Luca Carlevarijs (Carlevaris) (1663–1730, Italy)

Carlevarijs was an Italian Baroque painter and engraver working mainly in Venice. He pioneered the genre of the cityscapes (vedute) of Venice, a genre that was later widely followed by artists such as Canaletto, Francesco Guardi and Antonio Visentini.

Ofelia Alessandra Carlevari may come across as your average halfling teenager, but behind her Rumeskan Orthodox (think fantasy Catholic) schoolgirl facade resides her Asgardian heritage as the current incarnation of Hel, which grants her necromantic powers, the ability to communicate with spirits, and a bond with the legendary knife Famine and the legendary dish Hunger, which serve as both weapons and wise (albeit somewhat odd) companions, offering strategic advice and knowledge to the young and inexperienced heroine in her self-appointed war against crime, injustice and the untold monstrosities that perpetrate them, humanoid or otherwise.  

Ofelia loves adventure novels, loud music and her mama’s endless repertoire of pasta recipes. She plays defense in her school’s futbol team and dances like a dork when no one’s watching. 

The highly ornamented second gondola of Ambassador Giovanni Battista Colloreado entering Venice
Artist: Giovanni Antonio Faldoni (Italian, ca. 1690–ca. 1770)
Artist: After Luca Carlevaris (Italian, Udine 1663/65–1730 Venice)
Date: 1720–30
Medium: Hand coloured engraving and etching

The Met

The Bacino, Venice, with the Dogana and a Distant View of the Isola di San Giorgio
Artist: Luca Carlevaris (Italian, Udine 1663/65–1730 Venice)
Date: ca. 1709
Medium: Oil on canvas

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