carla radames

The cast of Resident Evil 6 in 'local man' terms
  • Leon S Kennedy: Local man shoots president, fakes death, and travels to China to fight a zombie dinosaur
  • Helena Harper: Local woman put into desperate position by superior, loses sister, fakes death and travels to China to settle the score
  • Chris Redfield: Local man once again shows poor coping skills after traumatic brain injury and loss of all his men, blames wrong woman
  • Piers Nivans: Local man surprisingly level headed in war zone, doesn't survive the final boss
  • Sherry Birkin: Local mutated woman travels world to find one man, is kidnapped, blows up oil rig
  • Jake Muller: Local man discovers truth about father, is kidnapped, saves world with blood, doesn't get paid
  • Ada Wong: Local spy blamed for others wrong-doing, defeats doppelgänger, fakes death again
  • Derek Simmons: Local government official is corrupt, surprising no one
  • Carla Radames: Local woman turned into copy of another against her will, destroys China in response
  • Agent: Local man can't pick up his keys or open doors, still has job somehow