Shopping For Love - Jack Maynard

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“Pleaseeeeee.” You begged, as you followed Jack around his place.

“Babe, you know I hate it…”

“Yeah but how am I going to know if you like what I pick out.” 

You were in desperate need of a shopping day and all your friends had backed out last minute. You had been planning and saving up for this day for weeks so there was no way you were going to miss out on the new summer patterns all because your friends weren’t up for it anymore.

“I do like to pick stuff out for you.” Jack contemplated.

“See! If you come with me, I’ll try on anything you want.”

Anything?” Jack asked, with a smirk.

“Oh boy…” You said, worried. You knew Jack would pick out horrendous outfits for you just to keep himself entertained but you were so desperate for company, you agreed.

As you arrived at the first shop, Jack immediately went over to the change rooms and sat down, pulling out his phone. You looked around the shop, pulling things from the rack and placing them around your arm. You headed towards the change room and tried on the first item.

“I don’t like it.” Jack said, looking at the shirt. “It doesn’t suit your style very well.”

This is why you always loved going shopping with Jack. Yes, he sometimes chose some pretty interesting looking outfits but that was to only keep things entertaining. But he also gave some pretty good criticism. He knew what kind of clothes you were into and what looked best on you so you knew you could always count on his honest opinion.

“Damn…” He said, looking at the romper you had tried on. “That’s definitely a yes.”

A couple of hours later, you two had stopped for food. You sat in the restaurant and couldn’t help but admire Jack, who was looking through the menu.

“What?” He asked, not looking up. You never could get in between Jack and his food.

“I love you.” 

The first I love you. It’s always the hardest and always the one people are most unsure about. However for you, it was pretty easy. You had been wanting to say it for some time now but you were unsure if Jack felt the same but after today, you knew.

“What…” He said, looking up for the menu. “Why?” You eyes widened in shock since you didn’t exactly expect that reaction. “I mean, why now? Why are you saying it right now?”

You laughed as you thought about your reason. You knew he’d think it was stupid and it was but stupid made sense. “Because even though you hate shopping with me, you came anyway. You put aside your feelings to make me happy and I couldn’t think of a better person to love.”

Jack cracked a smile as he reached for your hand. “Well, I love you too.”

Proud |Jack Maynard|

Summary -  I’d love to read a fic where Jack is awake at night because he is nervous for his first DJ show.

Word Count - 1,307

Warnings - N/A

Jack sighed quietly to himself as he sat on the edge of hid bed, looking down at his phone. It was impossible to fall asleep and he had to be up in 5 hours.

He was nervous, there was no denying it. He wasn’t going to beat around the bush, Jack was beyond nervous, and this was the reason he couldn’t get to sleep.

Jack had his first DJ gig tomorrow, and he was prepared. He had everything sorted, the mixes, which club he was going to and what time he had to be there.

But mentally? He wasn’t prepared in the slightest.

Jack had tried to talk himself around, telling himself that he was being pathetic and he would get over it, but at the minute it didn’t seem like that. It was like he was stuck in a ditch and there was no way for him to get out of it, Jack felt overwhelmed with nerves and it was making him feel sick to his stomach.

Burying his head in his hands, Jack leant forward and rested his elbows on his knees as his breathing turned shallow. Jack quickly closed his eyes and tried to calm himself down again.

“It’s just a gig, everyone is going to be too busy dancing to pay attention to you, and no one is actually going to be looking at you. Just listening to whatever crap you’re going to play.”

Why had he agreed to do this? As soon as he said yes to the club manager, he instantly regretted it but Jack didn’t have the guts to call back and say he had changed his mind. How stupid would that have made him look?

Grabbing his laptop, Jack moved the mouse pad around the screen, trying to remember why he actually wanted to go onto his laptop.

Sighing, Jack plugged his headphones into his laptop and began to play his mix to himself. He only got a few seconds in before he closed the laptop screen and yanked out his headphones, throwing them on the bed.

Jack sighed again, getting annoyed now by how pathetic he was being. People had heard his mix, Conor loved it, Joe loved it, and the rest of the boys loved it. He had even walked in on Caspar jumping around to it. So why didn’t Jack love it?

