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F1 Drivers If They Weren’t Drivers

Lewis Hamilton
- Accountant
- Do you remember how dorky looking he was before he actually embraced his fame
- He looked like his dad (he would do anything to get food on the table)
Valtteri Bottas
- Ice hockey player
- He won’t deny the screaming Finn inside of him
Sebastian Vettel
- Teacher, most likely history
- He just gives me teacher vibes
- Appreciates students efforts
Kimi Raikkonen
- Olympic skier
- The Finns just can’t escape
- He would wear his sunglasses™ on the slopes
Daniel Ricciardo
- Police Officer
- Oh god Daniel in a police uniform
Max Verstappen
- College Student
- Most likely studying Engineering
- Tries to be a Frat guy, but is too awkward
Carlos Sainz Jr.
- Zoologist
- He just wants constant contact with a Meerkat
- He walks around the zoo with a meerkat on his shoulder
Nico Hulkenberg
- Bartender
- The type that protects people from creepy drunks
Fernando Alonso
- Football Player
- Real Madrid’s star player
Stoffel Vandoorne
- Professional Cyclist
- Has won the Tour De France already
Felipe Massa
- Child Psychologist
- Likes to help people with their problems
Lance Stroll
- No job
- Just dating models since he got his dad’s money (Kind of like Chloe Green)
Sergio Perez
- Math Teacher
- Always wearing fancy clothes even though he teaches at a public High School
Esteban Ocon
- Frat college guy
- Studying business, but is mainly in college to act like a bad boy (IN reality he’s a softie)
Romain Grosjean
- Teacher
- The one that stands there and says “I’ll wait” as this students keep talking
Kevin Magnussen
- Factory/ construction worker
- Just wants money for food
Pascal Wehrlein
- Student
- Wants to become a vet
Marcus Ericsson
- Yoga Instructor
- We all saw that pic, the boy can bend
Pierre Gasly
- Photographer
- Travels constantly just to take pics
Brendon Hartley
- Surfing instructor
- The Kiwi in him definitely comes out
- His hair screams surfer
Charles Leclerc
- Model
- He grew up in Monaco, with those looks he was definitely not going to have a “normal” job
Jenson Button
- Pilot
- Just take a second and imagine him in a pilot suit greeting his passenger *melt*


I would first like to thank you all for being so patient with me and this comic- I know it wasn’t what a lot of you were expecting. And I’m not exactly happy with it, but- hey! It’s done!!

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And third, rip my poor hand

You’re all so amazing and honestly- I wasn’t expecting all of your support. Thanks.

Here’s the tea, evie and mal were each other’s first kiss. They never really felt anything more than friendship though, but since they had kisses and probably done a little more, they were comfortable being super affectionate with each other. Uma had had a crush on mal and mal thought she was pretty cute and they had a kinda sorta relationship but Maleficent would NEVER let mal have a relationship, saying love would make her weak. So in some pillow talk Uma let the word ‘love’ slip and mal just blew her off called her shrimpy and told her they would never be anything more than sneaky hook ups. The breakup was messy and they were both hurt but Mal was whisked off to Auradon just a few months later.

Harry was a flirt with anyone under 30 years old on the island, and that included our resident cinnamon roll, Carlos. So he’d flirt, Carlos would roll his eyes but blush and smile and they end up kissing at some VK party. When Carlos found him the next day to talk about it, Harry blew him off as mal did uma. Carlos cried to Evie and evie told Jay later (after he pestered her for nearly an HOUR about what was wrong with Carlos) and jay never forgave him. Hence Carlos’s panicked face when he saw Harry and the reason Jay fought Harry so damn hard on that ship.

Anyway I’m lame and like to headcanon back stories

There’s an episode coming up that has a lot of Harry-HR interplay, and it’s not just entertaining for the audience, but it’s also entertaining for me to watch Tom Cavanagh play two different characters, literally shoulder to shoulder with me, and me having to play with both of these figures,” Valdes says. “It’s one of those moments where you have to step back, not just as an actor, but also as a character, and say, ‘This is weird, right? This is weird.‘

Requested by anon:

You were one of the Auradon Prep kids, meaning your mother was a princess and your father a prince, but that didn’t stop you from hanging out with the four from the Isle of the Lost and playing a game of truth or dare with them. How bad could the dares possibly be? Carlos didn’t even have it in him to hurt a fly and Evie was just a sweetheart along with Mal and Jay proving how kind they actually are underneath the facade. 

