Preference "How they react when you accidentally call them "Daddy" in bed" (NSFW)

(YASSSS XD Finally it’s here! YAY for our fave male characters being all confident about being called “Daddy” and being nastyyyy. I tried my best to make them all different :3 PS. I added Carl and Ron’s as I figured some of you might have them as your faves so hope it’s okay but theirs are shorter cause I felt a little awkward…Gifs not mine/Found them on google/Credit to the original owners.)

Negan-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d get an adrenaline rush and just go even faster and harder. He’d chuckle hearing you moan even louder and realizing you just said it accidentally made him feel somewhat even more powerful and would definitely play into it with you. He’d then make sure you’d always call him that way whenever you were together. “Daddy? Is that what I am to you, Y/N? Damn fucking shit I am! Say it again! Daddy wants to hear you say it even louder! So everyone knows who I am!”

Daryl-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be stunned and would first think you were trying to say his name. However, with sounds of your moans and the tone you used, he’d soon understand it was out of pure pleasure and seeing your slightly guilty expression after realizing what you just said, just made him want to play into it. “You meant to say Daryl, earlier didn’t you…but it came out as Daddy…Good, because it’s too late to go back now Y/N…”

Rick-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d act all smug and wouldn’t stop teasing you about it. He had never expected for you to say it so suddenly but the instant he heard it, he decided to play along with you. He didn’t even let you time to explain to him it was an accident and just went on at you like he was used to being called like that by you. “Y/N, Daddy didn’t knew you had such a dirty mind…Why didn’t you say so earlier on! Why did you keep Daddy away from your kinky side like this?”

Merle-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d smirk and chuckle, feeling immensely satisfied he would just start to go at you even harder. For the longest time, he had been trying to find ways to get you to say it and doing all kinds of things and now that he finally made you do it while you were a moaning mess and without even asking it of you, only made him even more satisfied. “Yes! Fuck, Y/N! That’s how it should’ve been from the start! Say it again! Say Daddy again! Let Daddy hear you say it loud and clear!”

Glenn-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d get a little shy and start to chuckle. He knew it was an accident but he wouldn’t ever have expected to make you feel so good that you let that word slip, that it made him smile and laugh. Seeing you all guilty, he’d then start to tease you even more about it and wouldn’t want you to forget what you just said. “Y/N, you called me Daddy…yes you did! Was it that good, that you just had to call me like that? Don’t deny it…Daddy doesn’t like it when you do that…”

Carl-The first time he heard you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be startled and wouldn’t be too sure of what you meant. He wouldn’t hesitate to ask you what did you mean by that and once he understands, he’d start to laugh and tease you about it. “What? Daddy? Are you serious! Y/N, i’m not that old to be called that! But you just said!”

The Governor-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d stop for a moment, just so he could cup your face and get a good look at you. He’d actually like hearing the word coming out of your mouth and realizing it was an accident only turned him on even more so he’d just want to hear you say it again to his face,as you were all flushed and out of breath. “What did you call me Y/N…I didn’t hear you properly…Say it again…Look at Daddy in the eyes and say it again!”

Abraham-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d chuckle knowing it would make you self conscious and just start to tease you about it. Realizing that you said it accidentally, made him understand he was doing you right and it made him feel all proud about himself and at the same time he just had to make you realize that you couldn’t take back the words you were saying. “Damn Y/N! You like that so much…You started to call me Daddy! Yeah you did! Don’t even deny it…you said it! With no holding back on it too!”

Eugene-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be stunned and just start to question you. He’d never expect for you to think of him that way and just got curious about what he did to make you just say that word. He couldn’t deny it turned him on hearing you say it while you were all out of breath but he just had to try and understand what had happened. “Y/N? What do you mean by that? Like Daddy…in the sexual way?…of course that way…I don’t know why i would think of the other…”

Ron-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d stop everything and just would stare at you, not understanding your meaning. He’d think you weren’t thinking about him and blurted someone else’s name or something. You’d then explain yourself and he’d just start to chuckle. “Oh I thought you were thinking about someone else…okay as long as it’s me I don’t mind…Yeah I can go with that…Daddy…”

Jesus-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be surprised but slowly he’d feel flattered by it. He hadn’t expected for you to just call him that way in the heat of the moment, that when he heard it, he kinda stopped for a moment to look at you all flushed. He’d then realized what you meant and just couldn’t stop smiling and feeling all proud about himself. “Y/N…did you just called me Daddy? Wow…me…Thanks! I never would’ve thought of myself that way…But since you said it so eagerly I guess I deserve it…”

Dwight-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d feel all confident about himself and get even rougher with you. He hadn’t ever thought of being called like that but hearing you moan out of pleasure and practically just screaming it, turned him on even more. It made him want to hear you say it over and over again and much more eagerly that he’d start to do whatever he knew you liked and wanted from him. “You called me Daddy didn’t you, Y/N?Well Daddy didn’t hear you right…I want to hear you say it again! So be a good girl and let Daddy hear you!”

Morgan-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be slightly weird out by it but he’d learn to appreciate it. It was just really unexpected for him to hear you refer to him like that, that he’d just stop for a moment to look at you to make sure you were fine. As you’d explain to him it was an accident and something common in some relationships, he’d start to chuckle. “Y/N, are you okay? Wh-why did you call me Daddy? Really…People do that…I see, alright…Daddy I am then…”

Shane-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be pleasantly surprised but would act all like he didn’t understand your meaning. He’d realized he was doing you so good that you let the word slip out and feeling so confident about himself, he’d just want to make you admit every fantasies you wanted him to do to you that he’d start to tease you relentlessly until you were practically begging him. “Oh i’m Daddy now…Y/N what did you call me? I don’t think I heard it right…Daddy? Is that what you said…Yeah you did, you said it proudly too…”

Milton-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d get all flustered but at the same time couldn’t deny that he liked it. Hearing you just moaning it out of pleasure, made him realized he was doing a good job and he’d feel more confident. However, he’d still get shy and would stop just to ask you about it, making sure he heard you right. “Y/N, did you just called me Daddy? Oh, I never thought you had a dirty mind like that…Not that I know of people saying it to be dirty or anything…”

Aaron-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be slightly surprised but he just couldn’t stop smiling. He wasn’t ever expecting for you to just say it, that the moment he heard you, he’d stop for a fraction of a second and slowly he’d smirked looking at you. He’d then make you realize your accident and wouldn’t want to stop you from calling him that way. “Y/N, you called me Daddy! You just called me Daddy…You don’t need to apologize for that…I like it…”

Gabriel-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be all shocked for a second and wouldn’t know how to handle it. He’d stop for a moment and would nervously ask you about what you meant. As you’d explain to him, he’d then understand you really just said it in the heat of the moment but then would feel so confident about himself he’d actually grow to like it. “Daddy? Y/N…Wh-what do you mean by that…Oh…there’s a sexual meaning to it…I see…Well if it’s you…Then I don’t mind being your Daddy…Daddy Gabriel…”

The Wolf-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d agree with you and make you understand that you should’ve been calling him that way since you were both together. As he heard you, he’d smile and chuckle looking at you so eager and just do you the way he knew it made you ramble on about him. “Yeah, that’s right! I’m the only one you should be calling Daddy from now on! So say it again! Proudly, so everyone know who you belong to…”

Noah-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d be genuinely surprised and just wonder what made you say it in the first place. He’d know it was an accident but just would’ve never thought to be able to make you feel so good you’d let it slip that way. “Woah…Y/N, you just called me Daddy…Am I…Am I that good? Awesome…If it makes you happy I don’t mind…”

Simon-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d get all riled up and would slap your ass in the heat of the moment. He’d understand it was a slip up but hearing you saying it as you were moaning and in such a sweet tone, he’d get kinda drunk off of it and go all crazy over you and would try to get you to say it again as well as making you beg him while calling him that way. “Fuck! Y/N! You know how to get to me don’t you! Yeah you do, you called me Daddy! I like that…So don’t be shy…let me… No let Daddy hear it again!”