Why didn’t he love his own work? Why did he feel nauseous whenever he listened to it? And this was before he’d even gotten to the club; this was while he was sat in his bedroom, on his own just listening to the remix he had created.

How would he feel when he got into that club, into that small box where he barely had enough room to move?

The thought of it made Jack’s palms clam up. Jack had to be awake in 5 hours, he kept telling himself this over and over.

He had to get to sleep, but that was never going to happen with all these thoughts running through his mind.

He put his laptop on his desk infront of him and grabbed his phone, lying down on his bed, on his side.

Scrolling through his twitter, his timeline was completely dead, as most people were asleep, which what Jack should be doing.

Going onto whatsapp, he smiled slightly to himself as Joe was online, but he decided against messaging him as Jack new he was recording a new video for his gaming channel so decided to leave him to it, not wanting to disrupt Joe.

Jack rolled over onto his back and stared up at the ceiling, just thinking.

Okay, like he had admitted, he was nervous, but maybe if he got over these nerves once the gig was over with he would be fine.

Jack would be able to play his mixes to anyone, and not feel sick with nerves.

His confidence was seriously at rock bottom right now, he didn’t even want to go to this club to play his mix, though he had to. He had invited all of the boys to this cub, before he’d even said yes to the gig, so he couldn’t really say that he had changed his mind.

Sighing once again, Jack sat up and grabbed his phone. His mind flashed to his big brother that was currently sleeping in the next room before Jack stood up and left his bedroom, walking over to Conor’s bedroom door and he very quietly knocked a few times.

“Mhm” Conor mumbled sleepily as Jack opened the door slightly.

Conor instantly groaned as the light from the hallway shone into his bedroom.

“Sorry.” Jack mumbled, closing the door behind him.

“What’s up mate?” Conor asked, yawning and stretching his hands above his head as he looked over at the little brother.

“I couldn’t sleep.” Jack shrugged, sitting on the edge of Conor’s bed.

“Did you have a nightmare?” Conor chuckled, teasing Jack until he saw the serious look on his brother’s face.

“Seriously, what’s wrong?” Conor asked, sitting up and resting his hand on Jack’s shoulder, as he felt tense.

“I’m scared.” Jack whispered, instantly regretting being honest with his brother.

It sounded pathetic now that he had said it out loud, to someone else.

“Is this about this DJ thing?” Conor asked, yawning quietly as he rubbed his eyes with his fists.

Jack simply nodded as his response, not trusting himself to open his mouth.

“You’re going to be fine, Jack. I told you that, you forget that I’ve been through this.” Conor informed his brother. “I had to go on stage in Wembley arena and perform infront of thousands of people, singing and everyone staring at me.”

Jack looked up at his brother, craving any kind of advice that Conor could give him that would possibly help.

“I was backstage, and I was so nervous that I was shaking. One of the stage crew thought I was going to have a fit. But once I got onto the stage and started, it was literally the best feeling ever.”

Jack nodded slightly, thankful that he still lived with his big brother.

“Thanks Con.” Jack smiled a bit, feeling a bit better.

“And you know that me and the others are going to be there.” Conor smiled, pulling his little brother down onto his bed and hugging him tightly as Jack laughed.

“I know, I know.” Jack chuckled rubbing Conor’s back.

“And if anything goes wrong, I can always jump on stage and start singing.”

Jack shook his head and chuckled, knowing Conor probably would do that, whether Jack needed help or not.

“You always used to sleep in my bed when you were little you know.” Conor chuckled.

Jack looked at him slightly confused. “Did I?”

Conor nodded. “You always used to have nightmares and used to crawl into my bed when we shared a room, before we moved house and before Anna was here.”

Jack smiled slightly as he started to remember. “You used to give me that stupid bear you had that talked, I fell asleep on it and it started talking to me and-”

“It gave you even more nightmares.” Conor chuckled, finishing Jack’s sentence for him.

Jack chuckled as well and shook his head.

“Come on mate; try to get some sleep alright?”

Nodding, Jack lied down next to his brother as they both fell silent for a few seconds.

“Jack?” Conor mumbled before yawning.