“Alright Carlos, truth or dare?” Mal asked starting up the game as Carlos choose truth. “Out of all of us here, who do you find the most attractive?” She questioned as Carlos and Jay shot each other quick and panicked glances as Jay bit his lip, secretly hoping no one took notice in that. 

“Um, I have to say y/n. Who’s next?” Carlos clearly lied and did his best to move the game along. It was already obvious that the two of them had a thing for each other but no one decided to mention it until they were ready to admit that. 

“Y/N, truth or dare?” Jay asked and being that you didn’t want to be outed on who you liked, you chose dare without hesitation. 

 “Okay goody two shoes, I dare you to go steal something out of Charming’s room. Anything big or small, doesn’t matter, try not to get caught though,” he told you with a smug look on his face knowing you weren’t one to do anything of the sort but you were dared and you couldn’t back down from that. 

“Simple I’ll be back in a minute,” you answered him standing up and heading to Chad’s room praying he wasn’t there. Stealing a comb from someone was way easier than having to admit your crush on Evie, thankfully you chose dare. 

Wolf//A Disney Descendants Imagine

Anon said: can you do one where you’re the daughter of the big bad wolf and you’re a werewolf so Carlos is terrified of you and you just want to be friends with people but they’re all scared out of their minds and no one wants to talk to you, but when Carlos realizes that not all dogs are bad, he starts to think that maybe you aren’t that bad either

Aw yis (I’m using Teen Wolf and Being Human references for this one)


You sat in the car, keeping mostly to yourself, but the other kids had shoved themselves as far away from you as you could. 

“So, what do you guys think Auradon is gonna be like?” you asked in an attempt to get them to talk to you.

They didn’t answer, but Carlos squeaked in fear and moved even farther away from you.

You sighed and thunked your head on the glass. You just wanted to be friends with these people, but they were all scared that you would rip out their throats.

You arrived at Auradon Prep, where you were greeted by Prince Ben and his girlfriend. You hung back, not wanting to scare anyone.

“Who’re you?” Audrey asked rudely, pointing at you. 


“No, the other person cowering behind everyone else. Yes you.”

“I’m (Y/N).”

“Who’s kid are you?”

You stepped in front of everyone else. “The Big Bad Wolf.”

There was a collective gasp. 

“The werewolf?” Audrey asked in horror.

“Yes. And yeah, that makes me a werewolf too.” You let your claws show and began to pick at your teeth with your index finger. “That’s not gonna be an issue, is it?”

She looked at you in fear. “No problem.”

Ben stepped forward and shook your hand. “It’s a pleasure to meet you (Y/N),” he said. 

You smiled at him gratefully. “Same to you.” 

“Doug will show you to your dorms,” he said to everyone. 

“Ben?” you said quietly. “Can I talk to you in private for a sec?”

He nodded. “Of course.”

He led you out of earshot from everyone else. “What is it?”

You took a breath. “So, you know about my, uh, condition, and I wanted to thank you for treating me like a normal person.”

“Of course.”

“It’s just…I can’t really have a roommate,” you mumbled. “The whole thing with the moon, and I have nightmares, and there’s this whole thing with they way everything has to be set up.”

He smiled understandingly. “I took that into account. You have your own room.”

You exhaled heavily. “Thank you.”

“Absolutely. And I will make sure everyone stays indoors on the full moon so you can have free range of the grounds.”

“Really?” For years, you and your father had had to lock yourselves in cages and cellars to keep from hurting other people. 

“I’m not going to ask you to lock yourself away. You can’t help the way you are.”

You felt like you were going to cry. “Thank you so much Ben, I can’t tell you how much this means to me.”

He smiled and hugged you. “You’re welcome.” 

.   .    .

The next couple days were awful. Audrey had made sure that everyone knew what you were, and no one wanted to talk to you. You had wanted to go out for sports, but you decided not to. You didn’t want to scare people anymore than you already had.

Jay had actually tried to become your friend, and you were so happy. He actually talked to you and the two of you ended up becoming very close. Carlos repeatedly asked him why he was friends with you, because in Carlos’s eyes, you were a rabid pack animal. he tried to tell them that you were actually really nice.

.   .   .

Carlos sat in the forest, scratching Dude’s belly when he was hit with a sudden realization. What if Jay was right? What if you weren’t actually that scary? If he had been wrong about dogs, he might have been wrong about you. 

He ran back to the school. “Ben!” he yelled when he saw the prince. “Have you seen (Y/N)?”

Ben shook his head. “She’s not in classes today. It’s a full moon tonight, so she’s getting ready for that.”

Carlos took off to your dorm room and began pounding on your dorm. 