Ezekiel-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d feel satisfied and realized he got even more turned on by you. He’d understand that you said it accidentally but hearing you moaning it out loud and seeing how flustered you got after, just made him want to do you even more. He’d want to do anything he knew you liked just to hear you again and to tease you even more about it. “My dear Y/N…I didn’t knew you had such a dirty mind…Calling me Daddy so eagerly like this…and begging me…Say it again and i’ll do as you wish…”

Benjamin-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d stop and would just start to chuckle. It surprised him to hear you moan it so loudly and he just didn’t understood what you meant by “Daddy”. He’d ask you about it and as you’d explain, he couldn’t stop laughing and would jokingly tease you about it. “That’s what Daddy means! Wow! Unbelievable…Y/N, I never thought you had such a dirty mind…or thought you’d ever see me that way…”

Caesar-The first time he’d hear you calling him “Daddy” in bed, he’d smirk and chuckle to hear you and go even harder at you. He wouldn’t care if you said it accidentally and pulling you by your hair, he would then make sure you’d understand that from now on he’s your “Daddy” and that it was too late to go back on your words. “What did you call me, Y/N? Daddy was it? That’s right…I’m your Daddy…and no one else can have you like this…So say it again!”

Don’t act like I’m just some weird little fan girl who only loves the “cute” wrestlers or the “pretty boy” wrestlers. Girl, please. I love ALL the wrestlers. Attractive or not. If they have talent, they have me as a fan. Whatever. Idgaf.

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Let Me Show You Something ~Naughty November~

Prompt:The reader is taller than Carl, and she’s with Ron but the sex is terrible so she goes to Carl. Threesome wit Carl and Ron 

Pairing: Carl x Reader, Ron x Reader, Carl x reader x Ron

Word Count: 2k

Warning: threesome, anal, voyeurism

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Preference "How they react to getting caught being busy with you" (NSFW)

(Alright…I spent the day writing some fluffy prompts but the thirst now is real here that’s why I wrote this request so soon 😏 Yay for our faves being pervs XD PS. i just realized the number of times Rick keeps interrupting people XD Also they are quite long hope it’s okay :D Gifs not mine/ found them on google/credit to the original owner)

Negan- The time he was caught being busy with you, his men had open the door to your room while he was actually thrusting into you. He was being full on passionate and telling you about his feelings for you but as soon as he heard the door opening, instead of just stopping, he just started to talk dirty and acting all rough with you. He’d then look over at them and say “Hey! Leave and Close the fucking door! Can’t you see i’m busy fucking my beautiful, Y/N! I ain’t letting you all watch for free! Leave! Je-Sus!” He’d then look back at you and start to apologize about what had happened.

Daryl- The time he got caught being busy with you, Rick had opened the door to his room while he was laying in bed as you were giving him head. Instantly, he got nervous and scared, out of reflex he pulled the blankets up to cover you and him completely. He’d then try to reach down to stop you and slowly peaking out to look at Rick and say “Man, Rick! Can’t you knock on the door before you walk in…You scared the shit out of me and Y/N! No, we weren’t doing anything…W-we just like sleeping naked…It’s way too hot out…”

Rick- The time he got caught being busy with you, he had handcuffed you to the bed and was acting all rough and tough, thrusting into you to the point of nearly reaching your orgasm. He was so focused on pleasing you he just couldn’t stop. However, everything stopped and he just froze in fear the moment he heard Daryl’s voice at the door. He’d then think of you and grab the blanket and put his body over yours to cover you as much as he much as he could. “Euhh…Me and Y/N…are busy Daryl…Can…Can you just leave…Please…It can’t be as important as what we’re doing so…We’ll talk tomorrow morning, alright…”

Merle- The time he got caught being busy with you, he had bent you over the table and was taking you from behind and “teaching” you a lesson on you misbehaving. He was talking all dirty to you and making you understand who you belonged to but suddenly you heard the door open and Milton’s voice calling for him turning into a gasp. You tried to get him to stop but Merle kept going and looked over at Milton like he was the weird one for staring. “What the hell are you looking at Milty? Stop staring! Stop looking at Y/N! What? You ain’t ever seen a man doing the one he loves! Just leave!”

Glenn- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were both making out in the armory and slowly it turned into sex with the two of you laying naked on the floor. He kept teasing you as you liked while you tried your best to keep quiet which made him work for it even more. However, you heard the door open and instantly you both grabbed your clothes to cover yourselves and got up only to see Rick and Daryl standing there wide eyed. They slowly started to chuckle and nervously so did Glenn. “Well…There isn’t any other way to explain this…so…Really…It’s just me and Y/N, we felt the need to do it…”

Carl- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were simply making out in his room. You had just confess your feelings for him and he just said he felt the same. He then kissed you softly and it slowly it turned into a make out session. You were both so into it you hadn’t even heard the door being knocked until Rick cleared his throat. Instantly, he got flustered and was shaking his head and closing his eyes. “Dad! This isn’t what it looked like! We…were just kissing each other! Nothing else I swear!”

The Governor- The time he got caught being busy with you, he was sitting on his couch and had you bent over his knees while was fingering you. He was telling you his dirty thoughts and what he would do to you later in a stern voice but suddenly stopped as soon as he heard the door open and a few of his men shocked voices. He would look at them in slight shock and get anything he could to cover you and try to explain himself. “I’m just pleasing Y/N…There’s nothing else to see…Just leave…and don’t ever interrupt me again…”

Abraham- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were both in the back seat of your car while on a run. You had been there for quite some time and did each other way too many times but still went at it. You were on top of him and the both of you got so focus on the sex you hadn’t noticed the lights of another car until you heard a knock on the window. He quickly grabbed you tightly to him to cover you and roll down the window only to see Rick in shock. He’d chuckle and say “Sorry, Rick…We got a little busy and forgot about the time! Hope you understand…oh but don’t tell anyone about this…”

Eugene- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were both in the garage of your house. You were simply cleaning and jokingly flirting with one another and slowly it lead to you kissing him and making out. Eventually, it got too heated and he had you under him after he pushed you onto the floor. However, his and your fun stopped the moment he saw Abraham in the corner of his eye. Instantly, he covered you up with his clothes and in the most serious tone said “I know what this looks like…and it is exactly what it is…Me and Y/N love each other so it’s normal of us to do so…maybe leave us?”

