Like most of the things in my household, my bar ware does not match.

The bone-sided opener is not a thrift shop find. It’s the bottle opener I used all my years growing up, I’ve always loved it, and I lifted it from my mom’s house a few years ago. While researching for this post, I was stunned to find out that it was made by Carl Aubock, a prominent Austrian Modernist designer. You really should check the link, that stuff is gorgeous.

The two walnut-handled pieces have a somewhat timeless design, but because they are both made in Japan, I know they have some age to them - at least thirty-some years, probably more. You just don’t see new, moderately priced household objects from Japan anymore.

But even if you can’t date something, by all means get it if it pleases you. At the least, you’ll have spent fifty cents on something that would have cost five dollars if you bought it new.

Paper coaster by Hallmark, 1960’s.