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Vista desde la calle, Procuraduría General de Justicia del Distrito Federal, av. Niños Heroes esq calle Dr Liceaga, Doctores, Cuauhtémoc, Ciudad de México 1961 (destruido, permanece el Auditorio Maestro Carlos Franco Sodi)

Arq. Enrique del Moral

View from the street, Attorney General of the Federal District, av. Ninos Heroes at calle Dr. Liceaga, Doctores, Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City 1961 (destroyed, Auditorio Maestro Carlos Franco Sodi remains)


Série Jaune Police

16 titles in this collection illustrated by Italian Master Carlo Jacono. Published at Editions des Remparts from Lyon, in 1959/1960, 13 titles were written by italian authors  and three titles by french authors. The original italian stuff was published in the collection “Il Libri Gialli” at Mondadori and in the serie “Il Libri Tell” at Editoriale Tell. We had here Franco Enna (real name Franco Cannarozzo), Laura Grimaldi, Adriano Baracco, Sergio Donati and other pen-names of the same.

cover art: Carlo Jacono

Publisher: Editions des Remparts, Lyon

source:amsaklapper’s collection


Série Jaune Police

4 titles among the sixteen published (1959/1960). Albert Dubeux and Emil Anton are french authors. Lou Happings and James Douglas are other pen-names of italian author Franco Enna (real name: Franco Cannarozzo)

cover art: Carlo Jacono

Publisher:Editions des Remparts, Lyon, France

source:amsaklapper’s collection

Bells of Notre Dame
By Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz. Voices of Carlo Ragoni, Eros Pagni, Franco Chillemi
Bells of Notre Dame

Bells of Notre-Dame (Italian)

Score by Alan Menken
Italian voices: Carlo Ragone (Clopin), Eros Pagni (Frollo), Franco Chillemi (Archdeacon)

It always strikes me how good Clopin’s voice (theater actor Carlo Ragone) is in the Italian rendition. As much as I like the original version (and a few in other languages), I don’t think any Clopin can equal the Italian one, whose final high D in this intro is arguably the most powerful and clear of all.

A Conversation with Adam Smith, 3rd Place on America's Next Top Model 21, Part Two

(See part one interview here)

ANTMFunny: All right, Stiffy Doo… may I call you Stiffy Doo?

Adam “Stiffy-Doo” Smith: That was the critique I got all season, but I was like whatever. It’s Tyra - she can nickname me whatever she wants! I didn’t think I was stiff, I guess that’s just my demeanor.

ANTMFunny: I never really understood how you were supposedly so drunk and so stiff at the same time. 

Adam: I was never actually drunk for the photo shoots. That was one of the only things I was actually pissed about [watching the show.] They edited it like, “Oh, now that Adam’s sobered up, his pictures are better,” but I only ever drank in the house.

ANTMFunny: Got it.

Adam: Well, actually I drank before one shoot. Getting back to your point about Keith trying to sabotage me, Keith got me to drink before one shoot where they had hinted that we’d have to be naked. Keith was nervous about getting naked [ANTMFunny: I see no reason for Keith to be nervous about getting naked] so we each did a shot. The cameramen tried to get it on camera, but we hid it from them.

ANTMFunny: Which shoot was that?

Adam: The No Glove/No Love shoot. 

ANTMFunny: Oh yeah, that one made a lot of sense.

Adam: It was such a weird time. We walk in and there’s a fishbowl full of condoms, and then there’s Miss J and Yu Tsai talking about AIDS. Next, we’re wearing feathered gloves. I was like, man, this is fucking bizarre

ANTMFunny: What’s not to get? You’re putting on metaphorical condoms and then having “self-love.”

Adam: [laughs] That was the biggest joke photo shoot. The Cory-bot shoot was ridiculous, too - those two are probably the easiest to make fun of. 

ANTMFunny: Switching gears, why did Romeo head-butt you when he could have just cast a spell?

Adam: [laughs] Yeah, okay, I’ll tell you the Romeo story. It’s his birthday, and everyone was pretty drunk, he was probably the drunkest. He claims he was blacked out, I don’t if we’ll ever know the true answer to that. He was being pretty ridiculous, he was in the bedroom and trying to grab Keith’s dick. He was just joking around, but he was out of control. [Adam then recaps a lot of what we saw on the show.] The producers were trying to get me to walk away to my room. I actually did walk away to my room, and was like, “All right, we’ll handle this tomorrow,” but then Romeo said something like, “That’s right, you walk away, you pussy!” and I was like “Why did you have to say that? I’m not going to have you out here looking like a tough guy on camera while I walk away.”