Ron- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were both in his room. You had been together for quite some time and it was you first time with him. It was slowly and loving and you both focused on one another. However, you both panicked the moment you heard his mom calling for him. You searched for your clothes but as soon as you did she had opened the door and he could just laugh it off. “Mom! I know what it looks like…i-I just really love Y/N…”

Jesus- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were both in your room in Alexandria. You had invited him over to your house and slowly your talking turned into making out and you leading him to your room. By this time, he had you under him and was having his way with you. However, as soon as the door of your room opened and he heard your name being called by Rick, he stopped and hid himself under the covers with you. It genuinely surprised him and peaking out said “Sorry, Rick! I was just borrowing Y/N for a moment…I never thought you would ever just walk in like this…”

Dwight- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were both in your room. You were permitted to see each other for the night and immediately it started to get intimate. By the time you both got undressed, he had you on top of him and let you do whatever you wanted to him and he was definitely into it. However, after a while Negan had forgot to mention something and just barged in your room. Instantly, he flipped you over to cover you and tried to stop and he got irritated. “Negan?! Wh-what do you want?! You scared the shit out of me and Y/N walking in like that! Can you please leave…Whatever it is, can’t it wait?”

Morgan- The time he got caught being busy with you, was during an early morning. You were both simply in bed making love to one another and he was acting especially sweet and loving to you. However, suddenly Rick had open the door to your room and called him and instantly everything changed drastically. He got surprised and violently pulled the blankets to cover you and him. Out of rage he started to yell at Rick, making it the second time he ever had ever seen him so angry. “Goodness Rick! Don’t you have more manners than this?! How can you just walk in?! Don’t ever just do that again?! Just get out!”

Shane- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were both in your tent. You were trying to be discrete about the fact you were having sex with him but he was having too much fun trying to get you to practically scream and was doing unspeakable things to you. He was so confident and happy that the moment Rick opened the tent’s door and called him, he simply turned his back to you to cover you as much as he could and slowly the blanket up and threw a smirk at him. “Hey, Rick…Yeah me and Y/N we’re at it again! Are we bothering you or you just had something to tell me? If so we’ll talk about it tomorrow, alright!”

Milton- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were both in his office. You had managed to distract him from his work and at this point he was on top of you and proving to you how rough he can get by bending you over the table. Everything had happen so fast, you hadn’t even had the time to remove all of your clothing. However, as soon as he heard Merle chuckling from the door, he immediately panicked and pulled out to zip up his pants and stood in front of you to cover you and nervously said “Euhh, Merle?! I-I was simply showing Y/N something…Can’t you just knock on the door before walking in…Wh-what is it do you want?! ”

Aaron- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were both in your house. It was relatively late at night and you were sure no one would bother you at this hour and had decided to go all out with your kinks. However, little did you know the door to your house was unlock and Daryl had walked in looking for the both of you. You both froze and quickly got dressed as much as you could and he tried to explain “Daryl…This…you know what…it’s exactly what it looks like…maybe you should just come back tomorrow…”

Gabriel- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were both in the church. It was early in the morning and you had followed him to help with whatever he needed. However, you just had the urge to tease and flirt with him to which ended up in him gladly accepting your offer to blow him off. He was so fixated on you, he hadn’t heard Rick opening the door until he heard him call his name. Instantly, he freaked out but as you were behind the stand he felt a little relieved and out of breath said “Rick?…I-I wasn’t expecting to see you so early this morning…Yes, i’m fine…No, i’m not ready to see everyone yet…Don’t look for Y/N…Sh-She went to get something for me…”

The Wolf- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were outside behind a few bushes. You were teasing him as you pleased and he let you do whatever you felt like. He was quite focus on you that he hadn’t heard his men getting closer on you. However, as he heard his name being called by other voices, he gently pushed you off and covered you with your clothes and warned them. “Don’t ever just walk over to me when Y/N and I are together! Can’t you tell we’re busy!? The next time, I won’t let you all slide…”

Noah- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were in his sleeping bag. It was late at night and you had made camp all together. You had managed to sneak into his sleeping bag and eventually you both started to get things heated. However, Glenn wanted to show Noah something he had found and decided to open the sleeping bag. In shock, Noah froze and came up with an excuse “Y/N…was very cold in her sleeping bag…So I invited her over into mine…So yeah i’m just keeping her warm…”

Simon- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were in his room. You were permitted to spend the night together and he just got so excited he had pull you into his lap. He managed to take off as much and had started to thrust as you sat over him. He was being quite rough and was saying all kinds of dirty things to you that he hadn’t register that the door was wide open. So the moment Negan walked by chuckling, he panicked but didn’t want to stop and simply smiled and chuckled saying “Holy fuck! Oh my god! Euh, hey Negan! Yeah…w-we’re at it again…c-can you please just close the door…I-I forgot…thanks!”

Ezekiel- The time he got caught being busy with you, you were both in his throne room. Everyone had been dismissed and he had pulled you into his lap and proceeded to shower you with kisses and touches. He then reached into your pants and started to finger you and enjoying the sounds you were making. So much he hadn’t noticed Morgan walking back until he cleared his throat. Instantly, he froze and looking over at him, he then smiled and tried his best to brush it off. “I-I was simply telling my Y/N how beautiful she was…I wasn’t expecting for you to just come back without saying a word…Maybe next time say a little something, so I could know…”

Benjamin- The time he got caught being busy with you, it was actually your first time. You had been together for quite some time and one night had decided to sneak into his room. You both started slow and eventually it got heated. However, you heard the door open and told him to stop but he didn’t until he heard Ezekiel chuckling by the door. Instantly, he grabbed the blanket to cover you and said “Oh god! Are we bothering you? I’m sorry….I’m really really sorry…Me and Y/N will try to keep quiet…”

Michonne- The time she was caught being busy with you, you were both on the couch. Thinking no one would walk in the house at that hour, you both made out and touched each other until it eventually turned into something more serious. You were both enjoying it so much you hadn’t even noticed Rick walking in until she flipped you over to hide you and in a stern voice said “Damn it Rick! Why did you have to walk in quietly like that?! You scared me and Y/N…Just go upstairs, we’ll talk about what you have to say tomorrow…”

Maggie- The time she was caught being busy with you, you were both on a run. While scavenging for supplies, she had managed to convince you and teased you enough to start having sex with her thinking no one would be looking for you. However, Beth had found her way to the both of you and wanted to give you something you forgot at camp and she called for you. Instantly, Maggie covered herself and you and peered out and in a laughing tone said “Beth, you scared us! Goodness, couldn’t it wait until we got back! Yes, Y/N and I got a little busy and…we wanted to be alone for a moment…”

Andrea-The time she was caught being busy with you, you were both in a car. You were on a run together and she had suddenly stop, feeling the urge to just do you right then and there. You were enjoying it so much you hadn’t noticed the other car following you to give some supplies you forgot. It was only until Shane walked over knocking the window that you both froze and tried to cover yourself. She opened the window and tried to act casual about it. “What is it do you want? If it wasn’t serious you could’ve just waited for us to come back…Yeah we were just a little busy…”

Jessie-The time she was caught being busy with you, you were in the kitchen early in the morning. You were cooking together and you just couldn’t help but flirt with one another and soon it turned into something more. You both made a ruckus and Ron just had to walk in and you both quickly got dressed. She was laughing nervously and just tried to explain what was happening. “Ron…Me and Y/N were simply showing our love for one another…Sorry…We didn’t mean to bother…”

Beth-The time she was caught being busy with you, you were both in her cell. It was late at night and you were sure no one would notice the two of you. So you made out and slowly it turned into something more and you were basically doing anything to please her. So much you hadn’t heard the footsteps coming from behind until Maggie called out to the two of you. You both got scared and hid together under the blanket. “Maggie? Oh…we weren’t doing anything…I-I just wanted to take a nap with Y/N…Can you leave for the moment, please?”

