Around Bass Lake 2016 12 – Moses H. Cone Memorial Park, Blue Ridge Parkway, Blowing Rock, North Carolina, October 16, 2016

Our unconscious–so called because we are not conscious of

that aspect of ourselves–

seems to be interested in our being true to ourselves

within the context and circumstances of our life,

while our conscious egos–

that would be the self we are conscious of–

seems to be interested in doing whatever it takes

to succeed in and triumph over

the context and circumstances of our life,

to the point of denying, betraying, ignoring, repressing and rejecting ourselves

in the service of our agenda, plans, dreams

and idea of how our life should be lived.

Our unconscious is calling us to be

who we have no desire to be.

That’s the impasse that has to be made conscious

and worked through

if we are to have any chance at

living the life that is waiting for us to live it

in the time left for living.

Introverted and Extroverted Types

Jung’s typology suggests two forms of archetypal expression. One is the introverted traits of the sign in question, the other being the extroverted qualities. The introvert tends to experience the rhythm of the sign on an intimate inner level and express the qualities internally. The extrovert will be energized by their surroundings and project the characteristics of the sign to the world.

Extroverted Aries: The personal experience of the unknown is a conquest the individual must uncover. The world is a place they can play, discover, and learn. The spirit is independent, free, and enthusiastic. Is easily bored
Introverted Aries: Seeks to wander through the inner landscape and spends a lot of time contemplating the self, actions, and complexes. Can self amuse alone easily

Extroverted Taurus: Sociable and relationship oriented. Is comfortable and finds bliss in the midst of sensory stimulation. Is harmonized by spending time in nature. Looks to create a place of comfort for somebody. Appreciates material
Introverted Taurus: Enjoys spending time alone in the blissful comfort. Wanders through a rich inner experience. The internal kingdom is wealthy. Wants to create a sanctuary to hideaway. Easily sensory overloaded. Is more concerned with developing inner riches then material

Extroverted Gemini: The mental agility and wit is obvious to anybody who comes to know them. Relishes in conversation. Easily relates to other people.
Introverted Gemini: Is constantly having conversations with the self rather than other people. Prefers to study and learn alone. Is talkative only with those they come to know very well

Extroverted Cancer: Maternal and protective, seeks to create a palace they can nurture others in. Is harmonized by the rich spiritual inner world. Devotes their lives to nourishing other people and providing a home. Expresses emotions
Introverted Cancer: Finds a home within and energizes through the profound inner world. Seeks to create a sanctuary they can hideaway in. Internalizes emotions. Very sensitive and fearful of abandonment

Extroverted Leo: Radiant and self expressive, creative and playful. The world is a place of miracles and a stage where they can shine. Is validated by an audience. The ego is easily bruised
Introverted Leo: Flowing inner glow. The individual can be quite self conscious and fear showing creations to others. Seeks validation only from people who come to know them well

Extroverted Virgo: Communicative and clever, service oriented and disciplined. The individual devotes energy to assisting others and applying intellect to practical problems. Is critical of the environment and self
Introverted Virgo: Is mostly critical of the self and lets silence do the talking for them. Can be very locked away and internalized. Does not vocalise easily

Extroverted Libra: Relationship oriented and collaborative, everything is about teamwork and coaxing others. Friendships provide weights of success
Introverted Libra: Prefers one or two close friends and can experience self consciousness and reticence socialising. Wants somebody they can be ‘alone’ with

Extroverted Scorpio: Openly passionate and commanding, self assured and talented. Seeks to explore the hidden world and symbolism. Longs for the soul satisfaction of two astral bodies merging sexually
Introverted Scorpio: Spends most time alone, unable to relate to others. The peak experience can come in solitude. The inner world is a place of exploration with rich divinity. They are energized by internal dwellings

Extroverted Sagittarius: The world is an atlas they want to explore every feature of. Participates in the joy and movement of the universe. Finds what we call ‘God’ in nature, experiences, and surroundings. Learns through nature/instiution
Introverted Sagittarius: Seeks to explore the far reaching inner landscape. Comes to spiritual revelation alone. Can be retiring and intensely reflects on personal experiences. Prefers to take internal travels. Adventures are coming to profound self revelation, enjoys learning in solitude

Extroverted Capricorn: Guardian spirit and ambitious, commanding leadership, sacrificial and diligent. The world is their sculpture and dreams are to be followed. They want to conquer the world
Introverted Capricorn: Wants to conquer the battle of themselves. Can be the quiet achiever. Internalized and self conscious. Works on upskilling privately

Extroverted Aquarius: Surrounded by adoring friends and comes alive amongst company. Loves to share ideas. Openly and passionately humanitarian. Unusual and offbeat expression
Introverted Aquarius: The eccentric dances within. Prefers the company of very few, if any friends. Circulates ideas internally. Assists people in very personal ways

