How well did Moriarty know Carl Powers?

Very well, I believe. Certainly well enough to put the poison in his medicine when Carl was not around. Apparently this didn’t happen in the school as Sherlock reassured John in TGG that all of Carl’s schoolmates were “clean”. Also, Sherlock must have checked what the schoolmates looked like in the present so he would be able to remember that the murderer looked like that “Jim from IT”. 

But then John assumed something and John is very rarely wrong about anything: that the killer was probably older. 

So, Jim was older than Carl and “never liked him” because “Carl laughed at him”. He knew him well enough to have access to his medicine (and to know that he had eczema in his feet in the first place). Apparently they both lived in Sussex and Carl came to London for a swimming tournament the day he died. His trainers were missing from the scene of the crime, which means that Moriarty must have come to London this day as well in order to retrieve them and keep the evidence hidden. Because I doubt he had a network or a partner in crime back then. 

But if he wasn’t a schoolmate or a friend as they had a bad relationship, then with what excuse did young Jim travelled to London? Did he lie to his parents or went there secretly? Everything is possible.

But here’s a  theory  under the cut.

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Sherlock said (about Carl Powers) that he made “a fuss” but no one listened. What if prior to this he was always (fairly) polite and tried to keep his opinions to himself, but this incident made him realise that being polite and well mannered doesn’t always get you listened to. That it sometimes results in you been ignored, talked over and drowned out, even if what you have to say is important and deserves everyone’s attention.

What if this was the event that caused him to voice things that should have been left unsaid, that others considered too rude or insensitive or worse, true, to be spoken aloud, precisely because it means that people will take notice of him, even if it paints him in an unsavoury light.

What if he went from being quiet and one to mind his own business to the outspoken show off we know to ensure that his voice would be heard, even if it meant acting more like an extrovert than an introvert and showing a much harsher and uncaring face to the world. Because it is an unfortunate truth that the quiet, kind and softly spoken people of this world are often overshadowed by their louder, bolder and blunter peers, even if they have something worth saying.

What if he did this to ensure that nothing like the Carl Powers incident would ever happen again, if he had anything to say about it.

Even if the price (for most of his life) was friendship.

Me: Mormor teenlock where Sebastian has a crush on Jim and protects him from getting beaten up in the locker room.

Jim stood hunched protectively around his locker, ignoring everybody else to focus on just getting dressed as quickly as possible. Somehow he’d gotten stuck in the advanced gym class that contained all the morons who needed to get some easy a’s to pad their grades, and the athletes who used gym as a training period before practice. Which meant he was the smallest one in the room, as well as the least liked. He already had bruises in various places on his back and neck from random shoves and punches in the locker room, but thankfully nothing had broken out into an actual beating yet and Jim was hoping to keep it that way.

“Hey freak!” someone called out and Jim just ignored them as he quickly tugged his skinny jeans up and fastened them, wanting to just get out before the name calling turned into something else. He had just shrugged on his t-shirt when there was a loud slam right next to him and he flinched, looking up at the boy who had called out to him. “I’m talking to you you fucking faggot,” the kid snarled and Jim glanced behind him to see others crowding around, obviously expecting a fight.

There was only one boy who wasn’t looking at him with eagerness but instead with pity, but he didn’t get long to try to plead with Sebastian to help him as his chin was suddenly grabbed in strong fingers roughly, his head turned abruptly so that he was looking at his tormentor again.

That was when Sebastian suddenly appeared right in front of him and shoved the guy away just hard enough to move him and Jim rubbed his jaw absently as he watched, the pressure of fingertips already leaving him feeling bruised.

“Back off, Powers, he hasn’t done anything to you,” Sebastian said quietly, and though Powers didn’t move some of the others drifted away - Sebastian was never somebody to be messed with and the others knew that.

“He doesn’t have to do anything to me,” Carl replied nastily and Sebastian squared his shoulders, clearly preparing for a fight.

Jim quietly picked up his bag and backed away slowly until he could turn and run which he promptly did. Part of him knew he should stay and thank Sebastian for getting in the middle of things and stopping it, but knowing that didn’t change the fact that he wanted desperately to run away and get somewhere that was a little safer.


The next day Jim tried to get into the locker room first and be the first to leave it as well, but no such luck. The teacher kept him behind to talk about what had happened the day before and so Jim was the last one into the locker room, and some of the others were waiting for him. But..this time Sebastian stayed nearby and the other boys slowly left one by one until it was just Jim and Sebastian.

Jim finished getting dressed and grabbed his bag before finally turning around to Sebastian, who was in the process of applying deodorant, and Jim was a little distracted for a moment by the shift of his muscles as he moved and stretched.

“Thank you for yesterday,” Jim finally said with a bit of difficulty (he wasn’t usually in the habit of thanking anybody for anything) and Sebastian just smiled at him for a moment.

“You’re welcome. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the nicest guy around, and if you’d done something bad I would have let Powers beat the hell out of you,’re just trying to avoid getting caught by them, so I’ll help you out. There’s definitely an advantage to making everyone afraid of you,” Sebastian said with a wide, wicked grin.

