So about that watercolor mixing guide...

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can you explain with the color chart at the top is (above the paints, not below). Is that a mixing guide? Im curious as to how to make a mixing guide for watercolors since its so susceptible to water amounts.

Yes, the amount of water does vary what color you get, but the mixing chart is more of a relative guide rather than an absolute guide.  

You see, I am terrible, utterly terrible at mixing colors.  When I think “oh, I want this greenish color, which I should be able to get by mixing some shade of yellow and some shade of blue,” I almost always never end up with anything remotely close to the greenish color I want.  And even if I do, it would take several failed mixes before I get to that point.  The chart is just my way of avoiding to do this every time I need that greenish color.  I actually have a really bad memory and cannot memorize something as complicated as colors, and so it’s almost a guarantee that I won’t be able to remember which blue and which yellow makes which green.  With this chart, instead of blindly picking a shade of yellow and a shade of blue to get a greenish color, I can look at said chart and go “Okay, I want this kinda green, so I need to mix THIS particular shade of yellow with THAT particular shade of blue.”  

So yes, it still involves a bit of experimenting with getting the right the amount of water and pigment, but at the very least I’m getting something relatively close to what I want, rather than suffering the usual indignation of mixing this and that and tit and tat and ending up with some horrendous, vile, shit-like muddy brownish green that only shows up naturally in places where no life form dares to even think about existing.

It makes coloring quite a disheartening experience, you see.

pretty much over & done with this. I feel bad you have a hard time seeing the heartless (though, that’s what Im going for) but they’re hiding in the cave looking on at Sora & Kairi. I almost added a border cause I thought this print is missing *something* but I can’t figure it out. 

EDIT: Updated version!!!!


Scan of my Chibi Usa watercolor papercraft piece! The background is actually reeeeeeally saturated in real life; it’s been toned down for this scan. 

Chibi Usa is made up of six different hand painted pieces not counting the flowers. Her dress is the only non-painted piece.  Image is 6″x6″ on watercolor paper mounted to illustration board. I also added pearls to her dress, hair and the flowers. The background is also very glittery as it was painted with iridescent watercolors. The flowers are too! It will come framed in a shadow box!

This lovely lady is FOR SALE on my Etsy! 


Here is my completed piece for the Revolutionary Girl Utena Art Tribute Show at @qpopshop ! I am thrilled to finally participate in one of their shows; I’ve been a big fan of them and their store for a few years now so this is exciting! 

This piece is a combo of paper craft and watercolor; each piece and part is hand painted and assembled. The background is super vibrant and sparkly!! Even the floral embellishments are dusted with fragranced glitter body spray (not that you can smell it since its in a shadow box). Utena is made of over 25 separate pieces. There are gold and red foil accents and gold and pearl paint accents. This piece is SUPER vibrant; NONE of these pictures have been edited! 

The show opens on 4/30 at 7pm in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles. 

Anime Expo commission! This was for Sora from KH3 with his cannon keyblade. Had to frame through the 10 second part of the game trailer to get ref pics, which werent all that great. There’s no concept art out yet! So I tried to make it look as close as possible. 

There are actually very bright deep yellow fluorescent stars in this picture too (and the crown shape comment bubble) but that marker doesn’t get picked up by my scanner! *weeps*

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Where are these classes held? and price?

I went to the one at Concept Design Academy in Pasadena, but I think last night was the last one of this term.  The cost is $15 for 3-hour session, I think they’ll start again in February.

I know Art Center has figure drawing workshops too every Friday, it’s free for Art Center students, but I heard they don’t check for ID.  Last time I went just walked in, grabbed a seat, and nobody said anything so… maybe you can crash that figure drawing workshop like I did.  Not sure though, maybe things have changed.