Thank you Leslie for being our host for the last eight weeks…
Thank you for the memories, for making us smile, laugh and look forward to every Thursday!
We love you and we’re excited to see you go your own pathway!

I really hope Lexi gets close with Renee and Jasmine. I really hope Lexi doesn’t feel left out of the OG cast. I really hope fans are as good and kind to Lexi as they’ve been to Pippa. I really hope Lexi isn’t treated differently just because she has some big shoes to fill. I really hope Lexi isn’t compared to Pippa. I really hope people take Lexi as she is. I really hope people trust Lin’s and Tommy’s judgement in choosing Lexi to make her debut as Eliza. I really hope people allow Lexi to play Eliza like Lexi, not like Pippa or Carleigh. I just really hope Lexi gets to enjoy what she’s evidentially worked really hard to achieve.


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phillipasooRemember this?

Happy Trails Phillipa Soo! Best of Wives, Best of Women


reneeelisegoldsberry: ….I’m trying not to cry cause there’s nothing that your mind can’t do. I love you Daveed!

jazzy_joness: The teacher of embracing who you are and  giving your all and not giving a damn who thinks otherwise. Forever my brother. Honored to call you my kin… 



 Said farewell to this one tonight. @daveeddiggs you will be missed. ❤️ xo #hamilton #broadway #squad #team #happytrails #potd #daveeddiggs

karlapunogarcia: Happy trails to this talented, kind man! .
#happytrailstoyou #lafayettethomasjefferson #daveeddiggs #hamiltonbroadway #hamiltonmusical #richardrogers

sashaiman: •Happy Trails to this awesome man @daveeddiggs. As all the world knows already, he is a one-of-a-kind force not just onstage but as a human first and foremost. As much as I enjoyed watching him, I can say that sharing the stage with him has been an even greater experience. I’m so honored and grateful to be able to say that I had the pleasure of telling the story along side him for his final week of shows. I will hold that with me for life and I look forward to cheering you on and seeing what ventures the future has in store for you, including “Wonder”. Keep doing you and just shine my friend• #hamfam #positiveforce #greatsoul 

hopebrooks: Fam4life
#happytrails #shotsoutthegrammy 

davidkorins: Taking this horse by the reins…he sure did. Happy trails, @daveeddiggs! Big 👟👟 to fill. 

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Who Tells Your Story? {3/3}

Happy Trails to the gorgeous Pippa Soo

ghaney22: H I L L A R Y @hamiltonmusical #hillaryclinton #riseup #hamilton #whatsmylegdoing