Sasha-The time she was caught being busy with you, you were both in the watch tower. You were both keeping watch and suddenly you just had the urge to flirt and tease her. Eventually, she gave in and you both ended up laying on the floor and things got heated. So much, you hadn’t even noticed someone climbing up until the door opened and you both heard Rick’s voice calling you. Instantly, you stopped and she covered herself and chuckled. “Rick? What is it do you want? Did you really have to come in so quietly? You scared Y/N…Maybe next time knock first…”

Rosita-The time she was caught being busy with you, was during an early morning in your room. She had spent the night with you and as she woke up, she felt the urge to just pleasing you all over again. You were both enjoying it and all until you heard the door open and Rick calling for you. You instantly stopped her and so did she. She covered herself and you as much with the blanket and out of anger she just had to throw her pillow at him and said “Goodness, Rick! Can’t you knock on the door?! I mean it’s closed for a reason! You scared me! And not to mention Y/N…”

Enid-The time she was caught being busy with you, it was her first time with you. You had simply started to kiss her and it turned into a makeout session. It was a simple moment until Carl walked in on you and cleared his throat. You both stopped and she hid herself behind her hair. “I-I have nothing to say…except me and Y/N were simply kissing…please just leave…”

Tara-The time she was caught being busy with you, you were in your room late at night. You were celebrating your anniversary togeter and had decided to give her a special treatment and started to please her. You were both enjoying it you hadn’t even heard Glenn walking to give you something back until you heard him gasp. You both stopped and looked his way and back at each other chuckling. “Glenn…couldn’t you wait until tomorrow for this?! I thought Y/N and I were clear when we said it was out first year anniversary!”

Just Friends?

Note: REQUESTS ARE STILL OPEN. I was trying to keep this one short because it ended up a million pages long, so I spent time editing it to make it as short as possible. 

***can I get a Carl imagine where you save him one day and he brings you back and you’re really skilled with knives, guns and a bow and arrow (like Allison from TW) and Ron has a crush on you because you’re super badass and you teach him how to shoot and Carl gets jealous but you’re oblivious until  you hear him and Ron argue over you?***

You had it. The small rodent nibbled on whatever was in its hand and looked off into the distance unaware of your presence. You pulled the string back with an arrow perched in the correct position with your finger acting as a cursor for where it was going to end up. Your breathing slowed and you kept your eyes wide open.

After you steadied your hand enough, you let go of the arrow, watching it pierce the poor squirrel in the stomach. You were hoping for the head, but you could always get the meat around the arrow. “Nice shot.” Daryl nearly made you jump out of your skin.

“Don’t sneak up on me like that!” You pouted and jumped down from your perch to grab the kill.

“Just complimentin’ ya,” he laughed.

You two entered back through the gate of Alexandria with the squirrel in hand. Daryl always took you out to practice your aim and to make sure you never got rusty. He had become somewhat of a big brother to you since he arrived to the community and saw you ogling his crossbow.

***the day before***

You violently tugged on Carl’s flannel, jerking him toward you. “What the hell is wrong with you?”

“What’s wrong with you?” He yanked his shirt out of your hand and walked past you. “I could’ve gotten it myself!”

“Like hell! That walker almost took a chunk out of your neck. You would’ve been gone if it weren’t for me!” You stomped your foot.

He turned around to scowl at you. “Whatever.” He turned back and walked out of the room.

You two split off from the group earlier to explore a small office of the corner store you discovered. Upon opening the rusty door, a walker jumped Carl and you grabbed it by its shirt, pulled it off, and stabbed it in the head, inches from your face. Blood sprayed across your cheeks and nose, nearly making you gag.

Instead of thanking you, Carl got angry with you for no apparent reason and stomped off, hurting your feelings. After getting back to Alexandria, he locked himself in his room.

***Present Day***

Carl hasn’t even looked you in the eye yet, and it hurt. You were standing in his front yard, staring at his house. It’s been three days, and-

“Hey, Y/N.” A voice interrupted your self-pity. You turned to see Ron standing with his hands in his pockets on the sidewalk.

“Oh, hey. What’s up?” You set your hand on your bow which was settled around your torso.

“I was wondering,” he scratched the back of his head and his cheeks grew slightly pinker,” if you could maybe teach me some combat moves or how to shoot or something. I mean, Rick and the others have been showing me about guns, but I know you’re good with guns and knives- hell, everything.”

You hadn’t ever really talked to Ron alone and it was kind of cute how nervous he was acting. It wasn’t like Carl had been around for a while, and you wanted someone to talk to around your age. “Sure. You wanna now?” You smiled at him to hopefully ease his nerves.

He nodded and followed you to the armory where you picked up a few guns and some arrows you crafted yourself when you had down time. You both sat atop the gate (he was very nervous about the height, but you coaxed him into it), and waited for rodents. After a few minutes of nothing, you sighed and climbed down to the outside of the community. “C’mon. We can stay up in a tree and get passing walkers.”

After a moment of hesitation, he breathed deeply and climbed down after you. He seemed to trust you. You grabbed his arm and led him to a tree you and Carl often sat in to talk and hang out.

Unbeknownst to you, Carl had seen you walk off with Ron from his window. He followed you and was infuriated to see you two sitting on the gate. He felt betrayed as you climbed down and beckoned for Ron to follow you.

You laughed and put your hand over Ron’s to fix the position of his fingers. “Pretend you’re Robin Hood. Did you ever like Robin Hood? Inuyasha? Kagome- or even better, Kikyo!” You smiled brightly at the memory of a show you watched late on Adult Swim as a small child.

He watched your face and smiled. “I was team Kagome.”

You were shocked that he knew what you were talking about and playfully hit his arm. “Kikyo was the real winner. Much more mature and less whiney.” You were both sitting in a large branch of a strangely shaped tree. You kicked your legs. “There! Shoot the walker. For now, any place you hit will count, so go for it.”

Ron pulled the arrow back against the string and released it. The arrow fell short and landed behind the walker’s feet. “Nice try,” you said.

After an hour’s practice, you both crossed over the gate and were surprised to see Carl coming toward you both. Your smile faded and you stopped walking. “It was nice seeing you, Ron. Stop by any time.”

