carla jaegar

This is late…but

This is why I love SNK for portraying human emotions so right and real. When Carla was trapped, she desperately wanted Eren and Mikasa to leave her and escape; as a mother, this was her utmost priority and importance. Her last words were for them to live on.

But what really hit me most was when Eren and Mikasa were carried away by Hannes, she broke down. The realization of death and her never being able to be with her children hit her hard. The warring emotions of how she wanting her children to survive vs them staying with her. It was just so real, just how human she was, just how loving she as a mother was.

RIP Carla Jaegar. You will always live on in our hearts.

the dividing line.

jeaneren || 2472 || ao3

summary: Jean’s too self conscious about class differences and Eren really doesn’t give a fuck.

notes: exchange with milktofu. i hope you like it :)


“Fuck my life,” Eren said as he threw himself face first onto the mattress and cuddled up to Jean’s pillow. “And your bed’s really comfortable.”

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