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USWNT Player Profile: TEAM USA

Nicknames: “No. 1,” “The Gals,” “Lady Yanks,” “Family.” 

Positions: They’ve got each other’s back. 

NWSL Team: All for one and one for all! GROW THIS GAME! 

Fighters, Card Game Players, Hotel Goers, World Travelers, Leaders, Dreamers, Eaters, Twitter Warriors, Pranksters, Equality Fighters, World Cup Winners, Turf Burn Earners, Airport Frequenters, Huggers, History Makers

anonymous asked:

What group of players would you consider to be veterans on the USWNT?

The veterans are:

Becky, Tobin, Carli, Pinoe, Syd, Kelley, Kriegy, Kling, Alex, Arod and Christen.

Then FOR ME and depending on the time of their first game or how many caps they have:

JJ, Moe, Crystal, Alyssa and Ash are on the second level

Sam, Pugh, Horan, Long are on the third.

The rest are all newbies