“What?” you yelled, opening the door. “Oh, hi Carlos. Do you want something?”

“I want to help you get ready for tonight.”

You stared at him. “You want to what?”

“I want to help you.”

“You’re not scared of me?”

He finally caught his breath. “I was scared of you because I saw you as a dog, but worse. But then I realized that my mom was wrong about dogs, so what if everyone else was wrong about you? Jay seems to think so, and I should have listened to him.”

You swept him into a bone crushing hug. 

“(Y/N)…can’t…breathe,” he choked out.

You let go, blushing. “Sorry.”

“So what can I help with?”

“Okay, so first we need to go to the kitchen for a chicken.” You slung a backpack over your shoulder and Carlos followed you down to the kitchen.

“So why do you need a chicken?” he asked as you hauled a raw chicken out of the fridge. 

“We tie it to a string and drag it in a huge circle through the forest.”


“It leaves a scent, and when it’s in a circle, wolf me is going to follow the scent, thinking that I’m tracking an actual bird.”

“That’s genius.”

“And the backpack needs to be at the edge of the woods.”

“What’s in it?”

“Clothes, a toothbrush and a water bottle.”

“Oh. Can I ask you something?”

You nodded. “Shoot.”

“How does this whole thing work?”

You sighed. “Hoo-boy, this could take a while and you have class really soon.”

“Give me the short version.”

“I can be a “wolf” any time I want. You know, claws, pointed ears, fangs, that whole thing. But I’m still humanoid. I only become a full wolf during the full moon. I can control it most of the time, but I black out on the full moon.”

“What’s changing like?”

“It hurts. Imagine all your bones breaking and then rearranging themselves into wolf shape. Imagine claws piercing the ends of your fingers and your teeth elongating.”

Carlos was speechless. “That’s awful.”

“Yeah. But sometimes I can remember glimpses of what the wolf remembered, like running across the forest floor and it’s amazing.”


“Come on, we gotta do this.”

The two of you ran to the forest. Carlos tied the string around the chicken and tossed it to you. You ran as fast as you could in a huge circle, dragging the chicken tomorrow.

“Did you fill the water bottle?” you asked. 

He nodded. “How did you do that so fast?”

“Superhuman speed.”


“You have to get to class and I gotta stay in my room until it gets dark.”

He nodded and ran back to the school. You took your time going back to your room, thinking about how grateful you were that Carlos had decided to be your friend.

At about six o’clock, you felt the change coming on and you ran for the forest. You ran past Ben and his eyes widened, realizing what was happening. He ran for the school and into his parents’ chambers. “Everyone needs to be inside, now,” he said, panting. 

His father made the announcement and everyone came inside, slightly confused. 

At about six-thirty, a howling scream echoed across the grounds, sending chills down the spines of everyone that heard it. 

The next morning, Carlos and Jay knocked on your door. When you didn’t answer, Jay opened the door and peeked inside. You weren’t there. 

“We should go find her,” Carlos said. Jay nodded and grabbed a blanket. Fortunately, it was a Saturday, so no classes. 

They ran to the forest. Carlos checked on the backpack, but it was untouched. 

“Carlos!” Jay called. The white haired boy ran over to his friend. 

You were lying on the forest floor, covered in dirt and what looked suspiciously like blood, and your hair was a tangled mess. Jay put the blanket over you and gently shook you awake.

You opened your eyes and sat up, pulling the blanket tightly around your shoulders. 

“Shit!” Jay screamed, leaping backwards, yanking Carlos with him. You wiped your chin and your hand came away covered in blood. 

“There’s a washcloth in the backpack,” you said, your voice hoarse from howling. 

Carlos handed you the washcloth and the water bottle. You poured some of the water out onto the cloth and rubbed it on your face, but it only got some of the blood off. 

“Let’s get you back to the school. Here, clothes.”

They turned their backs and you put on the shirt and jeans that were in your bag. You stood up, but your knees buckled. Jay caught you and pulled one of your arms over his shoulder. Carlos got your other arm and the two of them helped you back to your dorm. 

As you passed people, your superhearing picked up the whispers of people as you passed them. 

Is she covered in blood?

What a freak.

I bet she killed someone.

Jay opened the door to your room and they set you down on your bed. He left and came back with bandages, soap, and washcloths. 

The two of them cleaned the cuts on your face and arms and cleaned the blood from your face and chest. 

There was a soft knock on the door. “Yeah,” you said, cringing at how rough your voice sounded. 

Ben walked in with a glass of water. “Hey. How’re you feeling?”

