The Story of Carl and Victor
  • The boy Carl Powers drowns in a pool. The boy Victor Trevor drowns in a well. 
  • Carl is killed by Jim Moriarty, another child. Victor is killed by Eurus Holmes, another child. 
  • Sherlock calls this the case “where I began”. Eurus calls this his “very first case”. 
  • Jim uses the murder to taunt Sherlock. Eurus uses the murder to taunt Sherlock.

So far for the astonishing parallels. But the differences are equally interesting: 

  • The death of Carl Powers has been established. 
  • The death of Carl Powers has been investigated by the police. 
  • The death of Carl Powers has been documented by the media.
  • The death of Carl Powers has not been suppressed or forgotten by Sherlock. 

But what about Victor’s death? We never learn anything about it. It is as if the boy had disappeared and no one but Sherlock had ever cared about it. It was apparently never investigated with the police. It was not even dramatic enough to send Eurus away at this point - for killing a little boy. Instead the Holmes family waited until she set fire to the house to put her away in an institution. The whole Victor Trevor case is strangely private, a family affair, nothing else. 

The funny thing, however, is that TFP tries to substitute the Victor case for the Carl Powers case. The episode wants to make us believe that Eurus was always more important than Jim, that her first murder was his first case and not Moriarty’s, that Sherlock began at Musgrave Hall instead of the pool. But this does not really work for me because the Carl Powers case is so much more elaborate and believable and supported by police records and media coverage. 




As I mentioned on this post, a majority of TST consists of a row of events that already happened in the first three series of Sherlock BBC. Of course, all the scenes are altered in one way or another. What stands out to me the most in TST, is the complete absence of the topics ‘sex’, 'love’ and 'marriage’. Irene is missing completely and Mary seems to have become a sort of avatar for Sherlock himself. Ajay hunting her down out of revenge for what he thinks she has done to him and his 'family’, parallels Jim coming after Sherlock rather closely. Revenge seems to be Jim’s motive as well. The reason for IOU 5houth, is still.

There is a pool in TST, there is a hound, a hiatus, an aeroplane and Mary ends shot in the breast just like Sherlock in HLV. There are six busts smashed to pieces. Do they resemble the five pips of TGG? Serving as a sort of countdown, maybe? Five pips and six busts … how can this fit together? Well, there are only five owner for the six busts. Welsborough, Hassan, Barnicot and Sandeford own one bust each. Miss Harker owns two.

Anyway, the case which starts the TST for real is the one of Charlie Welsborough’s mysterieous death. The counterpart of this one seems to be the Carl Powers case from TGG. The one which starts the 'great game’ with Jim Moriarty. It’s also Sherlock’s very first case …. the case 'where he began’.

Carl Powers had a fit in the water and drowned

Charlie Welsborough had a fit in a car and burned

Strange similarities and equally strange contrasts which surely justify a closer look.

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Series 4 Plot Twist
  • Sherlock: Mycroft and I were one step ahead of Moriarty the whole time, and we tricked him into thinking he'd beaten us.
  • Jim: Ha! I was actually two steps ahead of you the whole time, and I tricked you into thinking you'd beaten me.
  • Carl Powers: You're both amateurs.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Jim: ...
  • Carl: And I want my shoes back.
drowning in a...?

First of all, I don’t believe in Eurus or Victor, and I think that Redbeard is just a dog. But all this talk about water being repeated because of Sherlock’s childhood trauma makes me think not about a kid abandoned in a well, but of a kid drowning in a swimming pool. Sherlock did have a childhood trauma relating to water; it was Carl Powers. Maybe he watched it as it happened and tried his best to help, but no one took him seriously, and so that feeling of inability to stop bad things from happening is what drove him to ignore what people are “supposed” to do, and to ignore what adults think is “appropriate” behavior, so that he can focus instead on the more important task of stopping killers. The police thought that as a child he was too emotional to be taken seriously, so he cuts out emotion when dealing with his work. In turn, his apparent emotional detachment led to his isolation from other people, which made it even harder to connect with anyone socially. (And of course, we have Mycroft’s influence to thank, too.)

“Every choice you ever made, every path you’ve ever taken, the man you are today… is your memory of Eurus the Powers case.”

“I made me” indeed.