“Yeah?” Jack said, looking over at his brother.

“I’m proud of you.” Conor smiled, patting his baby brother’s shoulder, before turning onto his side so his back was facing Jack.

A smile formed on Jack’s face as he felt his heart swell.

Jack wanted nothing more, than to make his big brother proud and hearing those words come from Conor, meant the world to him.

Halloween Scare, Jack Maynard Fluff

-Gif not mine-

-I know it is no where near Halloween but I got the sudden urge to write about it, also I am posting two stories today because I didn’t get to post one yesterday-

-Y/N is scared during her favourite season-


You went out with your friend ,Y/F/N, for the day. You had gone shopping for cute fall clothes, as your favourite season was finally here. It was October and it was your time to shine. You usually baked pumpkin cookies and wore big sweaters. You also constantly play halloween-y songs and it annoyed your housemates to a large extent.  

They are youtubers and on top of that, they are brothers who get into arguments sometimes. So basically you thought it was your payback. You had grown close with them, which was a surprise at first because you used to be pretty conservative and quiet. They were always out and bringing friends/ girls over. Basically you were opposites.

You had put yourself out there online, looking for a roommate since you had just moved out of your old flat. Soon enough, Jack and Conor found you before anyone else did. You moved in with them and you like to think you brought some order to the household.

Oddly enough you did start to bond with them during the first year of living together when horror movies started to play every night in October. Jack and you got along with each other and constantly complained about how stupid the people in the movies were. I mean, you both tended to take too much of a liking in each other sometimes, especially when  You bonding with Jack got you closer to Conor, which led to you going out for dinner with them and their friends, other fun stuff as well.

“Want to go get a Pumpkin Spice Latte?” your friend asks you as you both walk out of your favourite shop.

“Sounds like a plan Stan” you instantly shake your head at how awful of a comment that was.

You both go and get your drinks and then part ways. You decide to walk home since it was fairly close and you enjoyed the chilling breeze and orange leafs. You got everything you needed, including baking ingredients for your regular cookies.

When you get to your apartment you reach for the front door to see if it was locked and you were surprised to find that it wasn’t. When you open the front door, you shiver when you feel how cold the apartment was. The lights were off and you couldn’t hear anybody.

“Jack?!” You yell from the doorway, “Conor?!.

There was no answer from either of them so you pull out your phone and call Jack. There was no answer so you try the same for Conor, again no answer. You gulp at the thought of maybe having an intruder in the house. You put down your bags lightly, trying not to make noise.

You walk in slowly, closing the door behind you and you walk through the main entrance hallway to get to the living room. When you get there you see that your TV was missing and the balcony door was wide open.

“Shit!” you let out, quickly covering your mouth just in case someone was in the apartment still.

You close the balcony door lightly and then walk into the kitchen where all of the cupboards were open. You look around and then instantly duck when you hear a noise from the hallway leading to the bedrooms. You cover your mouth in fear as you hear someone walking right by you. You stay as still as you can until you can’t hear anymore movement. You look over from behind the counter and see a dark shadow standing right in front of you.

You let out a big scream and are grabbed by the dark figure.

“Booooo!” the figure yells and you slap it away when you realize it was a prank.

Jack reveals himself when he turns on a light laughing. He was holding a camera and you got really upset. Conor came and joined him from the same hallway Jack had left and he was laughing just as hard. They turned on all the lights and you stood up giving both of them the death stare.

“You assholes!” you yell as you put your hand on your chest to catch your breath.

“That was priceless!” Jack howls with laughter.

“You were sooo scared!” Conor adds laughing along with Jack.

“How would you feel in a situation like that? I thought I was going to be murdered!” You yell seriously, causing Jack and Conor to stop laughing. You laugh lightly to make the situation seem less dramatic but it did you no favour.

“We’re sorry” the two say at the same time giving you guilty looks.

You laugh at them and then respond, “Did you at least get good footage?”.

The mood quickly lightened and you all began to talk again. You turn on the heater to make up for all of the cold air that the boys let in and then set up all your baking stuff as they gathered all of the footage. You begin to mix everything together in their bowls and then soon enough, cookie dough was created.