“Like I got run over by a truck,” you said, taking the glass from his hands and draining it. 

“Yeah, you look like it.”

“Hey, you aren’t so pretty yourself mister,” you said. 

The three of them laughed.

“So, people think I killed someone,” you said bluntly.

Ben sighed. “Yeah, but we quashed those rumors. They found the rabbit you disemboweled last night.”

There was another knock. “Who is it now?”

“Mal and Evie.”

“Come in.”

The girls came in. “Hi,” Evie said. “We wanted to apologize for the way we’ve treated you. We figured if Jay, Carlos, and Ben all trust you and aren’t afraid of you, Carlos especially, then you can’t actually be that bad. Except the blood on your face was a bit disconcerting.”

You smiled. “Honestly, it’s just nice to have friends.”

“Are you gonna do anything today?”

You shook your head. “Nah, the day after is my recovery day. I usually just eat pizza and chips and watch movies with my dad.”

“Well,” Carlos said, sitting next to you. “Your dad might not be here.”

Jay sat on your other side. “But we are.”

Ben, Mal, and Evie all plopped down on your floor. “We’ll watch movies and eat pizza with you,” Ben said.

“Yeah. We’re your family now,” Evie said. “And before you say anything, we know that we weren’t exactly nice to you and we were afraid of you, but we aren’t anymore. Now, we’re here for you.”

You grinned. “Thanks guys.”

Roger and Anita taking in Carlos

I have like 1000 head canons for this after reading Detours for the tenth time, but I came up with one today that is too cute.

So, the Rotten Four come to Auradon, choose good, yadda yadda. After a while, Roger and Anita (from 101 Dalmatians) reach out to Carlos, kind of take him in, bond with him…

And some days when Carlos is with them, he gets kinda chilly, so Roger gives up his jacket. Carlos ends up leaving with it and taking the coat back to Auradon Prep.

Next time it happens, they’re all at a dog park and the wind kicks up so Anita insists Carlos wears her hoodie and the same thing happens, Carlos brings it back to school.

This happens a few more times, Carlos forgetting to return their clothing or Roger and Anita just telling him to keep their jackets.

But what Roger and Anita don’t realize is how close Carlos is with the other VKs and how they have a habit of taking each other’s clothes.

Jay is running late one morning, grabs the first hoodie he sees in his shared room with Carlos. At the next tourney game, Carlos lends Evie the jacket he has on to keep warm. Mal falls asleep in the library and Carlos bunches up his windbreaker for her to use as a pillow.

Roger and Anita swing by for a surprise visit to Auradon Prep, making sure to stop and say hi to their little adopted son and just stand in shock to see all four Isle kids wearing their clothing. Evie has on one Roger’s high school sweatshirts, Jay has stolen the jacket Anita once spilt wine on, Mal is chilling with Anita’s favorite black sweater while Carlos wears Roger’s old work sweatshirt.

And the husband and wife just share a look, like ‘hey, we have 101 dogs and Carlos is kind of ours now, why not just take the other three too?’

And then all the VKs have makeshift parents in Roger and Anita and play with dalmatian puppies all the time.

The end.

Falling (Carlos de Vil x Reader)

Requested by @fuckkoffcourtney 
Prompt:  hi!! could you write a carlos deville from descendants x reader where reader lives on auradon and is a teaching assistant in remedial goodness 101 and she starts to fall for carlos as he does for her? thanks sm!

You would walk into the room where you have been helping in the remedial godness 101 class for the kids Ben invited from the Isle. 

Sure you agreed with your friend Ben that it would be a cool idea, but you had no idea how big of an impact it would have made on your friend group. 

“Y/N, are you okay?” You hear a voice say 

You would snap out of your thoughts and look up at whoever had asked you the question to see the one and only Carlos De Vil. You would admit, he has sort of grown on you. but you didn’t want to say anything until you were sure that he would be staying. Besides, (insert mother here), your mother wouldn’t be too fond of him, he was raised by villains, therefore he will turn out just like them. 

“Yeah, I’m fine Carlos. Thanks for asking. It’s just been a very long day.” You say, rubbing your temples 

“If you want, you can join me and Dude for a walk through the forest.” He says, rubbing the back of his neck 

You smile and look back at the clock and nod, mentally thinking about your schedule. 

“I think I could squeeze that into my schedule. I don’t have to meet with Ben until 5. I got a few hours.” You say, stacking your papers 

“Sweet.” He says 

You laugh as you stand up and put your books and papers in your bag, slinging it across your shoulder, walking out of the room with Carlos right next to you. 