“I had fun.” He smiled with his teeth and went in for a hug. You weren’t expecting the gesture, but you hugged him back.

Carl stood staring at you as Ron left you two.

“What were you guys doing?” You felt that he was angry, but when was he not? You two weren’t dating or anything, so he couldn’t be mad that you were with Ron. You were tired of his mood swings.

“I let him practice archery. He was just curious. I’m going to teach him other self defense strategies and weapons. Why?” You slipped your hands into your jean pockets and leaned your weight on one leg.

“It’s dangerous out there. You can get hurt.”

“Me and you go out there all the time.”

“That’s different.”

You quirked a brow. “How?”

Carl stayed silent. You always thought Carl was really attractive. That hat gave the impression of authority and his hair was so pretty, but it fit him. He was just tough sometimes, and you didn’t really know if he even wanted to take your relationship further.

“You’re still mad at me? For what?” You walked a few steps closer to him. “Can you please answer me because I don’t appreciate you being a huge dick to me after risking my life-”

“That’s why I’m mad! You shouldn’t have risked your life for me!” He slightly tilted his head. “You can’t do that. Not even for me. You’re too important.”

You felt your cheeks heat up and his face turned dark red. “Just don’t be stupid,” he said. “You’re a pretty cool person to have around.” He averted his gaze and left you at the gate.

The next few days Carl seemed to be himself again, and you two got back to hanging out and connecting personally.

“Hey, Y/N!” Ron waved to you as he ran toward you and Carl. “Is it okay if we train a little earlier today? My mom wants me to help out on something later and I think it’ll take a few hours.”

“Sure.” You smiled at him and turned to Carl. “Is it cool with you if I disappear for a little bit? Like two hours tops?”

“Sure.” He seemed disappointed, but helping someone learn self-defense was much more important than hanging out with a friend. Carl crossed his arms and turned to walk away.

You followed Ron to his house and entered. He had his living room cleared except the couches and a couple of blankets were strewn across the floor. “I set everything up so that it won’t hurt too bad if we hit the floor.”

You nodded and took your shoes off. Ron was sweet. He was much softer than Carl, which you appreciated sometimes. Today you were going to help Ron with some hand-to-hand combat. You used to be a part of a small group that heavily trained every day. It was rough and there was no mercy for weakness. You became skilled with your bow, and became physically fit for almost anything life threw at you. A herd of walkers took over your camp, and you were small enough to hide in the vent of the small building. You were the only survivor.

“Got you!” Ron kicked your leg from behind and pinned you down. He had one leg on each side of you and one hand on each side of your head. You had gotten distracted with thoughts of your past group.

“I let you win,” you teased, hopeful he didn’t notice your momentary mood change.

He smiled and looked into your eyes. “You’re really pretty, Y/N.”

You felt a bit nervous at the comment, and your heartbeat grew in pace as he started leaning down toward your face. You had only ever kissed Carl before, once on a run and he had never made a move to since. Ron was getting closer. He was on top of you, and your hands lay dead on the ground. You closed your eyes and welcomed his warm lips to your own. Ron’s kiss was much softer and careful. You weren’t used to people being careful with you.

After a few seconds, you deepened the kiss and wrapped your arms around his neck.

He pulled back and helped you up. You felt a warmth spread through your body and it pooled at your center.

Without warning, a sense of guilt had overcome you. “I gotta go. I totally forgot that I offered to help Maggie with something.” You were lying and you didn’t know why. All you knew was that you didn’t want to sit with Ron if he had these feelings for you while you were so hot from his touch. You had no idea where you stood with anyone anymore. You left his house in a hurry without looking back.

You literally ran away from his house. You looked back and saw a confused Ron standing on his porch. A body stopped you in your tracks. You ran fully into it and looked up. It was Carl. “Is everything alright? You look flushed-” he saw Ron standing on his porch. Carl closed his mouth and put both his hands on your upper arms. “Did he do something?” His voice got defensive and you shook your head.

“I just forgot that I had something to do.” You pulled away from him and walked away from the scene and leaned on the side of a nearby house.

You heard footsteps coming closer and then they stopped. “What’s wrong with Y/N?” You could hear that Carl was worried. That must have been Ron who walked closer.

“We were practicing some tackles. She just said she needed to help Maggie with something and left in a hurry.”

“That was it? Nothing else happened?”

“Well, we kissed, but-”

“You kissed her?” Carl’s voice seemed hurt and angry.

You knew you shouldn’t have been eavesdropping, but you couldn’t resist.

“Listen,” Carl’s toned changed to threatening. “She’s mine. I’m tired of you two running around alone together and like hell I’m going to let you get in the way.”

Your heart skipped a beat and you swallowed.

“She isn’t a possession. She can choose whoever she wants. I went for it, and she just closed her eyes and let me.” You could hear pride in Ron’s voice.

“Well you had her cornered and her reaction didn’t look like she liked it.” Carl sounded angry.

You left them to their argument and thought to yourself about the situation. Ron was gentle and naive, while Carl was harder and a very rational thinker. They were both damn good looking, but one had already stolen your heart.

Later that evening, you snuck into a familiar house and up to a certain room. It was quiet everywhere, so you had no idea if he was actually there. You  perked up at the sound of Judith playing and followed the noise. Carl was facing away from the door, sitting with Judith and stacking Solo cups.

“Hey,” you said, earning a slight jump with no answer.

You walked over to him and sat behind him. “You can be mad at me.” You slid your arms around his waist and leaned your head against his shoulder. “I don’t know why I let it happen. I stopped it because…” You stopped and took a deep breath as an attempt to slow your heartbeat. “I felt guilty. I was thinking of you and how much I would rather be kissing you, even when you’re being mean to me… which you are a lot of the time, honestly. You get away with too much attitude, Grimes.”

“Are you saying you wanna be my girl?” His hands rested over yours. You could feel that his palms were sweaty.

“Mhm.” You closed your eyes and listened to his breathing and Judith’s baby gurgles. “As long as you want me to be.”


Ron:Really you’re dating my sister, my fucking sister?!

Y/N: Yeah we’re dating and you aren’t gonna do shit about it, get over it, Rick killed dad, he was kind of a dick anyway and we all know he hit on mom, more than once.

Ron: Whatever.

Carl: *Gif*

Preference "How they react to seeing your ex joining your group"

(Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D Yay for our favs being jelly XD again! And yay for Simon, King Ezekiel, Carol, Noah, Dale and T-Dog being added :3 So many people now… I swear I’ll end up having everybody XD Sorry It took me quite some time to write there are just so many of them now XD PS. Sorry for not adding Mikey and Patrick in this as I felt like they didn’t appear on the show or an episode long enough for me to get an idea of how they’d be…really sorry :( gis not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owner.)

Negan-  The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d be obviously pissed and wouldn’t be able to hide his hatred for him. He’d do whatever he could to make his life difficult while also showing off your relationship as much as he could. Sometimes he’d go even a little further and actually have fun scaring the shit out of him. “Y/N…As long as he doesn’t take you away or touch you…I’m not going to kill him, don’t worry so much! He just needs to get all of these things done for me or i’m going to Lucille him!”

