Jane Austen Characters Not Drawing or Looking At Things

Carl Christian Vogel von Vogelstein (1788-1868) - Young lady with drawing utensils

Lydia was not sketching Wickham naked.  Nope.  Completely appropriate and accomplished drawing in progress, nothing to see here.

(Villers, Young Woman Drawing.)

Elizabeth was not sneaking said sketch out of her sister’s portfolio during her Wickham-crush phase.  Nope.  Completely appropriate and accomplished art appreciation in progress, nothing to see here.

(Detail of “Self-Portrait of the Artist with Her Father,” by Constance Mayer.)

Col. Brandon:  May I see the rest of your painting, Miss Marianne?

Marianne Dashwood:  NO!  Um, I mean, not yet.  It’s not finished.  I’m having some trouble with, um…not Willoughby’s butt, no, definitely not that, it’s just…your dog!  Yeah, your dog’s ramen hair is really tricky.  And I want to get it just right before you see it.  Because I know how much you like your dog.  Almost as much as I don’t like WIlloughby’s butt.

(Portrait of Aleksei and Aleksandry Lobanov-Rostovsky by Vladimir Borovikovsky, 1814 Russia, the Russian Museum.)

“Just sketching, Papa!  Bucolic scenes of the Surrey countryside!  Not Emma/Knightley illustrations to go with my slashfic I’m writing for The Language of the Fan Monthly magazine that does not publish readers’ stories about their favorite characters.  Nope.

(Carl Christian Vogel von Vogelstein (1788-1868) - Young Lady With Drawing Utensils, and let’s take a moment to enjoy the name Vogel von Vogelstein because reality so rarely sends us such gifts.)

Charlotte Lucas actually was not painting anything inappropriate, because Lady Catherine was going to be by later that afternoon and was sure to make all kinds of suggestions about better positions to have chosen, and Charlotte was just not up for that conversation in front of Mr. Collins.  He was disturbingly susceptible to suggestions, particularly her ladyship’s.

(Henriette Lorimier (1775–1854), Self-portrait, 1807.  Let’s take another moment to feel bad for anyone who draws herself looking that depressed in her own self-portrait.)