Night vale time theory

So in the beginning of “best of” Leonard says that Cecil has had “10 years behind the desk” so I assume that means reporting. Cecil’s first report is around 1941 when world war 2 starts so from 1941 to 2015 that’s 73 years normal time and 10 years night vale time. So for every night vale year that goes by 7.3 years pass normal time. Cecil sounds like he’s around 30 years old (night vale time) making him 219 years old normal time. Idk just a thought 😁

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For the drawing meme thing: 6 and 8

FINALLY getting around to answering this one

6. favorite anime character

ahh yes my anime days. so far away. so much in the past. like yester… year… totally

anyway heres grell from black butler

8. character you want to cosplay

carlos the scientist from welcome to night vale

…yeah theres probably no one surprised by this

thank you for the asks!!! :D