So about that watercolor mixing guide...

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can you explain with the color chart at the top is (above the paints, not below). Is that a mixing guide? Im curious as to how to make a mixing guide for watercolors since its so susceptible to water amounts.

Yes, the amount of water does vary what color you get, but the mixing chart is more of a relative guide rather than an absolute guide.  

You see, I am terrible, utterly terrible at mixing colors.  When I think “oh, I want this greenish color, which I should be able to get by mixing some shade of yellow and some shade of blue,” I almost always never end up with anything remotely close to the greenish color I want.  And even if I do, it would take several failed mixes before I get to that point.  The chart is just my way of avoiding to do this every time I need that greenish color.  I actually have a really bad memory and cannot memorize something as complicated as colors, and so it’s almost a guarantee that I won’t be able to remember which blue and which yellow makes which green.  With this chart, instead of blindly picking a shade of yellow and a shade of blue to get a greenish color, I can look at said chart and go “Okay, I want this kinda green, so I need to mix THIS particular shade of yellow with THAT particular shade of blue.”  

So yes, it still involves a bit of experimenting with getting the right the amount of water and pigment, but at the very least I’m getting something relatively close to what I want, rather than suffering the usual indignation of mixing this and that and tit and tat and ending up with some horrendous, vile, shit-like muddy brownish green that only shows up naturally in places where no life form dares to even think about existing.

It makes coloring quite a disheartening experience, you see.

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Where are these classes held? and price?

I went to the one at Concept Design Academy in Pasadena, but I think last night was the last one of this term.  The cost is $15 for 3-hour session, I think they’ll start again in February.

I know Art Center has figure drawing workshops too every Friday, it’s free for Art Center students, but I heard they don’t check for ID.  Last time I went just walked in, grabbed a seat, and nobody said anything so… maybe you can crash that figure drawing workshop like I did.  Not sure though, maybe things have changed.