Preference "How they play with your child"

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Negan-Whenever you’d catch him playing around with your child, he’d usually be teaching them how to play ping pong all while making fun of them. Although they might be too young to play properly, you’d always see him trying to get them into it and would joke around with them as well, sometimes making them run around to catch the ball.

Daryl-Whenever you’d catch him playing around with your child, he’d usually be quite playful and teasing as they would just hang around together. They’d spend their time following him around, acting like his little shadow and would always pester him about whatever he was doing, especially being curious about his bike, making you smile to see them both.

Rick-Whenever you’d catch him playing around with your child, he’d usually be yelled at by them to let everything go and freeze or even do whatever they want. As you’d see them, you’d realize they were playing cops and robbers, making you laugh to see him act overly dramatic for their sake, surrendering himself for them to arrest him and all.

Merle-Whenever you’d catch him playing around with your child, he’d usually be running around after them to catch them all while being in their bathrobes. He’d usually have a lot of fun giving them their bubble bath, even going as far as to end up in the tub with them as their game gets intricate, only to come out and make a mess in the bathroom and all over the room.

Glenn-Whenever you’d catch him playing around with your child, he’d usually play catch with them but spend more time running after the ball more than anything. Whether it be him or them, they’d never seem to catch the ball properly but nonetheless you’d always hear them laughing and telling jokes to each other, making you want to join them.

Carl-Whenever you’d catch him playing around with your child, he’d usually play different card games, despite their young age. He’s teach them different games in which they’d have to use their memory skills or simply their luck and such to win the game. Although, they’d try to be serious about it they’d end up having fun and both invite you over to play as well.

The Governor-Whenever you’d catch him playing around with your child, he’d usually speak in an odd pirate voice and ask for your help as he has to look all over the place for them. He’d only want them to be happy so whatever suggestion they would come up with, he’d gladly go along despite looking silly, making you laugh.

Abraham-Whenever you’d catch him playing around with your child, he’d usually be sitting in one of the cars and let them pretend to be driving with him. He’d just want to entertain their imagination and make them happy by letting them steer as much as they want while holding them, only to sometimes start driving and laugh as they’d both notice your shocked expression.

Eugene-Whenever you’d catch him playing around with your child, he’d usually have them on his lap simply end up experimenting the instant you’d tell them both to go outside. Despite their young age, he’d play honestly when he has to go against them, making them have to learn and work hard in order to beat him. While as they experiment, he’d simply try to impress them.

Ron-Whenever you’d catch him playing around with your child, he’d usually play with them at the pool table or the air hockey table. Although they’d be somewhat too young to properly play with him, he’d want to take his time and teach them properly, only for the lesson to slowly turn into a silly game, making you laugh.

Jesus-Whenever you’d catch him playing around with your child, he’d usually have a treasure hunt prepared for them and make them run around all over the camp. He’d just love to give them a silly little task and see them run over and back at him excitedly with whatever they found, making you laugh as he’d admit to you.

Dwight-Whenever you’d catch him playing around with your child, he’d usually have them sit on his lap as they both play make belief with the little figurines he made for them. He’d want them to calm down from their high energy and simply grab them over to show what he had made for them, only to end up creating a little story out of all of it, making you smile.

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Princess Estelle gave flowers and hugs her grandfather during a celebration of King Carl Gustav’s 71st birthday at the royal palace. The King’s birthday was celebrated traditionally with a general flag day, the salute from Skeppsholmen and a program at the outer courtyard. Many had gathered to celebrate the King’s 71th birthday. | April 30, 2017

Carl Grimes || She’s Just A Child

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A/N: Slowly making my way through the book of imagines I have written down. Again if you have any requests feel free to inbox me or submit to me!

You knelt on the floor while Carl looked over at you. You sent him a soft reassuring smile and then looked over at Michonne who was looking at Rick. You and Carl had been hiding the fact that you were [regnant for about three months and Michonne had just found out. She was about to tell Rick when everything happened. Now you were here, you weren’t really sure what here was but you were here. You heard someone whistling and when you looked up you saw a tall man holding a baseball bat with barbed wire wrapped around the end of it. “Pissing Our Pants yet?” You looked at him and then over to Carl again with a frown. What was this? “Boy do I have a feeling we’re getting close.” He walked out so we could see him better and he was smiling widely. “It’s gonna be pee pee pants city real soon.”

He stood in front of you and looked at you all taking in all of your facial expressions. “Which one of you pricks is the leader?” None of you moved an inch scared of what might happen if you did.“It’s this one.” One of the other men said to the one you guessed was the leader. “He’s the guy…” He said looking at Rick and then back to the other man. “Hi, you’re Rick, right? I’m Negan. And I do not appreciate you killing my men.” Rick stared up at the man. “Also, when I sent my people to kill your people for killing my people, you killed more of my people. Not cool. Not cool. You have no idea how not cool that shit is!”

He continued talking to everyone for what seemed like forever when he finally bashed in Abes and Glenns heads. You stayed still holding a breath as he stood in front of you. You were silently crying. You were very emotional thanks to the pregnancy and this wasn’t helping the situation. You looked up at him and he bent down to your height and smiled back at you. “Please don’t,” Michonne said looking over at the two of you. You were in a staring competition and neither of you were looking away from the other. “She’s just a kid.” She said again. Negan looked at you then to Michonne. “Just a kid? Bet she’s dating the little serial killer though ain’t she?” You looked down at the ground and then touched the small hidden bump praying that nothing would happen. Maggie was in a state and she was pregnant too. “She’s a child,” Michonne said looking at you.