They told us Eurus, Redbeard, and Sherlock were all the same person in TAB

Do you remember the part where Sherlock drags his friends to Ricoletti’s grave and we think it’s real, but it’s actually mind palace?

The grave stone says “Emelia Ricoletti, Beloved Sister”

Sherlock jumps in and starts panting like a dog. He shovels dirt with his hands, digging like a hound with paws.

Sherlock is all three people.

“My husband is three people”

The Final Problem makes sense only in subtext. Whether you think it’s John’s MP or Sherlock’s MP, that’s still up for debate. I’m officially siding with Sherlock’s because there are flashbacks to the waterfall scene from TAB in TFP, which means both of those episodes must have been experienced by the same character, and I don’t think it was John for both.

Sherlock DID have a friend named Victor Trevor, but his death happened much later in Sherlock’s life. Because of that Sherlock took to hard drugs as a young adult, not as a child. There are two separate deaths he combined together to create TFP.

Redbeard was an imaginary friend. Sherlock didn’t have friends, we know this. He wanted to be a pirate – Mycroft remembers and misses that carefree child.

So what changed Sherlock’s mind? Why did the cold, logical, calculating machine take over and get rid of Sherlock’s imaginary friend?

Mycroft. He kept calling Sherlock “a stupid little boy”, saying “you always were so stupid”. Sherlock even says Mycroft thought he was an idiot. Sherlock stopped being “stupid” and tried to emulate his big brother – the only person in his life that would tolerate him. He tried solving the Carl Powers case and boom! Sherlock Holmes the little detective was born. This is why Mycroft brought up Redbeard at the wedding – “Hey, don’t get involved, remember when you had to resort to imaginary friends like a pathetic little child?” makes a lot more sense than “Hey, don’t get involved, remember your dead friend Victor who disappeared because our secret sister killed him?”.

Eurus represents the crushing logic that destroys everything Sherlock loves.

Because it’s happened before. Twice we’ve seen Sherlock’s mind explain how Victor died, we just didn’t know it.

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anonymous asked:

While they did mention Sherlock's first case (Carl Powers), they also kinda did go back on that in TFP by calling Eurus' Musgrave puzzle S's first case. Which makes sense because S would have been just a child back then. Both 'first cases' (Carl Powers&Musgrave) were not solved by S at the time. He only solved them later. What if the show tells us about his actual first case, which S did manage to solve and that one's connected to an actual Victor Trevor and is significant for who S is?

(referencing this post, I believe)

Hmm, you make a good point here, Nonny. Though I don’t believe that TFP is real and actually has anything to do with Sherlock but rather John, I can see how this could be the case. I think we’re all in agreement that TFP is fake, and if this is in Sherlock’s head, then it’s possible the Musgrave case is another key to unlocking who he is. If it’s in John’s head, I see it as a parallel to the Carl Powers case, actually, where John learns about Sherlock having a case he never officially solved. A key where John is trying to unlock his own understanding of Sherlock, perhaps?

Hmmm. Yeah, I do think there’s more to “Sherlock’s past” than an evil mentalist rapist pyromaniacal sister, who I don’t think is real at all. I still believe it all leads back to Carl Powers, and perhaps a Victor Trevor was the true murderer? I mean… They never found the name Moriarty in the yearbooks… what if Victor (who I think had ties to John… the age would be right I think),  ended up being the boy who actually murdered Carl Powers?

There’s my crazy headcanon for today.

Don’t you think that, about to crash plane from TFP is a metaphor for Sherlock flying down (crashing) from St. Barts roof and this scared girl is really a scared Sherlock not sure wheter his plan is going to work out or he’ll hit the pavment and kill himslef.

It’s also a methaphor for Carl jumping into the water, except that he really hit the water (he crushed) becasue he couldn’t be saved.

And Sherlock didn’t becase he will be save both methaporicaly and literally speaking.

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Last night was one of the worst, and then one of the best - if not the best - nights of my life. Too much happened for me to go into any detail, but we survived. As we always do.

To cut a very long story short we finally met this ‘Moriarty’ figure that people kept on warning us of. He kidnapped me and set snipers on Sherlock and myself at the swimming pool where Moriarty had killed Carl Powers all those years ago. We had no way out, and with a single shared look, Sherlock and I decided that to get rid of the evil that is James Moriarty, we needed to sacrifice ourselves.