Daryl- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d start to worry about you and wonder if you ever still had feelings for him. He’d try to make it up to you and go out of his way to spend his time with you even more, in hopes you’d know how much he truly loves you and wouldn’t ever want you to leave his side. “Y/N should we go on this run together…just you and me, no one else…Like a date…you know as if we’re going on a date…I just really want to spend more time with you…”

Rick- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d wouldn’t even want his presence within the group and everyone would know, especially after the fight he started with him. He’d compensate by getting way overprotective of you and make sure he knew who you belonged to now, by almost rubbing it in his face how happy you were together. “Don’t get too close to Y/N…She’s mine now…and I make her happier than she ever was with you…Just ask her…”

Merle- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d act nonchalant about it and probably make fun of him as much as he could on every aspect. However, whenever he’d be alone with you, he’d ask you about your past together and reflect on how he could make you happier and best himself to prove to you that he truly loves you. “So that’s what he was like? What an idiot! Y/N…I promise, I’ll never be like that to you…I swear…”

Glenn- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d get slightly nervous and run all kinds of scenario in his mind of what could happen. Whether it’d be about you leaving him or your ex pursing you, he wouldn’t be able to keep his mind at peace. He’d then always find ways to make you fall for him again and remind you who loves you. “Y/N, I got you these flowers from a run earlier today…I thought they’d suit you! I also found some sweets too!”

Carl- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d immediately be on guard around you and keep you away from him as much as he could. He’d take it upon himself to go warn him and make him understand that two of you weren’t to be mess with. “Hey you! You’re gonna have to stop following Y/N, alright! She’s with me now! She doesn’t need you anymore…Whatever you both had, it’s in the past!”

The Governor- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d put on act and show his charismatic side to unnerve him and would just want prove to you he was okay with him being there. However, the more days pass the more he’d try to find ways to just send him back out or even just get him killed without getting his hands dirty. “I think you should go on today’s run along with the others and learn from them…What? No, Y/N won’t be going along…”

Abraham- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d always give him a dirty look whenever he’d see him and do his best to just keep his mouth shut. Knowing how upset you’d get if you learned he got into a fight with anyone in the group, he’d avoid making conversation with that person specifically and just keep himself to you. “You don’t have to worry Y/N…I don’t want to disappoint you…so I’ll keep my mouth shut whenever I see that dickhead around…”

Eugene- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d start to compare himself to him and try to figure out as to why you were together. He’d feel a little insecure about himself but try to hide it as much as he could.  However, he’d always feel better when he realizes you were actually always trying to cheer him up and make him smile. “Thanks Y/N…it’s really nice and sweet of you to think that way of me…”

Jesus- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he wouldn’t care much and just accept that in these circumstances it’s normal for people to cross paths at some point. He’d know you were honest with your feelings for him and wouldn’t worry much for you going back to your ex. “No I don’t mind your past with Y/N…It’s a normal thing…Besides Y/N likes me now and that’s all that matters really!”

Ron- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d start to spend even more time with you and make sure you weren’t out of his sight. He’d do anything to keep you to himself and would try to tell you about how strong his feelings for you were. “Y/N, promise me you won’t ever think of getting back with…you know…I’d be really devastated…I love you so much…”

Dwight- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d start to doubt himself and wonder if he was even worthy of being with you. He’d sulk more than usually and would try to avoid looking at you whenever your ex was around you. However, he’d always end up finding his smile back each time you’d go out of your way to cheer him up. “Oh, come on Y/N stop it! I was being all serious and in deep thought! Stop it…I’m smiling already!”

Morgan- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d be fine with it as long as your ex know his limits of being around you and doesn’t try anything stupid like to take you away. Whenever he’d get that feeling, he’d walk straight over him and try to get him to understand you were taken. “Why are you spending so much time around Y/N? I don’t have a problem against you…but if you’re thinking on taking her away, then don’t…Her family is here and…she’s with me…”

Shane- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d be in disbelief you were ever with someone like that in your life and always remind you of what an improvement you have gotten by dating him. He’d always make you laugh with his comments and he’d make it clear that he is in love with you. “Y/N, seriously? Him? Damn, what were you thinking? Even if I was a desperate woman I wouldn’t even go for him! But now you have me..and that’s all you need!”

Milton- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d hate having to work with him and would have a hard time hiding it. However, he’d want to prove to you he was better than your ex and do anything to make you happy, even at least pretending to get along with him. “Fine, Y/N…I’ll be nicer to him…but it’s only because you ask it of me! And also you can’t make me actually like him, there’s no way that’s happening!”

Aaron- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d hide the fact that it bother him and just keep in mind that he was simply an addition to the group. However, in private he’d admit to you all his worries and just want you to know how much he feels for you. “Y/N…I really actually don’t like your ex being here…I’m worried he might take you away from me…”

Gabriel- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d try to keep your relationship a secret as long as he could for fear of him making fun of you. However, whenever he’d notice your ex approaching you or acting too friendly with you, he’d walk over and try to subtly hint at him that you were with someone else. “You…I’m glad you’re fitting in with us…But did anyone ever told you that…Y/N, here, is now with someone else…intimately, I mean…”

The Wolf- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d laugh and get a real good look at him and ask him openly about his past relationship with you. He wouldn’t understand what you ever saw in your ex in the first place and ask you to point out to him what was better about him. “Y/N tell me what makes me better than your ex. I’m serious I want to know. There must be something in me that makes me the better choice for you!”

Simon- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d be pissed and get angry at the thought of you having been with someone else. He wouldn’t even bother hiding the fact that he already hates him. However, he’d later quickly find himself enjoy mocking him and try to get him to do any kind of mistake just so he could have an excuse to scare him. “Y/N, you have nothing to worry about…I swear i’m only clowning on him and trying to scare him away from you…I mean I have that right, don’t I?”

Ezekiel- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d pretend to welcome him and act polite as he usually would, sometimes even going further and offer all the necessities to make him comfortable. Only to later show him Shiva and make it a key point that you were now ruling "The Kingdom” by his side, and thus making you his Queen. “I King Ezekiel welcome you…Shiva here seems to feel the same as well…and did I mention Y/N? You were both together once…but now rules by my side…”

Noah- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d get confused and the thoughts of you being with someone else would suddenly come to his mind. He’d overthink it and start to worry about your feelings for him but he’d try to keep it to himself. However, he’d end up noticing you cheering him up and would feel better. “I really don’t know why I put so much thought into it…I was being silly…Thanks Y/N for making laugh like this..”

Dale- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d get protective of you and would go out of his way to give him a stern warning. He’d end up always taking your side whenever there was a problem with him and also end up giving you advice on making decisions on who you should be dating. “Y/N, I like to see you as my child…and as father I wouldn’t want you to be around someone like that again…but someone like…I wouldn’t object to it…”

Theodore- The moment he’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, he’d accept it as it is and try to find a way to actually get along. However, he’d make it clear you were with him and try to give him a good reasoning as to why he should back off on you. “Look I don’t mind you being part of us but you need to lay off, Y/N…Don’t even think of doing anything stupid..”