ANTMFunny: Sure.

Adam: I don’t think he ever actually meant to hit me. They’re very clear on the zero tolerance violence policy. I think since I was not reacting to him at all and kind of laughing in his face, he didn’t think I was taking him seriously enough, and then he just head-butted me. I was so shocked that he did it!… Everyone was very happy when he went home. We actually weren’t sure what would happen – would they actually stick to the rules? I think [otherwise] they would have kept him around for a while just for the sake of drama.

ANTMFunny: Yeah I don’t think they wanted to get rid of him yet.

Adam: Yeah, but they had to; they were very upfront with the no violence thing at the start of the competition. 

ANTMFunny: Next question:


Adam: This is from when Mirjana was coming at me for being too drunk. This is when I really didn’t know her and really didn’t like her at all. 

ANTMFunny: How drunk would you have to be for Mirjana to beat you at an athletic competition?

Adam: I don’t think she ever could. Mirjana’s not an athletic girl. I think I could be blackout drunk and still win.

ANTMFunny: There’s no event she could beat you at?

Adam: No, there’s no decathlon event where she could beat me. 

ANTMFunny: You got flack for not being tall enough to model, did you ever consider borrowing Will’s heels? 

Adam: Haha, I don’t think I could have pulled off heels like Will can. I could have used some inches though for sure. I was taller than all of the girls barely… wait, sorry, I’m not taller than Raelia. Raelia’s huge. But when the girls wore heels, I was the shortest one in the competition. 

ANTMFunny: We saw you bark and jump around a lot on the show, do you do that in real life, too? 

Adam: [The producers] always want high energy. When we’re coming off the bus or we’re coming into the room to be greeted by the judges, production would be like, “Oh no, cut cut! Do that again with more energy!” So the joke was that I’d freak out and go, “OOOAAHH! [does a primal scream] and production would have to say, “Do that again with less energy.” 

ANTMFunny: Did any of the girls think they actually had a chance of winning or was it discussed that Tyra would probably choose a guy?

Adam: That was never a point of discussion, but in my head even from just watching the last season, I think most people would think she’s going to pick a guy to win this season no matter what. When I made the house, I thought I had a 1 in 7 chance of winning. But yeah, I never heard the girls really say that or complain or anything. Maybe there was a chance if, like last season, someone like Jourdan is head and shoulders above the competition.

ANTMFunny: Yeah, I don’t think Tyra wanted to give it to her, but then she was like, “Damn, Jourdan has to win.”

Adam: Yeah, she had six best photos. I mean, Lenox had three best photos. If they had continued to give Lenox best photos, they kind of saw the direction it was going in. I’m a novice, but in my eyes, Lenox is an awesome model and after three best photos, they were like, “Uh oh, can’t do that anymore or we’re going to have to let Lenox win.”

ANTMFunny: Do you have any portraits of Tyra Banks hanging in your house

Adam: No, not yet, but I am going to blow up the photo of me and Tyra and put that somewhere in my house.

ANTMFunny: Maybe you should put it in your bedroom. Are you concerned that Tyra thought you might be awful in bed during your Fierce Fantasy Headroll lesson?

Adam: I don’t think I was doing that bad at the fierce headroll whatever! The producers also took a shot at me during casting week for my ideal day. I think they said “10:01 sex, 10:03 breakfast.”

ANTMFunny: It was underreported, but it also made it seem like you had sex for six and a half hours between 3:30 and 10. 

Adam: [ignoring my tantric sex reference, and probably rightfully so] I was pretty scared of my mom watching that first episode. My parents are pretty good sports, though. They obviously know me, they know I’m fucking around a lot. [ANTMFunny: You’ll have to ask Adam whether “fucking around” means joking or sexing.] 

ANTMFunny: Was there really a romance with you and Shei? And is she a better kisser than Soy the bulldog?

Adam: Haha, I think [the producers] wanted there to be a romance since Mirjana and Denzel was all they got, but no. I kissed Shei in the confessional twice, just making out drunk for the camera. There was nothing more. I figure I’m not going to have sex with any of the girls, but I will make out with them. I got Shei, I got Lenox if you count the acting challenge, I got Mirjana also at the end of the [stilt] runway, but they cut that out. [ANTMFunny: With a lamp shade over his face?! I should have asked about that.] Only three of the girls were over 21. I just turned 27. I got family watching: grandparents and aunts and uncles. I don’t need to be banging any 18 year olds on national TV. [ANTMFunny: Cough cough, Denzel.]

ANTMFunny: Did you get “gorgeous porn star” Jamie Rae’s phone number at least? 

