carlisle the dog

SPG Hour Request

I would like you to speculate the whereabouts of Sam the drummer after leaving SPG. For example write a short story or draw a single scene wherein the Robots stumble upon his bones because he accidently locked himself in the candy closet of the manor. I don’t care have fun. I’ll briefly share bits and pieces of what you come up with on the next SPG hour.

Here’s my script for my abandoned comic idea:

Whatever Happend to Baby Sam?

season1 , episode 1 V2

guest starring in this issue Steam Powered Giraffe, and who is the mysterious caveman?

Walter Manor, San Diego California, Present

sam’s room door, spine’s hand knocks “Spock! Boft! The Frrtz!” Spine and Rabbit enter the room, Spine remarks,“Sam’s door is on the frrzt again.”

spine “what is it you wanted to talk to us about”

rabbit “yeah we were real busy” rabbit has a dog bone behind his back

sam “first of all I wanted to thank you for raising me from birth to be the world’s premiere steam punk drummer, but I need to get outside the manor and san diego, and actually premiere the world.”

the spine “you humans and your wanderlust, why don’t you try the ice caverns?”

rabbit “oh yeah, we got one of those!”

the spine “entrance is in the basement-”

rabbit “no one’s ever come outta the other side…alive.”

the spine “sir walter’s grandest treasures are supposedly in there, you go in you grab whatever you want, you come out the other side, you got a tale to tell children, make ‘em pee themselves before bedtime.”

sam “can’t I just start at the exit, I got a lot of packing to do and I really wanted to check out Boxing Day in Canada.”

the spine “sure the exit is in the attic.”

rabbit “which is in china.”

the spine “which we’re not paying travel expenses for.”

rabbit “we don’t have any money to replace HatchWorths facial hair and hat which he lost.”

hatchworth appears and looks horrifying with out a hat or facial hair, exposed teeth, a creepy second pair of eyes where the eyebrows should be, robot brain showing. “hey, is there a draft in here or is it just me.” (the spine and rabbit roll their eyes at hatchworth’s joke).

the spine “here I’ll take these-” spine tears off sams facial hair and hat and plops in onto hatch worth.

rabbit “and I’ll show you to the ice caverns”

in the tiny basement there are two holes, one is labeled “number 1” and the other has a scratched out “number 2” and freshly painted “ice caverns"on top.

rabbit says "this is the basement, and THIS…IS…ICE CAVERNS!!” and kicks hairless sam into hole number 2 (like the comic book movie 300).

“12 minutes later”

sam screaming “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAA” (sam lands on a pile of what appears to be large discarded, foam number 2’s. All his facial hair grew back during the fall.) “huh, all my facial hair grew back during the fall.”

the cave is dark and cold, there is a dining table with food on it and at one end there is a scraggly caveman tied and gagged.

sam “poor guy needs a shave” (sam pulls out a barbers kit he keeps with him).

the clean shaven caveman is actually steve negrete. steve “sam, your shaving skills are positively demonic. I’m waiting for my blind date, she’s a week late.”

Scene switches to The Spine and Rabbit, on the walter manor lawn. Rabbit is walking in circles tempting a blind girls seeing eye dog with a dog bone. SPine is saying “I dont get what you’re trying to prove.” Rabbit is 'shhh'ing the Spine and the blind girl is saying to her dog, “Carlisle you’re not a very good seeing eye dog, I feel like we’ve been looking for the ice caverns for a week!”

back in the ice caverns…

sam “why are you tied up and gagged? how did you even survive here for a week?”

steve “where were you keeping that barber’s kit?”

sam “Well that’s barber business and you’re no barber.”

steve “Sam, don’t you see. You’re asking the wrong kind of questions. Why hasn’t all this food gone bad? Why did the robots tell me this was a good place to take a date a week ago? why discard perfectly good number two’s?”

sam “hmm, are the robots up to something?”

steve “I dunno man, we’re in the ice caverns now. The only way back up, is down.”

sam “that doesn’t make any logical sense.”

steve “throw your logic into the 'number two’ hole. We in da ice caverns now!”

sam “yeeaaa… you kinda, just said that.”

steve “ pfft, I’d be surprised if you last a week down here with that attitude.” steve begins to descend into a hole in the ground labeled “lvl 2”.

sam “hey wait let’s adventure together, where can I get one of them sweet adventuring outfits?!”

steve “You just don’t get it do you? steve adventures alone! and the outfits are behind you.” sam turns and see’s an adventure outfit rack lined with the same outfit with a sign reading 'adventure outfits, one per person’. Sam turns again towards steve “wait one last question..” , but steve is already gone.

“whatever happend to baby sam?!” sam says to himself as he stands in a badass pose wearing an advntr outfit and poised to enter the hole that used to say “lvl 2” and now that’s scratched out and says “episode 2”.