Michonne- The moment she’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, she’d get protective of you and show off her quiet and tougher side just to pass the message of how you and her shouldn’t be messed with. She’d tell you exactly what she’d think about your ex and just practically admit to you how much you meant to her. “Your ex…Seems like someone untrustworthy…I understand as to why you both parted ways…I wouldn’t ever do anything like that…You’re too important to me…”

Maggie- The moment she’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, she’d try to laugh it off and act as if it didn’t bother her. She’d always keep that mindset but somewhere in the back of her mind she’d think about you and your ex being together and she wouldn’t be able to hide the fact that she was a little jealous. “Yeah…I am a little jealous…but it’s not that serious I promise, Y/N! It’s just when I think about it, it gets to me…I mean I like to think sometimes i’m the only one you ever had…”

Andrea- The moment she’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, she’d act like it didn’t matter to her and just think it was only a new addition to the group. However, she’d ask you about your ex and try to analyze the kind of relationship you both had. She’d chuckle and promise you she’d never act like your ex. “So the two of you were like that…I get it…well you have nothing to worry about! I’m nothing like that!”

Jessie- The moment she’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, she’d get nervous but she’d try to brush it off. She’d prefer being stressed on her own and wouldn’t want you to worry over her, so she’d put up with your ex. However, at one point she wouldn’t be able to keep it and suddenly just admit to you everything. “Y/N listen…I really don’t feel or like your ex…I’m not comfortable whenever they’re around you…I’m afraid to lose you…”

Beth- The moment she’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, she’d be curious and interested about your past and wouldn’t hesitate to go ask them about it. She liked knowing you had someone else in your past and would want to know how you were like around them. She’d end up making a friend out of them all while talking and making fun of you. “Really? That’s what Y/N was with you? Y/N’s like that with me too!”

Sasha- The moment she’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, it wouldn’t matter to her as much as she’d know how much you and her loved each other. She’d treat them like any other member of the group but wouldn’t go any further to be friends with them. 

Rosita- The moment she’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, she’d have a good laugh about it and try to take it lightly. She’d be confident about you and her being together and wouldn’t have too many worries about your ex. However, whenever she did, she’d keep it to herself until you’d notice and comfort her. “Alright I feel better, i’ll stop worrying about it…just don’t tell anyone I felt that’s embarrassing….”

Enid- The moment she’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, she’d seem as if she was indifferent but you could tell that it bothered her. She’d deny you that she felt any jealous and would try to keep her mind off of it. “No, it doesn’t bother me…Why would it? We’re together and that’s all that I care about…Don’t worry so much, i’m fine…”

Tara- The moment she’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, she’d welcome them and act casual as usually. However, she would later make it clear to them that you were now with her and happy and that they shouldn’t even think about making her distrusting him.

Carol- The moment she’d learn that the new member to join the group was your ex, she’d give them a stern warning and remind them that none of you were to be messed with especially not her. She’d even admit to them that if they ever did any mistake or wrong to you she wouldn’t even hesitate to kill them just to keep you safe.

Wasn’t Meant To Be

Request Prompt: A smut imagine for Carl where the reader was dating Ron before Carl showed up and she gets really close to Carl because they are both survivors and one day when they are hanging out one thing leads to another? Thank you!!! -Anon

Request Prompt: Hey (: Can you do a carl smut where he sleeps with the reader and the reader is dating ron when it happens 😂 thank you ! xx -anon 

Pairing(s): Carl Grimes x Reader x Ron Anderson x Enid

Warning: Fluff and Smut

A/N- The two prompts were similar so I just combined them and changed some things around.


His hands roamed my body as he hovered over me and I arched my back. He chuckled and slid my panties to the side.

“Ahh Carl.”, I moaned as he slid two fingers inside me.

“Who’d ever thought we’d end up in this position.”, he said pumping into me.

I moaned and he smirked before curling his fingers. He brushed against a certain spot and I arched my back further of the mat so our chests were touching.

“You like that don’t you Y/N”, he whispered in my ear.

I nodded and thruster my hips to meet his fingers. He chuckled again before speeding up. I felt my stomach clench as I was close. He pulled out and I whimpered from the loss of contact. I heard him unzip his pants before sliding into me. I moaned as he went a steady pace.

“Harder”, I said and he obliged.

Our moans filled the room as he slammed into me hitting a certain spot inside me every time.

“I’m about…”, I moaned and he nodded.

He came first and I followed swiftly. He pulled out and I fixed my clothes with a frown on my lips.

“Cheer up Y/N. He doesn’t deserve you anyway. You see how he is with Enid.”, Carl stated and I sighed.

“I don’t know that for sure.”, I mumbled. I figured it was something going on between them I just refused to believe it. Carl just offered a way to cope with it all.

“Tell me you’re not that stupid Y/N.”, he chuckled and I ran a hand through my hair.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right! He may be cheating but so am I Carl. It feels wrong.-”

“But right.”, he cut me off before wrapping and arm around me.

“Yeah.”, I sighed as a noise broke us apart. I turned to see Ron with a angry expression on his face.


“What are you doing here with him?”, he asked and I frowned.

“We were just-”

“What? Fucking behind my back?!”, he screamed and tears threatened to fall down my face.

“Its not like that.”, I whimpered and I lifted his hand to hit me. I flinched back but felt no pain. I looked up to see Carl holding his wrist with a deadly glare.

“You raise your hand to hit her again and I’ll kill you Anderson.”, he sneered and Ron scoffed.

“Whatever, you can keep her since she wants to be a whore now.”, Ron snapped walking out.

My mouth opened in shock as he called me out my name like that. I finally let the tears fall as Carl pulled me in for a hug.

“I told you this was a bad idea! I look like the bad guy now!”, I shouted and he frowned.

I stomped out intending to talk to Ron about everything. I approached their house and saw Sam sitting outside on the porch waving at me.

“Hey Sam where’s your brother?”, I asked him.

“Upstairs with Enid.”, He replied and my eyes narrowed in the direction of the staircase.

“Enid? What’s she doing here?”, I asked him and he frowned.

“She comes here whenever you aren’t around. They’ve kissed and do other things that I can’t see.”, he explained and i remained emotionless. 

“Why isn’t it you? I liked you guys together.”, he frowned and I clenched my jaw.

“That little-”, I stopped as I ran past him and went upstairs. The sounds of moaning echoed through the hall and I banged on the door.

“Ron open this fucking door right now!”, I shouted and a string of curses followed.

Ron swung open the door with a scowl as Enid covered herself with the covers.

“What do you want? Can’t you see I’m busy?”, he asked and I scoffed.

“It hasn’t even been 30 minutes Ron. And you’re already sleeping with Enid?”, I asked and he ran a hand through his hair.

“Why do you care when you cheated on me. Need I remind you how you’ve been going behind my back for days.”, he questioned and I bit my lip.

“It wasn’t like that.”, I stammered and he laughed.

“Then what was it like then? We broke up and I’m sleeping with her to deal with that.”, he shouted.

“But you’ve been doing this for months.”, Sam’s voice stated and I stood silent.

“Shut up Sam. Go back outside.”, Ron told him.