Extroverted Pisces: Dynamic and sociable, charming and openly spiritual. The individual searches for God in everyday life and exhibits natural healing properties, experiences sensory delight and tremendous creativity,
Introverted Pisces: Spends most time alone contemplating the inner world, keeps creations personal, searches for God internally, is withdrawn socially, feels abandoned and unable to properly relate to others


10 Things About Love Only Introverts Understand

People assume introverts are not as romantic and affectionate in relationships, but they’d be surprise to find the opposite. Relationships are almost sacred, and our most significant aspect within our heart. We only open up to a select few. We aren’ snobby, but it is important for an introvert to feel safe in their vulnerability. The open up to people they feel they can trust. Everything, especially emotions are magnified exponentially. Some may say we even love more. Since we don’t give ourselves away freely, it’s hard for us to let go of the people we let in our weird little world. The kind of love we get immersed in is different from your usual high school love story, and takes on a more matured and meaningful depth, and here’s the top 10 reason why being in love with an introvert could be the most special thing you’ve experienced :

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Temperament + Jung's Archetypes
  • Aries:Intuition. Temperament: Sanguine; they are usually quite creative and often daydream, prefer social encounters, generally struggle with following tasks all the way through, are chronically late, and tend to be forgetful and sometimes a little sarcastic. Jung's Archetypes: The hero; to prove one's worth through courageous acts, greatest fears being vulnerability and weakness
  • Taurus:Sensing. Temperament- Phlegmatic; they are generally more relaxed and thoughtful, at times lazy. Accepting, affectionate, kind, rational and observant. Jung's Archetypes- The orphan; to connect with others and belong, develop solid and enduring virtues, realism, empathy, understanding of equality
  • Gemini:Thinking. Temperament: Pure Sanguine; fundamentally impulsive and pleasure-seeking; sociable and charismatic, thoughtful, sociable, chronically late and undependable. Jung's Archetypes- The Jester; to lighten up the world and enjoy life, to avoid being bored or frivolity, brings joy and can liven up any moment
  • Cancer:Feeling. Temperament: Melancholic; introverted and thoughtful; they are considerate, decisive, worrisome, creative, anxiety ridden, and very saddened by the cruelty of the world. Jung's Archetypes: The Caregiver; to protect and care for others, to avoid selfishness and ingratitude, brings the talents of compassion, empathy, insight
  • Leo:Intuition. Temperament- Choleric Sanguine; ambitious and pleasure-seeking; sociable and charismatic, confident, assertive, they are also quite compassionate, thoughtful and warm. Jung's Archetypes- The Lover; seeks intimacy & enjoyment, their greatest fear being left unloved. They are outward directed, appreciative, committed and very loyal
  • Virgo:Sensing. Temperament- Melancholic; introverted & thoughtful, they are typically considerate and worrisome. They possess high levels of perfectionism and are very aware of the cruelty amongst the world. Jung's Archetypes- The Sage; the truth will set you free, the use of analysis and intelligence to navigate the world, attention to detail with the fear of a life of analysis without action
  • Libra:Thinking. Temperament- Sanguine; friendly and pleasure-seeking; sociable and charismatic, compassionate, thoughtful and warm. They tend to enjoy social gatherings and are gifted communicators. Jung's Archetypes- The Lover; seeks intimacy & enjoyment, their greatest fear being left unloved. They are outward directed, appreciative, committed and very loyal
  • Scorpio:Feeling. Temperament-Choleric; ambitious and fundamentally dominant, they are charismatic, highly organized, and swing from one extreme to another. Assertive and liable to fall into periods of depression. Jung's Archetypes- The Ruler; power isn't everything - it's the only thing, a desire for control, the creation of prosperity, known for their leadership and sense of responsibility
  • Sagittarius:Intuition. Temperament- Sanguine; fundamentally impulsive and pleasure-seeking; sanguine people are sociable and charismatic. They tend to enjoy social gatherings, making new friends and humor. Jung's Archetypes- The Explorer; 'don't fence me in', they need freedom to wander the world and constantly seek new pleasures & experiences.
  • Capricorn:Sensing. Temperament-Melancholic; introverted & thoughtful, they are typically considerate and worrisome. They possess high levels of perfectionism and are very aware of the cruelty amongst the world. Jung's Archetypes- The Creator; to create things of enduring value, what you can imagine can be done, they are perfectionists who seek to realize a vision
  • Aquarius:Thinking. Temperament-Sanguine; fundamentally impulsive and pleasure-seeking; sanguine people are sociable and charismatic. They tend to enjoy social gatherings, making new friends and humor. Jung's Archetypes- The Rebel; to revolutionize and overturn what is not working. They seek to shock and and are known for their outrageousness and radical ideas
  • Pisces:Feeling. Temperament: Phlegmatic; typically affectionate and kind, they tend to be more relaxed, and quite receptive, warm, accepting, passive aggressive, concerned and considerate. Jung's Archetypes: The Innocent; 'freedom to be you and me', yearning for the ideal and imaginary world, dreams to be happy, faith, known as a utopian or traditionalist