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My sister sent me a photo of this bizarre and cute scene at the library at Carleton College.

The sign reads:

Gigi is our first ever stapler to make it to her first birthday! Most of our staplers last a few months at most, so by our calculations, she’s something like 355 Stapler Years Old!!!

Want to help celebrate? Use the other stapler on this table so that Gigi can have her birthday off. Sign her birthday card or take a selfie with the birthday stapler.

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Wait you go to school in minnesota or where? I'm so confused. I go to school I'm minnesota omg do I know you

You would probably remember us if you knew us. We are just that memorable.

But in all seriousness, we go to school at Carleton College, which you should check out if you aren’t already a) committed to another school or b) too old for college at this point in your life. We love it!

I look at how all my friends' Facebook statuses reflect their utmost excitement to finally be at college at UNC or NC State, and I just smile and realise that I'm going to a much better place.

I’m proud of my closest friends (and myself) for being some of the few in our graduating class to venture out to faraway parts of the country for college. Northfield, Minnesota…Colorado Springs, Colorado…Poughkeepsie, New York…Boston, Massachusetts. I wonder what sorts of things we’ll get up to while we’re apart…

[And Daily–hang in there! Senior year will fly by and you’ll be in our place before you know it!]

Obit of the Day: Short Career Leads to Long Softball Game

Marv Rotblatt pitched in 26 games in his short major league career. He debuted on July 4, 1948 for his hometown team, the Chicago White Sox. Facing the Detroit Tigers he threw two innings, surrendering one hit. He would have six more appearances that season and then head back to minors until 1950.

He played with the Sox through the 1951 season, after which he was traded - to the minor league Seattle Rainiers. Instead of heading to the Pacific Northwest, Mr. Rotblatt joined the Army and never returned to baseball. He would retire with a 4-3 record and a 4.82 ERA. 

And there would end his story.

But Mr. Rotblatt’s name survives - 405 miles northwest of Comiskey Park at a small liberal arts college that he never attended. In 1967 on the 100th anniversary of the founding of Carleton College (Northfield, MN), a group of students decided to play a marathon softball game of 100 innings.

The game was organized by the Marvin J.* Rotblatt Memorial^ Softball League. According to stories the league was named for the mediocre pitcher because one of the league organizers had his baseball card. Eventually the league disbanded but the game became known simply as “The Rotblatt” and has been played for 47 years - with an inning added each year. (There are also unusual rules including only hitting one handed - because you are to carry a drink in the other.)

Mr. Rotblatt did visit the college and play in the game, hitting a homer in at least one plate appearance. 

Marv Rotblatt, namesake of what Sports Illustrated called “the world’s longest intramural event,” died on July 16, 2013 at the age of 85.

Random note: In 1988, Mr. Rotblatt was briefly in the news for his own death, which was fictional. Dr. Harold Klawans, a Chicago neurologist, collected a list of case studies and published them under the title Toscanini’s Fumble. To ensure patient confidentiality, Dr. Klawans changed the patient names to those of former major league baseball players. One case study featured “Marv Rotblatt” who died from a brain tumor. The living Mr. Rotblatt sued Dr. Klawans…for “defamation of character or something." 

Sources: NY Times,,, Carleton College Class of 1967 page (which features a great poem documenting the first Rotblatt), and the Chicago Reader

(Image of Mr. Rotblatt’s 1951 Bowman card, which served as an inspiration for the softball game named for the pitcher. Carleton College’s Class of 1967 has collected 8 of the cards which are worth approximately $300/card. Courtesy of

* The "J” was an invention, I could find no record of Mr. Rotblatt’s middle name.

^ Mr. Rotblatt was very much alive in 1967 but “Memorial” adds gravitas.

Check out the Obit of the Day sports page for more great athletes.

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Oh my gosh! I have loved this tumblr for a while now, and I just found out that 2 of you guys go to Carleton! I just started at St Olaf this year! So, ARG! Rivals! But also YAY Northfield! Also, lots of !!!

And the last one of us just graduated from Carleton so we’re actually 100% Carls here at Literary Starbucks! YAY NORTHFIELD and we hope you like St. Olaf!

I remember 8 months ago when two school counselors recommended I apply to carleton college because their kids go/went there and loved it and I looked it up and thought that it probably wouldn’t happen because all the people at my school that were previously accepted were nearly perfect students who got literally 2200-2350 on their SATs and my score was in the 1800’s And I thought the school’s expensive anyways I can’t even afford a semester because a semester at carleton is more than a third of my mother’s yearly income plus it’s in minnesota and it gets cold and I prefer spring weather anyways…

And now i’m in bed staring at my carleton pennant on my bedroom wall waiting until september 10th which is when freshmen orientation starts because I actually got accepted there with a full scholarship

And I still can’t quite believe it

And winter doesn’t seem that bad anymore

College Notification Dates 4 M3~~~

Boston University: online notification April 15th [?] [2010: March 26]

Carleton College: April 1 [2010: mailed March 19]

Grinnell: March 26th online 8am

Northwestern: [2010: 3/25 4 PM] By March 31 this year

Kenyon: 4/1


(Just reject me already please).

At least the wait is soon over for Grinnell..