“I’m not afraid of you,” Jim said in confusion and Sebastian looked surprised.

“You’re not?”


“Why not?” Sebastian asked curiously and Jim just shrugged as he started walking towards the doors.

“I’ll let you figure that one out for yourself,” he said playfully over his shoulder before walking out of the locker room and down the hall to his next class.


The next few days passed in much the same way, with Sebastian sticking close to Jim until he left the locker room, and Jim started to really enjoy being left alone, especially since it meant Sebastian was always around, and Jim was able to appreciate little things like the scent of his hair that was strengthened when he would towel his hair dry, and the scent of his cologne and deodorant that were both on the muskier, more masculine side and Jim definitely liked it. Besides, Sebastian was still obviously trying to figure out why Jim wasn’t afraid of him, which was funny to watch.

But then one day, on a Friday, Sebastian wasn’t even at school, and Jim was free game again.

That day he walked away from the locker room with a black eye and a split lip and some pretty, new bruises on his ribs and stomach that would no doubt turn ugly colours soon enough.

Sebastian was waiting for him out by his car, though, when school was over, but Jim wasn’t in the mood to talk. He instead just unlocked the car with Sebastian watching him and then shoved the boy away from the door to put his bag on the passenger seat.

“I’m sorry,” Sebastian said quietly and Jim just shook his head a little as his throat grew embarrassingly tight.

“It’s fine. Just leave me alone,” Jim replied thickly and Sebastian reached out to gently touch his shoulder.

“Come on, let me take a look,” he pleaded and Jim stayed frozen in place for a moment before he moved to stand in front of Sebastian, staying still as Sebastian leaned down to get a closer look at his lip and eye, his fingertips gently pressing in places that didn’t hurt to figure out where the bruises stopped.

“Where else did they get you?” he eventually asked softly and Jim pressed his lips tightly together for a moment before he replied.

“Stomach and ribs. My back was against the lockers so it got bruised and cut on the hinges and locks and things.” Sebastian sighed at that and closed his eyes for a moment before he opened them again and stared hard at Jim.

“I’m sorry. Seriously. It won’t happen again.”

“Why weren’t you there?”

“Something came up at home, I had to stay home today. I didn’t even think that they would try something while I was gone, but somebody texted me to say that you’d been beaten so I came to check on you.” Sebastian glanced around then to find the car park mostly empty and then he wrapped his arms around Jim hesitantly and pulled him to his chest, and after a moment Jim returned the hug fiercely and it was only then that he realised he was shaking.

“Whoa. Hey,” Sebastian said quietly as he tightened his grip on Jim as well, though not too much so as to avoid hurting him.

“Do you know why I’m not afraid of you?” Jim asked into his chest, his voice slightly muffled, and he was surprised to feel Sebastian nod.

“I think so,” he murmured as he brought one hand up to cup against the back of Jim’s head and Jim relaxed against him, feeling safe and protected.

“I know you have a crush on me, Sebastian,” Jim murmured with a tiny smile and Sebastian stiffened slightly in response. “You may be able to hide it from everybody else, but not from me. I mean of course you don’t want your team mates to know that you’re gay, and you can hide it from those morons, but never from me. I’m too observant.”

“What gave it away, then?”

“When you saw I was put in your gym class. Everybody else looked like they couldn’t wait to get me cornered in the locker room, they looked like they wanted to destroy me, but you just looked..excited. Like you had never expected to see me there but you were happy when you did. And you never look at the others in locker room when they’re not dressed. It’s not that you can’t control yourself, necessarily, but you’re worried that they’ll somehow know if you so much as look at them. So you face the lockers and get dressed and then you turn around. The others don’t notice, but I do. And then just..other small things. Like your fondness for overtly masculine cologne and deodorant, which is completely fine by me, by the way,” Jim sighed and Sebastian laughed lightly and quietly.

“I didn’t realise you like it so much,” Sebastian hummed. “So…does that mean you’re..okay with…me?” he continued haltingly and Jim tipped his head back to look up at Sebastian, his hand sliding up under the other boy’s t-shirt teasingly.

“Okay with you? What does that mean?” Jim asked playfully and Sebastian just looked down at Jim’s hand under his shirt for a moment or two before he responded.

“With me…liking you. And wanting you.”

“Obviously,” Jim murmured as he slid his hand a little further up Sebastian’s abs and then withdrew, freezing in surprise as Sebastian leaned in without warning to press their lips together, his mouth tender and soft on Jim’s bruised and bloodied lip, and Jim was relieved that Sebastian was so willing to be up front about what it was he wanted without dancing around the issue.

“Can I come home with you and help you get cleaned up?” Sebastian asked against his lips as his hand came up so he could drag his fingers lightly against the bruise around his eye.

“I thought you’d never ask,” Jim replied with a smile as he pulled back. “Get in,” he added as he pulled away and walked around to the driver’s side. He winced a little as his back pressed to the seat when he got in, but then Sebastian’s hand found his hair for a moment or two and he relaxed with a grateful sigh, relieved that his suspicions about Sebastian had turned out to be correct.