“How did you even get caught up with helping in this class?” He asks 

“Let’s just say Ben is a very thoughtful friend.” You say with a laugh 

“He just volunteered you?” He asks, shock in his voice 

“When you’ve known each other for basically you’re whole lives, he doesn’t even ask me. He knows I’ll most likely do it.” You say with a smile 

“Well, it’s pretty cool having you help teach that class. I don’t know if we would have survived that class if it wasn’t for you.” He says 

You laugh and look at him with a little surprise on your face. 

“Of course you guys could have.” You says “Fairy Godmother is a very good teacher for goodness.” 

“That’s only because she doesn’t know anything else.” He says 

“True.” You say with a laugh 

He smiles as you two continue to walk through the woods in silence, an occasional bark from Dude. 

“How are you guys liking Auradon anyway?” You asks 

“It’s actually a lot cooler than we all thought. Other than all of the… what’s the right word?” He says 

“Rules?” You ask 

“That’s one thing, but not what I was getting at. I want to be nice but all of the prince and princesses everywhere are just so different from the isle.” He says 

“Yeah. Back at the isle is just the kids of our biggest villains who have tried to take our parents down.” You say 

“Exactly.” He says 

“Well I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Cause in my opinion, I think Mal was a good thing that happened to Ben.” You say 

“You weren’t upset that he broke up with Audrey?” He asks, shock lacing his voice 

“Not at all. Me and Audrey had our differences. I thought she was too controlling over Ben.” You say 

“That would make sense. You have been part of his life longer than she was.” He says 

You laugh and nod, looking down at the watch you always wore, and purse your lips. 

“I have to go. I have to meet Ben in about 30 minutes. Talk to you tomorrow?” You say 

“Yeah, of course.” He says, a smile on his face 


You would be looking at the papers Fairy Godmother gave you to go over for the next lesson in Remedial Goodness 101. You groan in frustration as you waited in the office, waiting for Ben, who was now 15 minutes late to his own meeting that HE planned. 

“Sorry that I’m late Y/N. Got distracted.” Ben says as he hurries in, shutting the door behind him 

“Date with Mal?” You ask, not looking up 

“Yeah. How is Remedial Goodness 101 going with them? I hope that it wasn’t too much for you.” He says as he sits across from you, handing you some water 

You finally look up from the papers as you put them back in your bag, taking the water from his hand and take a sip. 

“I want to say it’s going good. I’ve seen major improvement in them from when they first came to Auradon.” You say 

“That’s a plus. Do you think you are still needed?” He asks 

You shrug and lean back in your chair, looking at him. 

“Doesn’t matter to me. I don’t have a class that period, I’m usually in the library studying.” You say 

“You sure? There’s not a certain somebody in there.” He says 

You look at him, confusion then shock on your face and she mentally face palm. 

“What has Mal told you?” You ask 

“That she’s noticed how your attitude has seem to change since you and Carlos started talking after class more often.” He says 

You look away, feeling the heat rush to your cheeks. He laughs as he sets his water down. 

“I knew it!” He says 

“Knew what?” You ask 

“I knew you liked him. I’ve seen the way you look at him.” He says 

“Alright, I’ll admit, I think I’m falling for him.” You say 

“That’s okay Y/N. Your parents would like him.” He says 

“Who knows.” You say 

You look over at him and he just has that look on his face. You roll your eyes at him, sighing. 

“You’re lucky I have faith in you. Or I wouldn’t believe you.” You say 

He laughs, shaking his head. 


“Carlos, you were out longer than usual.” Jay says as Carlos walks into the dorm room 

“Yeah, I know. I lost track of time while I was talking with Y/N.” Carlos says, sitting down at the table 

“Oh is somebody else falling for one of them?” Jay teases 

“I just might be. But I don’t think it’s a good thing. Cause our parents are just going to throw them in prison when they take over, so what’s the point?” He asks 

“Maybe your mom might let you keep her out of prison.” Jay says 

“Highly doubt Mal’s mother would though.” He says, logging onto his computer 

“Just go for it. Mal shouldn’t be the only one who is somewhat happy.” Jay says 

“We’ll see.” Carlos says as he starts his homework

Do The Roar - Carlos x Reader

Originally posted by calypsio

Requested: prompt: “I understand the whole sleep talking thing but what I don’t understand is the princess dragon dream and why I’m in it.” carlos x reader maybe ??? thanks lol 

A/N the first time I read that prompt I laughed so much then I needed too but I hope you love it and enjoy!! (: Thanks to @zlorac I hope you love it!!

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