Adam: You know, I really wish I would have! I got her Instagram though. All of the girls I was laying the groundwork with [in semifinals] were cut before the house. They didn’t show this girl Amanda who was smoking hot and another girl Emily. I think I was on the same page as most of the guys. We were all upset when they cut this girl Kate Up… what was her name? Kate Compton, I almost said Kate Upton. I thought that maybe it’s a blessing in disguise since I won’t be distracted.

ANTMFunny: What’s Miss J like?

Adam: She’s weird… I guess she can be funny sometimes? You know, for the first runway show, I had only watched cycle 20, so when everyone was freaking out at the big unveiling of Miss J, I didn’t know what was going on. I had no idea who Miss J was. Maybe if I had seen past seasons I would have warmed to her character more. There was one point where I didn’t even know what she preferred to be called. I was talking to the camera and I stopped to ask about pronouns. I was like, “Wait is she a he or she? I’m being serious!” and the camera guy was just laughing at me. 

ANTMFunny: That’s a debate we’ve had at this blog, too.

Adam: Is she a transsexual or is he just going by “Miss J”? 

ANTMFunny: He actually got that nickname from someone on the first season.

Adam: There was a Mr. Jay, right?

ANTMFunny: Yeah, well there were two Jays, so then this uptight Christian girl – well woman, I suppose, she was pretty old [ANTMFunny: Sorry/notsorry, Robyn!] – called one Mr. Jay and one Miss Jay just to differentiate them and it stuck.

Adam: The funny thing is he doesn’t come across as gay really to me! Especially at first, just in his demeanor or speech or the way he dresses. I didn’t know if he was gay or transsexual.

ANTMFunny: I don’t think we still know if it’s a genuine identity or just a character after 21 cycles, to be honest! But I would agree that he used to be funnier back when the show wasn’t entirely a joke, he added levity to the situation. Whereas now, you don’t need as much levity, I guess, unless it’s Franco. 

Adam: Yeah, I agree, Franco is definitely the funniest of all the judges. 

ANTMFunny: Tell me about Franco Lacosta! I’m obsessed!

Adam: Oh man, I share your view on Franco, I think he’s an incredible character, like a gay Arnold Schwarzenegger. He should be a staple on the show.

ANTMFunny: Is he similar to how he comes across on the show? 

Adam: He is exactly like that. I was cracking up the first night we were introduced to him. Maybe he’s acting for a reality show, but I’m pretty sure that’s him. If Tyra were smart, she’d bring him back for Yu Tsai’s job next season.

ANTMFunny: Did everyone know Tyra was dating Erik Asla?

Adam: I didn’t know until someone pointed it out, and then once I did see them kind of… I never saw them kiss, but some people say they did, but I did notice them canoodling. Good for him. Banging Tyra Banks on the side! Classic. He’s the man.

ANTMFunny: All right, what was the single funniest moment of the show for you?

Adam: The hardest I laughed while on the show… can I say something that wasn’t on TV? 

ANTMFunny: Sure.

Adam: At some points when we’re drinking, they’re just like, “All right, we got enough footage for tonight, we’re not going to show you binge drinking on tv, just go have fun.” So we weren’t on camera and we were playing Never Have I Ever. It was “never have I ever sucked a dick” and the girls put down their fingers. Raelia puts down her finger and she goes, screaming of course, ‘cause she’s loud, “I sucked a penis before, I love sucking penis! I sucked a penis before and I’ll suck it again!” Then, from behind the walls, you hear a producer yell out [in a deep voice] “OH YEAHHHHHHHH!” She got embarrassed because you forget that they’re even there, but they’re always watching. Everyone just died laughing.

ANTMFunny: Is that how we missed the Will/Matthew kiss? 

Adam: I wasn’t actually there, but this is the story I was told after: Matt was saying, “I’ve got no filter, I’ll say whatever, I’ll do whatever, I don’t give a fuck!” And Raelia said, “All right, I dare you to whip your dick out.” And he just did it. And then Romeo’s like, all right, I dare you to kiss Will, and he just went over and kissed Will. The next morning, they turned it into a bisexual thing. That was kind of weird. I’ve chilled with Matt a lot here in LA - he parties on my level – and from what I can tell, I don’t think he’s bisexual. But yeah, for whatever reason, they didn’t have it on camera. There’s usually only one camera guy working late at night and if he’s on break or in a different room… If they did get it on camera, they 100% would have shown it.

ANTMFunny: I think so, too.

Adam: There was a lot of stuff like that on camera, though, and I guess they had to cut it out. They could have made a quality show if it didn’t have to be on the CW network.

