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I think this is a very sweet moment for these two. Oh, they scored 8-0 against Costa Rica, ICYMI. @hopesolo @carlilloyd
#hopesolo #carlilloyd #teammates (at Heinz Field)

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Tonerock Sports :: USWNT Carli Lloyd Pep talk to Houston Texans at Camp
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A Memoir of Hope Solo :

“With Carli Lloyd, my best friend on the national team and the one teammate who publicly supported me in 2007″  

“My phone buzzed. It was a text from Carli. “How are you? I’m thinking of you. Hang in there”  (Page 175)

One day Carli and I talked about 2007. Her theory was that if Greg hadn’t fucked up and I hadn’t spoken out, nothing might have changed on the team. The bad dynamic might have continued. Out of all the struggle and pain, Carli said, we ended up having a better team. “You helped change that” Carli said. (Page 246)

“No one would stand up for me. Only Carli seemed to have any sympathy in her expression” (Page 172)

Only Carli had reached out to me. My other longtime friends were treating me as though I was dead” (Page 176)

“There was an open chair next to Carli. I sat down.” (Page 184)

Carli reached over and patted me on the leg. Everyone saw her do it” (Page 184)

Carli came back in the room and sat back down beside me. “Stay strong, Hope,” she whispered to me, and patted my leg. “Stay strong” (Page 185)

As I sat on the bench, Carli was the only player who would sit near me. (Page 189)

We pulled up to the stadium, and when I stood to get up off the bus, I looked over at Carli. Our eyes locked. We smiled a sort of half-smile that spoke everything that needed to be said. We were at once relaxed and confident. “Well,” I said. “Here we go” Carli nodded. “Here we go” (Page 208)

Every time Carli and I made eye contact, we laughed and laughed (Page 214)

As we got close to the stadium. I looked toward Carli, and we smiled at each other. (Page 299)

Carli and I grabbed either side of an american flag and ran around the field, thinking of all the things we had been through together, from the 2007 World Cup to our second gold medal together. What a moment. (Page 302)

keep in mind these are all words from Hope and Carli, none of this is fake, they are all from Hope’s book so this is all things that really had happen :)

what a relationship, you can’t top that, harli forever.