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Friends who dont understand are just acquaintances.

Very true.. :/ Lets make next year a year where we try to be closer with the people at our schools? Because if we think about it, we didnt spend 7+ years growing up with them in our small little town.. We’ll only have 3 years and we’ll all go off into our own little path. Lets make it worth wild and bond with people. And not focus on the ones who dont try toform a relationship with us. we can dooo it<3

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You know I feel like out of state tuition is just a point less obvious payment charged because everyone knows no one wants to stay in their own state. I DON’T THINK IM GONNA GRADUATE EARLY LIKE YOU MISS SMARTY PANTS. We’ll see though.

It is pointless. Pretty sure Californians wouldn’t want to move out of their state anyways its so great. :(  PSH IM NO SMARTY PANTS. Just have no life and I’m gonna be studying during night time and during summer and independent studies for this year and next year. ;__;  </3 Because I have no life atm and might as well use this opportunity to just cram everything i can get into these two years so i can leaveleaveleave.  BESIDES, you will end up graduating with more college credits than i will. So that’ll look really good. :oo