ANTMFunny: And if they gave up the pretense of it being a modeling show, maybe…

Adam: Yeah. The cast was great, everyone was funny. Watching the show, I was like, man, we had better footage – they could have made this so much better. 

ANTMFunny: All right, Adam, thanks for being so generous with your time. Komsayameda!

(This interview has been condensed and edited.)

If any other people from the ANTM universe want to shoot the shit with me at some point, drop me a line:

Juan Gabriel es el cantautor más importante de nuestro país, lo sé bien. Pero es ante todo una anomalía: un artista profundamente afeminado en una tierra que está a punto de marchar en favor de la homofobia, una tierra que, impulsada por el lastre ancestral de la Iglesia y sus impulsos retrógrados y llenos de temor, han ocultado la diversidad hasta el punto absurdo de igualar al homosexual con el pederasta. Juan Gabriel —además de un cantante de extraordinaria potencia y un compositor que, independientemente de su alcance temático, posee un rango enorme, una profundidad sincera y casi primitiva— es el signo de muchas actitudes y certezas y dolores y represiones que habitamos como sociedad.

Los conciertos de Juan Gabriel, tan aclamados, son (o eran) el espacio de socialización de la jotería en los hombres y mujeres de familia: un jolgorio de dos o tres horas donde el sentimentalismo, el afeminamiento y el homoerotismo velado se volvían moneda común; dos horas en donde, como en un carnaval medieval, uno podía revertir lo que es, sus valores y sus responsabilidades con la sociedad, para acercarse al verdadero desenfreno de la fiesta y la sexualidad sin represiones. Juan Gabriel es, además de muchas otras cosas, un síntoma. Un hombre valiente. Un artista honesto con su quehacer. Un joto en un país donde eso no existía y, cuando al fin existió, se volvió una premonición terrible. Desde 1971, una anomalía.

Cuando tenía unos ochos años (y a raíz de que alguien había cantado, como si fuera parte de la conversación, “pero qué necesidad, para qué tanto problema”), alguien en mi familia dijo en uno de esas conversaciones que los adultos creemos que los niños no entienden o no recordarán: “No entiendo por qué el cantante más importante de México es así”, con ese énfasis en la última palabra que esconde abismos donde vive el prejuicio y el miedo. Hoy, dieciocho años después, me gustaría responder esa pregunta.

Porque este país necesita más putos como él.

-Juan Carlos Franco. 


“A new school and community center that will become a motor of change and development for Cartagena”… Shakira

The new Pies Descalzos Foundation school is an innovative and urbanistic project focused on social inclusion that serves as an agent of change for 1,700 children and young people who will benefit directly, as well as indirectly benefiting the community at large, comprised of more than 34,000 people.

This new school in Lomas del Peyé will be the catalyst of change in its immediate environs, becoming a headquarters for development for the homes found within this area as well as a source of pride for those impacted, as executive director of the foundation Patricia Sierra indicated: “The inauguration of this school brings great joy to the children of this community because it is here that they will be able to see the dream that they’ve held onto since the day we started construction finally come true. I remember them saying to us that it was a tall tale, that they couldn’t have a school this big or grand here…and today they have the pleasure of seeing it come to life. This has been made possible thanks to our donors, allies, and all those who believed in the cause of the Pies Descalzos Foundation and have gotten on board with Shakira to agree that a quality education is something that belongs to all children, all over the world.”

Said Shakira: “Today is a very special day for me because I came to my country with my son Milan for the very first time. And this is his homeland too. The other big reason for smiling, is that we have completed the dream that we have put so much effort into: this new Pies Descalzos school. No child in Colombia or in the world should be without access to the universal right that is education. Because education is not a luxury. It is a right. And it is one that society and governments must always defend.“

Likewise, Juan Carlos Franco, general director of the Mario Santo Domingo Foundation, a crucial piece of this project and which also forms part of the public/private “First Things First” alliance that focuses on early childhood development, said: “The Lomas del Peye school will ensure that thousands of kids with few resources can count on receiving a quality education with continuity from early childhood on, allowing them to break the inter-generational cycle of poverty and promoting social mobility.” This school and community center spans 8,000 square meters and 55 rooms distributed among early childhood, primary, secondary, and specialized classrooms, as well as a cafeteria, library, and sports facilities. It also boasts a staff of 34 teachers under the direction of Father Alfonso Moreno Grau.

