carlos eduardo robledo puch


Carlos Eduardo Robledo Puch is a serial killer from Argentina that killed 11 people over the space of a year when he was just 20-years-old. He killed his victims, which included men, women, and children, using a wide variety of methods which included stabbing, bludgeoning, shooting, strangling, and slitting their throats. He was also known to rape his female victims before killing them. He became known as “The Death Angel” and was sentenced to life imprisonment.

A chromosome abnormality seems to be the most likely trigger for serial killers.

A chromosome abnormality in serial killers begins to express itself during puberty, Morrison said.

Serial killers, who are mostly men, develop and begin to display their homicidal tendencies during puberty when that chromosomal abnormality expresses itself.

While researchers don’t have an exact gene identity, the fact that serial killers are men leads researchers to believe there is “a change associated with the male chromosome make up,” Morrison said.

But researchers are still investigating how the gene changes and why it does.

Most serial killers also kill their first victim during those same teen years.

Carlos Eduardo Robledo Puch
also known as “The Death Angel” and “The Black Angel”

(born January 22, 1952, in Buenos Aires, Argentina)
AnArgentineserial killer. He wasconvicted for 11murders, oneattempted murder, 17robberies, onerape, one attemptedrape, one count ofsexual abuse, twokidnappings and two thefts. He killed his victims in a variety of ways, such as stabbing, shooting, strangling, bludgeoning to death with rocks and slitting their throats.

He was sentenced to life imprisonmentto be served in the high security jail of Sierra Chica, near the city ofOlavarria. In July 2000, he became eligible for parole; however, he didn’t submit a petition.

On May 27, 2008, Puch asked to be paroled. However, a judge denied his petition considering he is a threat to society.