Being Carlisle’s Mate Would Include:

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Anonymous said:Could you please do “Being Carlisle’s human mate would involve..”? Thank you so much! There aren’t enough Carlisle fics out there.

A/N: Yeah, sure I can lovely! You’re very welcome, enjoy what I’ve come up with! This is my first Carlisle piece ever, so please bare with me, lovely! I have to agree with you about that, Carlisle is an amazing character and needs more fanfiction! Thank you so much for your request, lovely.

- If you ever grew ill, know that he’d look after you; ensuring that you get better ASAP.

-You would practically have the most compassionate, patient and phenomenal doctor in existence.

- You would always be well taken care of, no matter what.

- If Carlisle has his adopted children, they would love you to pieces and protect you, but also treat you like a mother.

- Carlisle would be fiercely protective of you, ensuring that nothing ever harmed you.

- Carlisle would always plant a soft kiss upon the top of your head every morning that he leaves for work.

- If Carlisle was working late, he would let you know as soon as possible and definitely make it up to you in more than one way. *wink* *wink*

- He’d be incredibly gentle, ardent, loving and attentive with you. You’re physically quite delicate, so he’d do everything to make sure that he does not harm you.

- You would certainly be spoiled in whatever way Carlisle could spoil you in. Whether that’s with jewelry, trips, cars, flowers, chocolates, taking you out on dates, spending time with you, etc.

- You would probably get breakfast in bed every weekend on a Saturday and Sunday morning: And if Carlisle couldn’t bring you it, Alice or Rosalie definitely would. There would definitely be a small romantic little note about how much Carlisle loves you and hopes you have a splendid day.

- If you aspired to become a vampire and be with Carlisle forever, Carlisle would plan and set an appropriate date to do this. He would certainly do this by himself and try to make the transition as less painful as possible by giving you morphine before he changed you.

- You would definitely be married to Carlisle.

- Carlisle would be such a romantic and caring husband/lover/mate. He’s practically every romance novels dream!

- Carlisle would respect your views, opinions, aspirations, goals, etc. but would only intervene if you were going to hurt yourself or someone was going to hurt you, or if things were going to go down hill.

- You’d be Carlisle’s love and life. He’d never put anything above you or let anything come in between you two.

- Out of most of the vampires, Carlisle would be the most human, so he wouldn’t forget to feed you or anything. Your routine would practically become his in a way. It wouldn’t really feel like you’re dating a vampire, too be honest.

- You’d always know how important and loved you are.

- If you came home stressed from work, know that Carlisle would be there for you in an instant to talk things through.

- The two of you would seldom ever fight. You two just get along so well that there’s never really any room to argue in your relationship.

- Everyone would say that you’re “made for each other”.

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Has anyone seen/done any edits that feature some of the Cullen Family relationships besides the couples themselves? Like Edward and Renesmee father/daughter stuff, the three brothers, the sisters all together, etc? Maybe even Jasper and Carlisle, using that respectful - arguing scene from Bree Tanner?

Or some other bonds/ things in common outside the family- like Esme, Rose, (Heidi?) and Siobhan, how they’re all survivors of sexual assault… Garrett, Liam and Jasper being the three rebel soldiers in their human lives…. Volturi, Amun and the Romanians being the three empires of the ancient vampire world. Something about Sulpicia and Kebi and what it’s like to be so close to power and yet so powerless… Ooh or something with all the vampires who’ve lost their mate and how it’s driven them all a bit mad.

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Poll: Favourite Twilight Character

The results are in.

Bella received 3 votes

Edward received 1 vote

Jacob received 4 votes

Carlisle received 12 votes

Esme received 3 votes

Alice received 2 votes

Emmet received 0 votes

Rosalie received 7 votes

Jasper received 5 votes

That means that your favourite Twilight character is:

Carlisle Cullen

Thanks to everyone who voted.