We got out, thankfully - a well timed phone call can literally save lives. And I’ve never felt a rush like it. Sherlock had been… uncommunicative recently and I think he was pushing me away because he was worried that being together would be too dangerous. But the moment Moriarty left us alone in that pool it was like the air had been electrified. Sherlock was back and we were us again. Except it was more. And we finally acknowledged that it had always been more.

One thing led to another and… well, I think it’s sufficed to say people will have reason to talk about us now. God, we should have done this sooner. We should have made that leap because it is so worth it… he’s so worth it.

I’ll update more soon. I just wanted to let you know that we’re alright. At least, I think we are. For now, I’m just going to let him sleep. He looks beautiful while he’s asleep. I’m a very, very lucky man, in more ways than I ever hoped.

The Five Pips

I believe Moftiss are playing the Great Game for us, and they have laid out the groundwork in their season 1 episode aptly entitled The Great Game ;) They did, after all, draw attention to the five pips again in TAB, which is leading me to believe that the show is following a five structure arc, in five seasons. If the five pips in TGG were a form of foreshadowing, here is how I think it has played out so far:

Season 1: Like the first pip, the Carl Powers Case. This case ties Moriarty and Sherlock together as arch enemies that go way back (to Sherlock’s “very first case”), just as season 1 established them to be.

Season 2: Like the second pip, Janus Cars helping a man fake his death. I mean… Season 2 is literally leading to Sherlock faking his death.

Season 3: Like the third pip, tv personality Connie Prince gets murdered because the housekeeper didn’t want to abandon his lifestyle with the brother. Connie represents the media here, as did Magnussen, who got murdered because Sherlock didn’t want John to have to change his lifestyle.

Season 4: Like the fourth pip, where the painting is a fake. Season 4 is a fake, and we have to figure out why.

Season 5: Like the fifth pip, John Watson’s life being threatened by Moriarty. My deduction: John Watson is definitely in danger…

EDIT: This idea has been explored more extensively by @Sagestreet, go and read it

Originally posted by damnmuse


God, I love that song

Also, a pool, shit, if this isn’t Carl Powers

A thought.

In TGG Sherlock explains his experience with the Carl Powers’ case. He says no one believed him the kid was murdered. Meaning Sherlock was feeling compelled to go to authorities, to do everything in his power to solve this case. To catch the murderer. And Carl died in a pool. Of deep water.

Could Sherlock have been drawn to Carl Powers’ case because of his subconscious association of it with Victor’s death?

I O U: Ten Reasons Why John Watson is Actually Moriarty

(1)   They already told us:

They’ve been telling us since Season 1:

See also:

(2)  Are We Sure That Little Girl is Pointing At Sherlock.  Are we sure.  Are we positive.

(3)  The Storyteller. 

Who’s the storyteller of the Sherlock Holmes canon again?

(4)  Sherlock’s first introduction to John (and his subsequent deductions) is paralleled to his first introduction to Moriarty:

Of course Sherlock’s deductions about Moriarty are totally wrong, manipulated by fake characteristics that were planted to fool Sherlock into dismissing him.

But let’s face it - faking an entirely psychosomatic limp that you can forget about half the time, offering a phone that’s been engraved with “clues,” and loudly declaring “different from back in my day” when you enter the room aren’t much more difficult than irritating one’s own eyes to suggest that you go clubbing and picking up a visible underwear brand.

More beneath the cut…

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anonymous asked:

about the size 12 note in deductions. what if it helps people realize that maybe she's not going to be a good guy because she was always a satisfying villain. we go back to the pool scene but after the business is done. we see like a menial worker go into the bathroom. a bit of color on the floor. a certain assassin may have dropped it while changing. we recognize it as something similar to mary's but some refuse to believe she could have been a sniper until they confirm it. "size 12"

(in response to this post)

OH!!! OH Nonny, that’s an interesting thought. Hmmm, a plot device to use for later confirmation. I like that.

Your mention of the pool also sparked a thought of Carl Powers’ shoes… it’s never stated in TGG except that he had “big feet”, but maybe that’s also Powers’ shoe size? And perhaps somehow she’s also involved in that as well, as in possibly planting the shoes to start Sherlock onto realizing his game with Moriarty. Possibly linking her to the pool // one of the snipers at the pool. 

I don’t know where I’m going with this, but hmm. Something to consider.