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Night Vale Moodboard The Angels (All named Erika)

She brought me to the lighthouse in her strange desert that is like our own, but is not our own. She introduced me to an army of men and women who have taken great care of her. And introduced me to several tall, winged creatures, each named Erika. With a K.”
Welcome to Night Vale
Episode 48 - Renovations


Michelle Harrison plays NORA ALLEN on the CW’s THE FLASH. Here’s what her co-stars CARLOS VALDES & TOM CAVANAGH had to say about the City of Angels Indiegogo Campaign!

Aaah, it’s finally finished oh my god. First time ever using a painting style so I think I did pretty well.
Anywho, here’s my new wallpaper (resized for posting purposes).

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@mishharrison: A HUGE thanks to @CavanaghTom and @Tha_Los for supporting #cityofangels!

Richard Ramirez was pulled over by officer Stavros on the freeway after he went though a red light, when the officer Stavros returned to his motorcycle to get his note pad, the killer said a prayer to satan, drew a pentagram on the hood of the car and bolted like a jackrabbit. he had long, strong legs and had always been a fast runner. stavros jumped on his cycle and tried to catch him, but he vaulted over a ten-foot fence, crossed a yard, an alley, and another yard, jumped on a bus, and got away.

Stavros went back to the car and searched it. He found a black leather wallet on the floor containing a hundred dollars in cash and an appointment card with a dentist, Dr. Peter Leung, located in Downtown Los Angeles, he aslo found a litlle black phonebook with six telephone numbers.

-  The Night Stalker: The Life and Crimes of Richard Ramirez by Philip Carlo.