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Gerald’s Game | Official Trailer | Netflix

Finally, the trailer for Netflix’s adaptation of Stephen King’s Gerald’s Game is out! It’s directed by Mike Flanagan, who did Absentia, Hush, and Ouija: Origin of Evil (all terrific films), and stars Carla Gugino and Bruce Greenwood (not to mention Henry Thomas), so I believe the material is in strong hands. It’s coming September 29th, so I’ll add it to the calendar! Are you excited for this adaptation?


Trailer: ‘Gerald’s Game’ - Sept 29 (Netflix)

Directed by Mike Flanagan, written by Jeff Howard based on the novel by Stephen King, starring Carla Gugino, Henry Thomas, Bruce Greenwood and   Kate Siegel.


I really like @shinyzango ’s 2D bendy AU so I drew My character Carla with their Henry and Bendy

Carla would probably just be like an aid and help out Henry if he get hurt or something while also making him and Bendy laugh sometimes.

She’s just a weird little sweetheart

For some reason it won’t let me tag them…great

The One I Remember
Fortress of Solitude Cast
The One I Remember

Adam Chanler-Berat as Dylan Ebdus and the company of Fortress of Solitude at the Public Theater perform “The One I Remember” at the matinee performance on 10/5/2014.

Fortress of Solitude is seriously, genuinely amazing. The music is brilliant, the cast is fantastic, and the show is truly pushing the bounds of the kinds of stories that are told in musical theatre. If you can get yourself to New York before November 16th, please go see this show. 

It’s hard for me to share my favorite parts of the show because they either give away things that you really want to have the chance to experience as you see the show or because they simply don’t make sense out of context, but I wanted to share some music from the show in hopes that it would help convince people that they need to see it. There is so much to the music of this show, but this is the beginning.

Note: Because this is the first week of previews, the show is not final. As a result, I will not be making the full audio of this performance available at this point. As always, if you object to the existence of bootlegs, I am still not interested.

Hi guys!! Please support your ship(s) and stand against the disproportionate hate that interracial pairings receive from fandom by joining the Brazilian Bamon fans in trending Love Has No Color.

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Please use tweetdeck or saved drafts if you can, and don’t forget to retweet/quote other people’s stuff too! Hope you’ll join us!

Spread and share this too, since it’s applicable to a lot of different pairings and other folks may want to participate as well <3