Carla Gugino - 1971 * Dante Basco - 1975 * Elliott Gould - 1938 * Ingrid Bergman - 1915-1982 * Jay Ryan - 1981 * Lauren Collins - 1986 * Lea Michele - 1986 * Liam Payne - 1993 * Michael Jackson - 1958-2009 * Nicole Gale Anderson - 1990


Troop Beverly Hills is on Netflix now and there are many reasons why you should watch it. But we’ll give you four more:

In the top photo, that’s Carla Gugino on the far left, who you might recognize from Political Animals, Spy Kids, or Entourage, and with the braid and sunglasses in the front is Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley

And in the bottom photo in the purple dress is Shelley Morrison, who you might remember as Rosa from Will & Grace, and in the pink bows and tutu is Mary Gross, who has been in a ton of things, but who you’ll probably recognize as Mrs. Quick/Mrs. Doohicky from Sabrina The Teenage Witch.