Situaciones "wigettiles"
  • Carlos:Eres guapo
  • Willy:Gracias?
  • Carlos:Me gustaria que hubiese algo entre nosotros?
  • Willy:A mi tambien
  • Carlos:Ah si?? Como que...?
  • Willy:Una pared :D
  • Carlos:;-; CORRE!!
  • *Se que el chiste este es muy viejo, pero se me ha pasado por la cabeza con Wirlos 😂, ah, y antes de que alguien me mate, quiero aclarar que a mi Carlos me cae bien👌 (ozeah pls 🌚)*
Won’t You be My (Good) Neighbor? (closed w/ doctorheinrich-ghoulmd)

The Pip Boy was going crazy. The chattering from the arm computer however wasn’t the only thing that told him how much trouble he was in – the green, thundering sky above him told him plenty. Carlos tried to stay close to the buildings, munching on one Rad-X pill after another. He needed to get to shelter somewhere because he was running out quickly. Besides, that much Rad-X can’t be good for anyone.

Anything that looked promising was boarded up or completely closed off and Carlos was unable to get in. Except for a large gate. A settlement? He hoped so as he hurried through the makeshift gate and started looking for someplace. Shops were empty and doors were shut. God damn it – at this rate he was sure he was going to turn green!

His hand finally landed on a door handle that turned and without second thought he hurried inside, shutting the door behind him. That was close! Carlos quickly started to take off his irradiated coat and pants. His skin was tingling and he needed to get a dose of Rad Away before settling down and waiting out the storm.