Ok so we know about Janice’s “Uncle Carlos” but imagine the first time she casually mentions it at some dinner like, “Uncle Carlos can you pass the salt?” and Carlos takes it in stride while Cecil becomes a flustered mess like, “No n-no Janice its Carlos you can’t just throw in that title willy nilly” and he starts blushing and breathing erratically until Carlos wraps an arm around him reassuringly saying yes Janice I would be honoured if you called me that and Janice is getting tired and reaches across the table to snatch the salt herself.

A weird observational note I have is on Carlos’ way of interpreting things! I don’t know if this means anything, but so much of what Carlos says and so much of his way of understanding things seems based off science, and I think that science is a way for him to understand and interpret things, maybe things he wouldn’t ordinarily understand. I think it may come off as the stereotypical scientist using scientific jargon as much as possible (usually to appear intelligent), but I honestly think it’s more genuine than that. I think he applies science in whatever ways he can to grasp certain situations. I’m thinking of his monologue in Condos, actually, because I think it crystalizes the point I’m trying to make here! 

Much of what he says in it ( “Until that object becomes something made of nothing – within nothing. An object can be a wall, a floor, a roof, a bed, a table, a dog, a door, a rug, a…a home”) sounds pretty sciencey, right? But it all leads up to something he actually has trouble saying flat-out ( “A home is…I mean, uh, scientifically speaking, speaking form the point of view of mere facts and logic, and um…hmm. You know, what with science, and all…uhhh, I– I– I just thought it was…time for us to…make a home together”). 

I guess the point I’m trying to make here is, a lot of people seem to think Carlos is an intellectual snob or that he’s really more of a stereotypical scientist in media than an “actual” scientist, because of how much he references science and whatnot, to the point of it seeming kind of ridiculous. But I think it’s more than just him referencing science a lot. I think its his earnest and heartfelt way of understanding things and putting into words that which he had trouble trying to say. To Carlos, I think science is more than just his profession. I think it’s part of who he is as a character. Science is part of his perception and his personality, and doesn’t that kind of come through in some aspects of his personality? The whole nonjudgmental air about him? Doesn’t that seem kind of like how you can’t give up on an experiment if it doesn’t work once? I mean, it does to me, anyways. And it’s so important that Carlos uses science as an understanding tool in multiple situations, and equally important that it’s not something anyone dislikes him for. Having one’s own way of understanding, no matter what it’s linked to, is wonderful, and if anything, people (i.e. Cecil) only love him for his way of thinking and think he’s amazing for that reason.