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Carla's AU Smartpass Dream Story

[I’m home… Mom]

Half sleep, Carla noticed how the size of his son’s back was wider.

Feeling happiness, she welcomes them home. A beautiful grown up Mikasa is also along with them.

[Aunt, since I’m going to make dinner… You can rest a bit]

This is the modest dream of a mother.

Eren with a decent job and being helpful like his father, Mikasa supporting and encouraging him, an old myself (an old Carla) would feel calm seeing that.

At the table full of food, a grown up Eren speaks.

[Nope, after this I have work to do. I’m busy.

Honestly, at such a place I’m the same as my father…]

Then, Eren and Mikasa both grabbed the doorknob.


When the door opened, a big pure white light didn’t allow her to see anything. Those who were once kids, are now out of her reach. Without noticing, Carla extended her hand, and then closed her mouth.

[… Don’t go]

Once she wakes up, she was in her room as usual… it was sunny and it seemed to be a good day for laundry.

She wondered if that dream was because of all that light.

[Someday, kids have to let go of their parents hands… Right? ]

Even though she understands it, the huge wish to extend her hand doesn’t disappear. Even if she wasn’t able to, she wanted a goodbye enough to be convincing, that was her wish.

So here it is, thanks to for providing the pictures and for reminding me to translate this. It has been in the dark for long enough!


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