrapper at their feet. Carlos scoffs and ignores the test in his hands in favor of looking between Jay and the wrapper he had dropped to the ground.

“Seriously?” Jay groans and Carlos just quips an eyebrow at him. “You’re so demanding,” he grumbles as he picks up his wrapper and tosses it in the nearest trash bin.

“Thank you!” Carlos chirps and smiles before focusing on the test in his hands. There’s so much red ink, way more than Carlos would be comfortable with if this were his own test, but it’s much less than the rest of Jay’s work. At the top is his circled, final grade. It’s not an ‘F’, like before, or even a ‘D’, no it’s a-.

“I thought a ‘C’ was appropriate for the hottest tutor I know,” Jay winks at him and Carlos can’t help his small smile, though he fights it.

C minus, really.”


“You didn’t get a C. You got a C minus.”

Jay rolls his eyes. “So what? It’s all the sa-.”

“It’s not ‘all the same,” Carlos insists. “A C is is from 73 to 76%. A C- is from 70 to 72%,” he explains in one calm breath. The grading scale is familiar and friendly, easing Carlos’ nerves from simply being around Jay, who is staying at him in disbelief. “I require at least a B.”

“For ‘bossy’?”

“Maybe I’ll up it to an A…” Carlos puts his finger to his lips thoughtfully.

Jay pouts - for how obnoxious he is, he really can be quite cute - and Carlos takes pity on him. “Fine, I’ll leave it at a B. But this,” he holds up Jay’s test, “isn’t a B.” He hands the test back to Jay.

“What the hell am I suppose to do with this then?”

“I dunno. Put it on your fridge?”

Truly, Carlos is proud of Jay. Very proud. He may be an obnoxious, overly-sexualized jock, but Jay is in an obnoxious, overly-sexualized jock that has grown on him. Clearly, he was paying attention to Carlos (and not just his blush) during their lessons. Carlos may be the tutor, but it was Jay who took the test and improved so drastically.

But Jay just groans, so Carlos pushes past him. “C’mon. Let’s get to studying,” Carlos moves toward the doors of the library, but Jay grabs his arm and blocks his path. His pout is gone, replaced with the same smirk as before, like a cat about to pounce

“But maybe I need some sort of incentive, Mr. De Vil,” Jay purrs and steps closer to his tutor. “A reason to try harder? Can’t you show me how good it’s gonna be when I get that grade.”

Carlos feels that terrible blush at his cheeks, spreading to his ears. Why must Jay do this to him!? His words are stuck in his throat and his mouth is so dry.

When he had made that deal with Jay two weeks ago, Carlos hadn’t thought much of it. He was flattered at the straightforward flirting, but he had made his offer in the hopes of just getting Jay to shut up and focus. Then Jay had come back two days later, reminding Carlos of their deal and whispering scandalous things into his ear and touching his shoulders.

The deal doesn’t frighten Carlos as much as the expectation to be good at it. He’s not entirely inexperienced, he’s just…really inexperience. Being a nerd and looking like a nerd meant his social skills were below average and his chances for romantic endeavors of any kind were limited. So limited, in fact, that Carlos has had fewer make out sessions than he has Bs on tests.

The trade was himself, but what if he wasn’t good enough? He can’t give Jay some crazy, unforgettable experience. Hell, they never even specified what he was suppose to do when Jay brought his grade up.

But Jay is looking at him as if Carlos is some sort of appetizing dessert, special and mouth-watering and desirable and Carlos has never considered himself to be any of those things. Jay is still holding his arm, watching his face, leaning closer and closer until Carlos’ neck hurts from the strain of maintaining eye contact with someone taller than him.

He doesn’t progress further though. Jay, close in a way he’s never been, doesn’t lean down or press himself to Carlos. What little space is left between them isn’t decreasing. Jay has stopped, allowing Carlos to make the next move.

“What do you say, teach?” The purr in his voice and the mint on his breath make has Carlos’ blush spreading to his ears. He bites his lip and stays quiet, swallowing heavily. “Carlos? Are you okay, man?” Jay leans back, putting more distance between them. “Is something wrong?”

Other than the fact that this tutoring gig is nothing like he thought it would be and he can’t stop blushing and he’s so damn nervous about this whole thing and Jay smells so nice and his face is so red, then nothing, nothing is wrong.

The jock makes his head dizzy in an unfamiliar way, something that’s, daresay, pleasurable. That feeling and the pride for Jay’s improvement and the sweet concern that is in his voice has Carlos’ blush traveling down his neck.

What he does next is illogical, despite all the reasons feeling so right. Carlos closes his eyes and tilts up on his toes, presses his lips to Jay’s cheek for a moment and lowers himself all in one swift breath. He’ll kick himself later on, but for right now, Carlos enjoys the look of surprise it earns him. Jay’s mouth hangs slightly open and his eyes are wide; a pink tint rises to his cheeks. Is that what Carlos has looked like during every single study session they’ve had together? There’s no way he’s as cute as Jay is right now, but Carlos can finally understand the appeal to making someone blush.

Jay’s hand reaches up to where Carlos’ lips were just against his cheek. The two stare at each other for one long silence before Carlos finds his voice once more.

“Goodbye. And, uh, good job on your test.” With that, Carlos spins on his heel and rushes out of the building.

For the most part, this is much different than my original version, but I remembered a lot of details, so the small stuff is all the same. I can’t believe I accidentally deleted the original second chapter of this :(

I still like how it came out and I hope you did too! Leave me a message if you enjoyed this and reblog my work if you feel so inclined. Thanks! - Lou