ectopuppy answered your post: fcharacterbuilding friday

TRASH KIDS (shiro mostly but yeah)

eyyy i love these nerds

ok so i just have a sketch i whipped up of shiro real quick but ill make a detailed thing of her (and the other charas too) later

recap of trashworld: ragtag bunch of kids are the futuristic space equivalent of sanitation workers, and work to clear an artificially-encapsulated collection of planet bits of trash and other contaminants. 

ok so the ragtag bunch of kids on a SpaceGarbageTruck get into all sorts of shenanigans. cirrus, the captain, doesnt really know what the hell shes doing but her old man was the garbage man on a really important ship and learned captain stuff from the captain of THAT ship since p much every day was bring your daughter to work day so eventually she just gathered up her own crew when she was old enough.

shiro is the engineer on that crew. shiro got really fuckin good grades in FuturisticSpaceshipAcademy and skipped all sorts of grades or whatever and was basically that stereotypical overly stoic child prodigy character that there is at least 1 of in every other anime. i think i designed her that way initially because i was taking the easy way out and avoiding having to give her a personality since i couldnt really think of one. yeah, definitely working on making her not-bland.

so far ive got that she

  • is 10? or something? i dunno, little kid aged. eh.
  • is pretty shy/kinda lonely (not many kids ever end up on airships, surprisingly enough)
  • likes to make cute things rather than what might actually practical (case in point: UsaBot, her mechanical companion, that isnt really good for much of anything other than helping shiro get up to shenanigans)
  • likes to snowboard and is actually surprisingly athletic
  • is still a kid and immature about a lot of things (being a picky eater, whines about things she doesnt like, makes fun of the other crew members for being FUCKIN OLD even though most of them are under 20, etc)
  • is stuck in that limbo between being old/responsible enough to be largely independent most of the time and young enough to really need help with lots of things/taking care of herself 

i made a tutorial for eyebrows! as i was doodling some in my notes the other day it started to dawn on me how much brows can make or break an expression depending on how you draw them. so hopefully this helps! it’s less of a how-to-draw-eyebrows tutorial, and more of a how-to-use-eyebrows-to-show-emotion kinda thing, so sorry if i don’t really explain the how-i-drew-it part…

faces are my very favorite things to draw so i will probably do more of these on other facial features at some point, but here’s this for now.

i got that photo of the guy making faces from here:


you heard this urban legend about the house that used to be the ghost boy’s when he was alive. it was abandoned a long time ago, but the story goes you can find him hanging out in the basement on slow days.

inspired by this post by spectral-pyravia.

i like those immortality-type aus where its in the future (where all dannys old family/friends are gone) and danny sorta keeps hanging out in amity park, continuing the ghost upkeep. (this version is a little more optimistic tho ie danny doesnt mentally degrade or anything like that. just a turnover of town citizens. like he misses everyone but makes new friends maybe.) anyway, fentonworks became a pretty famous landmark while the fentons were still around, and after jazz finished moving stuff out following jack’s and maddie’s deaths, the town left it virtually untouched as a sign of respect, but it did degrade after a while. anyone else who knew the fentons (or possibly dannys secret) eventually died out or left town. after a while kids started hearing about how it was haunted, and started sneaking in to explore. (i mean who wouldnt want to explore that place i bet the ops center is SO COOL let alone the creepy lab basement) 

If you do it right
Let it go all night
Shadows on you break
Out into the light

If you lose your way tonight
That’s how you know the magic’s right

strange girl with a strange shadow

(transcendence au)

i dont really think danny phantom needs a reboot or anything but i do think it would be sorta neat if danny phantom got an anime remake that is just ridiculously over the top like powerpuff girls z or something and everybody got Cool New Anime Outfits

phanniemay day 04: transformation

as most of you have probably figured out by now, i like doing redesigns a lot… so thought it would be fun to reimagine what dannys transformation could look like. i like the white beams of light thing but its not very ghostly so here is something more ectoplasmic and messy-looking C: (maybe it evaporates into steam or something so his clothes dont get ruined. otherwise he would probably destroy a horrifically unnecessary amount of clothing lol)

to go ghost, ectogoop kinda bubbles over from wherever and washes over danny completely in a wave sorta pattern. but to change back its more universally a waterfall-type action, from dannys head down to his feet. like takin a shower or something.

this would be a lot harder to animate, im sure, but its fun to think about at least

on dipper possessing mabel from this transcendence au post:

headcanon that the twins come up with a ‘dress code’ for dipper-in-mabel’s body for people like wendy and stan to keep track, if possession is not otherwise outwardly obvious. dipper has mabel wear shorts and a hat as visual shorthand. this works well because people only ever really recognized dipper as 'that kid with the shorts’ anyway

more of zoey’s transcendence au stuff here and here


i thought up a little scenario in which the mystery twins go to like. this demon summoning convention called “rituacon” in which a bunch of nerds that dont actually know what theyre doing yet go to be nerds about demons. this is pretty shortly after the gravityfallsgate event that releases all the supernatural stuff, but long enough that there ARE a few unsavory folk that start spreading actually dangerous information to the masses, who could potentially will definitely misuse it. dipper and mabel try their darndest to stop that in its tracks as much as possible. the information spreads too quickly with the help of the internet, but they can at least try to discourage actual gatherings of people.

incidentally, the first time the twins go on such an outing, it only really serves to establish mabel’s reputation as ‘mizar’. a cheerful little kid going to a demon convention with mostly bitter adults and/or angsty teens is gonna stand out, after all. mabel leaves even MORE of an impression when she goes ahead and summons not only an actual demon but a powerful one at that. the whole situation makes her pretty terrifying, considering how few of these guys have actually seen anything supernatural yet.

this next part was zoey’s idea: once dipper proceeds to set everything on fire (which has the dual purpose of smoking everyone out of the building to isolate the target unsavories, while also destroying any possible summoning paraphernalia), mabel dances around in the flames (that she herself is immune to thanks to dipper) while singing 'Set Fire To The Rain’ by Adele

(this is where the “i put the 'whee!’ in 'ouija’” sweater idea came from in case anyone was wondering. zoey just beat me to the punchline lol)