Nagito Komaeda

Is really the Ultimate Bullshit.

Beside cheating death multiple times, he also achieved the near impossible. 

He rolled 6 on all 10 dices. Which isn’t really surprising, since he is the Ultimate Lucky Student, but what so special about this lucky outcome is for Komaeda to roll all 10 dices and have them all show 6 is a:

1 in 60,466,176 chance.

Or in percentage that would be.

0.00000165381716879202% (approximately)

(I am almost surprised that no one was shocked, but maybe they got used to Komaeda’s luck.)

Like no joke. If that’s how far he is blessed with luck, I don’t think he could ever die. 

(Sidenote: This could be a sneaky reference to a game called Zero Time Dilemma where if you don’t remember (for those who played it already) Akane talked about to Carlos about a similar thing. 

i always get confused at posts with Cecil or Carlos being smooth af bc they are literally the biggest dorks in the universe like once Cecil said “neat” to something Carlos was saying because he wasnt listening and he cringed about it on the air, to the whole of Night Vale. on their first date Carlos was pretending to scientifically examine a tree because he was nervous and Cecil just started. stroking his face. not to mention Carlos’s whole emotional Condos speech followed by “i mean, scientifically speaking, from the point of view of pure logic and science um.” theyre both awkward disasters. protect them.

Let me throw an idea to you. Welcome to Night Vale: The Musical.

Carlos and Cecil singing sappy love songs.

Steve Carlsberg has a random “I’m just trying my hardest” number.

Kevin and Cecil furiously having a tap dance competition.