Now you can put CJ in every song ever with the acapella of the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas theme

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"To hell Tenpenny and to hell his Polish dog," said Big Smoke.

GTA is a series of games, which retains its popularity for 16 years. Sunset hot nineties marked by the appearance in the world of virtual reality, the oppressed and the suffering retaliation young guys from the ghetto.

And for many of us at the top of a view of a pixel represents a unique opportunity to steal cars on the topic of dreams of police, “killing” of moths in general, to be a “god” of the street.

Few of us did not press Enter and had little taste GTA’s doctrine with bits of truth. The desire to be free from responsibilities and not much different from our freedom in the arms of sweet virtual life take us on the storyline. Alas, we only cut it.

In the present, the history of the character - the idealist in each of a series of games - “a well off street wisdom”, forming a generation.

The protagonist interaction with the surrounding world reveals the truth - alien heroes’ immanence and empathy, all of them under the authority of self-oppression survives as they can. Just as we are.

Treachery one after the other, the eternal change of location, the stunning “Bonnie,” who are no longer interested, but still miss" - all these hardships temper the hero for ruthless reprisals against all who betrayed brothers.

Existing characters represented in a state of social protest violence or non-violence, on the contrary.

They are the ones who always honors the street code and ready relentlessly to defend the interests of their gang - the sons of piety - all within the framework of the East - Asian ethics.

In addition to the challenges that non-stop street throws, the game manifest intention of satire on reality. Characters are prototypes of specific individuals, writing on vehicles and pleasurable radio tell us about the way of American life.

In addition, snack hints at KFC, a soda is Sprite here. Walking through the city, copied from the San - Francisco, makes it clear that the city lives, more often – gay parades.

It should be noted that GLBT themes found its place in the game, and then through the streets flaunt unconventional couples.

Specifically, the game, in any case, cannot called apolitical - in addition to America, the Russian Criminal Communists at the gate there. Every second taxi - driver suffers from xenophobia, the quarter with its mafia, carport, weapons, and psychedelic hits the turn of the century - the russian style in the game quite a lot, despite the lack of a monument to Lenin in the Orthodox churches.

In finding “what have you done for the area and that the area has done for you, after all, Rome was not built in a day” and “where all had happened to love” fun little time.

Given that a viable alternative has no such not find anywhere else, and Hotline Miami quite different. I do not know what other modes will update with this Bible regional children and whether or not at all, but the benefit of the scientific - technological progress has allowed us to appreciate the game now!

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