This educational institution seeks to implement a new way of operating, wherein the diocese of Cartagena along with the archbishop Jorge Enrique Jimenez will be at the head of the school administration. It’s a model in which the responsibility is shared amongst three sectors and alliances: the archdiocese, the mayor of Cartagena, and the Pies Descalzos Foundation. The school was designed by renowned architect Giancarlo Mazzanti who described the project in his own words: “What we wanted to achieve was creating a place that aside from being used as a place for children to study at, could also be a meeting place and learning center for the entire community”.

The public, private, and social sectors have been united since the beginning in making this project become the final product it is today. The project was constructed with the support of:

External image

Computadores para Educar, Plasticaucho Colombia, la Casa Editorial El Tiempo, Organización Corona, Sodimac Colombia, Metropoli, Cementos Argos, Central de Hierros, Hotel Sofitel legend Santa Clara, Ecole Secondaire Sainte-Famille, Entornos Productivos Marcela Villegas, Avianca, Pagos Online net and Yucatán Holidays

External image

El nuevo colegio de la Fundación Pies Descalzos es un proyecto urbanístico e innovador de inclusión social que se consolida como un agente de cambio para 1.700 niñas, niños y jóvenes beneficiados directamente y que optimizará las condiciones de vida de manera indirecta a más de 34.000 mil habitantes de los sectores de San Bernardo, La María y San Francisco, barrios habitados por personas oriundas de los Montes de María y el Magdalena medio.

Este nuevo colegio Pies Descalzos en Lomas del Peyé impulsará la transformación de su entorno convirtiéndose en factor de desarrollo para los hogares de esta zona, logrando apropiación y orgullo entre sus habitantes, así lo señala Patricia Sierra directora ejecutiva de la Fundación Pies Descalzos quién agrega: “La inauguración de este colegio es una alegría grande para los niños y niñas de esta comunidad porque aquí podrán plasmar esos sueños que han tenido desde el día que llegábamos y cuando nos decían… - ¡Ay! Esto es un cuento… nosotros no podemos tener un colegio así de grande - … Hoy están felices de poder conocerlo… Esto ha sido posible gracias a todos nuestros donantes y aliados.

Shakira afirmó que "hoy es un día muy especial para mi ya que vengo a mi país con mi hijo Milan por primera vez y ésta es su patria también. Otra gran razón para sonreír es que hoy finalizamos un sueño en el que hemos puesto muchos esfuerzos: la nueva escuela de la Fundación Pies Descalzos en Cartagena. Ningún niño en Colombia o en el mundo debe vivir sin acceso a educación… La educación no es un lujo. Es un derecho que la sociedad y los gobiernos tienen siempre la responsabilidad de defender”

Igualmente, Juan Carlos Franco, director general de la Fundación Mario Santo Domingo, trascendental en esta importante proyecto y que hace parte de la alianza publico privada Primero lo Primero, agregó “El colegio de Lomas del Peyé asegurará que miles de niños de bajos recursos cuenten con educación de calidad de una forma continua, desde la primera infancia, permitiendo romper la transmisión inter-generacional de la pobreza y promoviendo la movilidad social”.

Este colegio a la vez centro comunitario, tiene un área de 8.000 metros, 55 espacios distribuidos en primera infancia, primaria, secundaria, aulas especializadas, comedor biblioteca, zonas deportivas y centro comunitario. También cuenta con un cuerpo docente conformado por 34 profesores, dirigidos por el Padre Alfonso Moreno Grau. La institución educativa Pies Descalzos de Lomas del Peyé buscar reconocer una nueva manera de operar, donde la diócesis de Cartagena con el arzobispo Jorge Enrique Jiménez, va a estar al frente de la administración del colegio. Es un modelo en donde se comparte la responsabilidad entre 3 sectores y grandes aliados en este propósito: La arquidiócesis, la alcaldía de Cartagena y la Fundación Pies Descalzos.

Esta obra fue diseñada por el reconocido arquitecto Giancarlo Mazzanti quién se refiere al proyecto: “Lo que nosotros queríamos lograr era un lugar que además de ser utilizado por los muchachos para estudiar, fueran un lugar de reunión y de aprendizaje para toda la comunidad”.
Los sectores público, privado y social se han unido decididamente desde un comienzo para que este proyecto sea hoy una realidad. El proyecto fue construido con el apoyo de:

External image

También se recibió el apoyo de Computadores para Educar, Plasticaucho Colombia, la Casa Editorial El Tiempo, Organización Corona, Sodimac Colombia, Metropoli, Cementos Argos, Central de Hierros, Hotel Sofitel legend Santa Clara, Ecole Secondaire Sainte-Famille, Entornos Productivos Marcela Villegas, Avianca, Pagos Online net y Yucatán Holidays quienes apoyan el modelo de intervención de la Fundación Pies Descalzos.

External image