“Mmmm” Jack says coming in with his hand to taste some cookie dough.

You quickly push his hand away and give him a dirty look,”You don’t deserve this after the stunt you pulled earlier”. He pouts in response and you pinch his bottom lip to tease him.

“Can i at least help to make up for it?” Jack continues to pout.

“Eating it isn’t helping” you laugh, informing him on the rules.

He rolls his eyes at you and then joins you by rolling cookie dough and putting them into cool ghost shapes.

When you put them in the oven, you lift your hand to give Jack a high five and he comes in for a hug. You are surprised by the affection but are also enjoying it.

“Do you forgive me?” he asks in a whisper.

You pull yourself away from his grip and nod your head at him laughing. You walk towards the counter to clean up but he pulls on your hand to bring you back in for another hug.

“What’s wrong Jack?” you ask, loosening yourself from his grip once again.

He lets out a small sigh and then puts on a really soft, vulnerable face. You lean in and grab his arm to signal that it was ok to talk.

“You know, when we first met I thought you were the most beautiful girl” the words leave his mouth and you blush, “I’ve had feelings for you for such a long time, and you can’t tell me that that hug didn’t feel right, because it was perfect”.

You laugh at him for rambling on and then pull him in closer. You go up on your tip toes and Jack brings his head down to kiss you lightly.

“The kiss was even more perfect” you say smiling at Jack who was smiling back at you.

“Does that mean that you have feelings for me too?” he asks dropping his eyes to look at the floor.

“Yes, it does.” you say leaning in for another kiss.

When you pull away you both smile at each other and then start to clean up. Jack splashed you with water lightly quite a few times and you threw flour at him in return. You probably caused more mess than you did clean it, but it was fun so you didn’t mind.


You look at each other excitedly and Jack grabs the oven mitts to take the cookies out of the oven. They smelled delicious and even looked delicious too. You both decorated them spookily and then ate them as you watched both of yours favourite horror movie together. You were comfortably cuddled up under Jack’s arm and everything felt right.

This would for sure be your favourite season for a long time.

I really want to hear the 3 new songs. I read online that would also include a remix of Bloody ★ Mayim ★ Mayim (but I’m not sure because on the official page they did not mention it) 👀❤

End of an Era - Goodbye, beautiful people of the internet!

This goes out to every single fan of Call Me Katie and Nothing Like the Sun who, over the past two years, have made my life an incredibly changed experience.  I’ve read Adam, Myra (@glittergremlins), and Discordia’s goodbye posts and I realised it’s time to stop putting it off and write my own!

By the time of writing, Nothing Like the Sun aired its final episode over two months ago, and I hadn’t been on tumblr to talk about it since the new year! So here it goes, time to say an overdue goodbye to a series, a crew, a cast, and a fandom that has helped shape the person I’ve become in the last two years. 

It’s sad to say goodbye to not only this webseries but an experience that has amounted to two years of amazing work from everyone involved.
I can never ever speak too highly of the amazing work of @discordiaproductions​. From the beautiful writing, to the careful directing, and stunning camera work, Erin (@girloutofuniform​) Bokkie (@platoniccompliments​) and Carla made me proud to be part of their art. 

And of course if goes without saying that I am indebted to the incredible performances from the cast, both from the first series and the newcomers, you all made me so humbled to be able to act beside you. I could write forever about every single cast member (it’s taking a lot of self control not too) but I would be amiss if I didn’t mention how incredible it was to act beside Adam (@bowesy123​) for two years of my life. Adam and I always seemed to work as a single unit on set when we were together, and those were some of my most favourite moments. I truly could go on and on for days, but for now I want to say how privileged I am to not only call him a fellow castmate, but a friend for life. My biggest takeaway from this series is truly the friendships I have forged with the people who shared this amazing experience!

So I’ll bring this ramble to an end… 

I’m forever thankful for every single person who put this work of art together, and to those of you in the fandom that create incredible art, edits, fiction, and discussions that warmed my heart. I hope it never ends. 

These last two years have been an experience like nothing else, and I’m so proud to have been able to be your Bates. Thank you, all of you!

x Steven