“Maybe it’s your turn.” He said putting the bat on your shoulder and making you look up at him. “Maybe it’s time you just left.” You took a deep breath waiting for the wack that never came. “She’s pregnant!” Carl said standing up as the bat was in midswing. Your eyes shot open to see Negan looking from you to Carl. “With your baby?” Carl nodded and walked over to you. “She’s three months in, you can’t kill her.” You looked up at Negan and he helped stand you up. “Then why is a pregnant girl knelt on the floor! Get her a chair!” He yelled to some of the men standing around you. “Better yet, I’ll make you a deal.” You sat down on the chair and watched as Negan walked over to Rick. Rick was shaking his head at you and Carl, how could you both been so stupid to end up pregnant. Negan took Rick into the RV and drove off.

“Guns on heads!” Negan yelled men put guns to the backs of everyone’s head including yours. “Now level with their noses, so if you have to fire, it’ll be a real mess.” You gipped at the thought of it and the man pressed the gun harder into your head. “Kid right here.” Negan said to Carl. “Kid now.” He walked over and Carl looked at him. “You a southpaw?” Carl frowned. “Am I a what?” Negan sighed. “You A lefty?” Carl shook his head. “No.” Negan wrapped a belt around his arm. “Good, that hurt?” Carl shook his head again. “Should, it’s supposed to. All right!” He yelled looking at him. “Get down on the ground, kid, next to daddy. Spread them wings.” You watched as your boyfriend was on the floor with his arms out. “Simon, you got a pen?” The man behind you moved and gave Negan a pen. “Sorry, kid.” He said getting onto the ground. “This is gonna be as cold as a warlock’s ballsack, just like he was hanging his ballsack about you and dragging it right across the forearm, There you go.” He said drawing a line across his arm. “Gives you a little leverage.” You frowned. “Please. Don’t.” You begged. “Me?” Negan said with a laugh. “I ain’t doing shit.” He turned to Rick again. “Rick, I want you to take your ax cut your son’s left arm off, right on that line. Now, I know – I know. You’re gonna have to process that for a second. That makes sense. Still, though, I’m gonna need you to do it, or all these people are gonna die. Then Carls pregnant girlfriend dies with the baby, then Carl, then the people back home and you eventually. I’m gonna keep you breathing for a few years, just so you can stew on it.” Michonne looked at Negan. “You–You don’t have to do this. We understand. We understand.” She said to him. “You understand. I’m not sure that Rick does. I’m gonna need a clean cut right there on that line.” You bit your lip looking at Carl who was looking at you.

Negan stopped Rick from doing it right at the last second and you almost fell from the chair. “Oh god someone gets the pregnant girl a drink.” Negan said walking over to you. “You thought about our little deal yet Rick?” He said placing a hand on your shoulder and rubbing it gently. “What deal?” You asked looking at each man. “You’re coming with me until the little one is born. It’s safe and you’ll have the right care and attention you need.” You looked over at Rick who was being glared at by Carl. “Surely I’ll be fine at Alexandria.” He shook his head. “We have a doctor that can help you, then once the baby is born you can go.” You glanced over at Rick. “Fine.” You muttered looking back to Negan. “I’ll do it.” He smiled and clapped his hands together. “On one condition, you let Daryl go and I get to see Carl whenever I want.” Negan sighed rubbing his chin. “New Deal, you come with me, I keep Daryl and you see Carl when we go to Alexandria.” You shook your head. “You let Daryl go, I come with you and I go with you whenever you go to Alexandria.” Everyone was staring at you, you were actually arguing back to Negan. “Fine.” He snapped his fingers and Daryl was let go off. “Say goodbye sweet cheeks.” You ran over to Carl and kissed him. “I’ll be back I promise.” You whispered looking into his eyes. “I love you.” You whispered to each other before going back to the black van and getting in next to Negan. “I’ll bring Scan pictures.” You said looking at Carl out of the window.

“It’s been a month Negan let me go and see him!” You shouted through the door of your room. “You aren’t ready!” You opened the door. “I’m going.” You said grabbing your jacket and walking down the hallway. “How do you know he’s not with that Enid girl!” You stopped dead in your tracks and looked in front of you. “How do you know about her?” You had been to see a shrink on the grounds and you had told that guy about your feelings towards Enid. “I have my ways.” You sighed. “More the reasons to go and see him.” You said opening the door and climbing into the black van. “You’re four months pregnant!” Dwight said getting in next to you. “This isn’t brightest of ideas.” You held the scan photo and looked out of the window. “I’m going.”

When you arrived there you saw Carl holding Judith. “Nope, you stay by my side the whole time.” You sighed and looked at Negan. “The whole deal was I come with you to see him.” Carl walked over and hugged you. “You don’t own me Negan.” You said walking away with Carl and Judith.

You sat in the kitchen feeding Judith when you felt movement in your stomach. “Oh gosh.” You said putting your hand on it and feeling the little one kick. “Carl.” You whispered calling him over and grabbing his hand and putting it on your stomach. “They’re kicking.” You said kissing his cheek. He was smiling brightly when the door opened and you both jumped apart. “Time to leave,” Rick said looking at you. “I just got here…” You said standing up and walking to the door. “Yeah well, it’s time to go, say goodbye.” You hugged Carl and gave him a quick peck before going to find Negan. “You done already?” He asked with a surprised look. “Rick said we were done.” You said rubbing your stomach. “They’re kicking.” You said taking his hand and placing it on the small bump. Although everyone hated Negan you knew him on a personal level. He was actually extremely caring and misunderstood by many. “You should leave.” You turned to see Enid stood there. “Hi, Enid.” You said smiling at her. “Yeah hi, you should leave. Rick and Carl don’t want you here anymore.” You looked over at Carl who was just looking at the ground. “You’re bad news, you’re the reason Carls life is ruined now thanks to that.” She said pointing at the bump. “you’re right.” You whispered not having the energy to fight back. “Tell him I said bye, or don’t. Negan I’ll be in the van.”