“Don’t you move Sam!”, I screamed before turning to face him, stopping him in his tracks.

“How long did you say?”, I asked and he stared at his feet.

“In not upset with you Sam. Tell me.”, I said and he looked up at me.

“About 3 months now. She comes over and they tell me to go outside to do whatever they were doing.”, he told me and I chuckled.

“So this whole time YOU were cheating on ME! For months!! Making me seem like the asshole in the situation!”, I screamed.

“You cheated too remember!”

“The only difference is that you’ve been cheating on me all this time and haven’t been caught!”, I stated.

“What else am I supposed to do when you don’t ever have time for me! You’re always with Rick and his people!”, he yelled back.

“At least they care for someone feelings and tells me when something’s up! Not like some weak cheating bastard like you!”, I snapped.

“Yes I cheated. Because I felt like you didn’t love me anymore! That I wasn’t enough but now I see that I really wasn’t enough for you. Carl was right.”, I added and he stared at me with a dumbfounded expression.

“I cam here to at least apologize but I bet you weren’t even gonna try. Because she had her legs open waiting for you every time you and I weren’t next to each other and you have the audacity to call me a whore!”, I screamed before turning to Sam.

“Sam you’re welcome to come to Carol’s for cookies whenever they put you out. And if you don’t mind, go let your mother know everything that’s going on so she won’t expect me for dinner tonight.”, I told the younger boy and he grinned up at me before running downstairs and out the door.

“Hope the both of you fuckers have fun.”, I said before flipping them off with a smile.

I walked down the stairs and out of the house making my way back to Carl. He sat on the porch holding Judith and I quietly sat down. I could feel his stare on my back and I let tears roll down my cheeks.

“What happened?”, he asked.

“Months Carl. He’s been cheating for months.”, I replied quietly. He sighed before standing up and holding out a hand.

I took it and he pulled me into his embrace. I can’t believe I was so stupid.

“I was so dumb.”, I mumbled and he kissed my head.

“It’ll get better. I may not have known how much you loved him but I know that you have us. You have me.”, he stated before kissing me softly.

Preference "Celebrating your first Valentine's day together"

(WOOOOO 1Year anniversary!! :3 Wooo our faves being romantic 😘Wooo Tobin being added :) Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owners.)

Negan-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d surprise you with how romantic he can get. He would’ve set the whole place up with flowers and make you dinner. He’d cook in front of you, smirking as he’d catch you looking at him lovingly. Not once would he cuss while speaking to you and you’d both enjoy each other’s company while eating dinner, only for it to end with you both having sex on the table as you both just can’t handle the tension anymore.

Daryl-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d be the first one to remember the holiday and get you some flowers while you were working outside, only to mumble shyly about how he feels about you. As you’d remember, he’d just ask you as to what you want to do for the day while actually having a plan and casually asking you if you want to go recruit people with him, only to end up spending the whole day together and having a roll in the woods because he couldn’t take how cute you are.

Rick-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d offer you a box and just asking you to not open it until later in the evening. He’d spend the day working around the camp with you as usual but always be physically closer to you. He’d give out loving touches to your shoulders and momentarily pull you in for a hug, only to just give you long kisses that make people around get jokingly “grossed out”. The two of you finally getting ready for bed and you opening the box to find a ring, making you cry and him comforting you with his kisses, leading to sex.

Merle-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d spend the day keeping you in bed and to himself, knowing that it is the only way he can keep from getting into trouble and causing you to be mad at him. He’d give you all sorts of pleasure and just have his way with teasing you to his liking. Whenever you would leave the bed for a moment, he’d get up to follow and hug you from behind to remind you how much he loves you, making him admit that apart from his love no gifts is comparable.

Glenn-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d go out of his way to find some of your favorite chocolates and just surprise you while you’re working around the others. He’d want for everyone to know about how much he loves you that he’d offer you his gift as if he was delivering a pizza and make a big deal out of just admitting all his feelings for you. He’d do his best to make you blush and as you’d try to push him away, he’d grab you by the arm and whisper about all of his plans for you for tonight.

Carl-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d cook you breakfast and just surprise you with how good the food is. You’d both spend the morning together and just be sweet to one another. However, he’d end up surprising you with even more gifts throughout the day as he really wants to celebrate it properly, since it is his first time as well and later invite you over to go on a roller blade date with him.

The Governor-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d offer you some flowers from his garden and just act as sweet as he can be. He’d forget about the world and anyone else just to be able to spend the whole day in your company. It wouldn’t matter as to what you would want to do, he’d let you and wouldn’t mind it as he gets to stay with you and just have fun before he picks you up and brings you to his room to have you.

Abraham-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d make fun of the holiday and you for liking it the whole day, only to actually surprise you with a gift. From the instant you reminded him of it, he’d laugh at it saying how silly and childish it is to celebrate such event. It wouldn’t matter as to what you are doing, whenever he would walk by he would tease you for being a “romantic” person, making you blush and slightly frustrated, only to get you really mad and finally just pinch your cheeks to give you a cute plush.

Eugene-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d make a special bullet for you and carve “i love you” on it and explain how much you mean to him. He’d spend his early morning just practicing on how he should give it to you, only to be caught by you and have no choice but to offer it to you on the spot. He’d then nervously just ramble on about his feelings for you and admit that he actually had other plans for the day and all, only to be cut off by your kiss and an early roll in the sheets.

Ron-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d give you your favorite sweatshirt of his just so you know that you’re now his. He had notice you always wearing or asking for it whenever you would get cold when hanging out with him, he couldn’t resist to offer to you for the occasion. He’d take you out on a date around the park and as it would get cold, he’d give you the gift to wear and put it on for you, only to end up saying that you can keep forever.

Jesus-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d get some flowers he had found while on a run and make a crown out of it, so you could wear and go on a date with him. He’d surprise you by hiding it behind his back and just got to your room to ask you out to go on a run while obviously hinting that it will be a date. As you’d accept to go along, he’d put the crown for you and tell you how each of the flowers represent each of your greatest traits, making you kiss him and bring him over to your bed for a while.

Dwight-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d give you a bracelet and just spend the day off with you. He had spent days looking for the perfect gift while scavenging and finally he got it. He’d prepare everything to your liking, in the morning and just surprise you breakfast in bed and tell you about how Negan is letting you both off for the day. He’d also show you some flowers he got and spend a few moments just to spill out his feelings for you before nervously giving you his gift, making you so happy you kiss him and pull him deeper in the bed.

Morgan-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d offer you a rose while you’re working, only to later surprising you even more. He’d just want to see you smile at him so he’d offer it to you spontaneously, only to get more than he bargained for as you’d just hug him as a thanks and for him to start rambling on about his feelings. As you’d finish up your work, you’d be even more stunned to walk in your room to see how everything is set for a rather romantic night, making you jump to hug and kiss him again.

Shane-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d surprise you with how romantic he can get as he’d prepare a hot bath for you and him. After a long day out, he’d invite you over as he’d hear you walk in the room and just smile to see you. He’d convince you to get in the water and would spend some time to wash your hair, only to end up spilling out his feelings for you. You’d end up thanking him and just undressing him before pulling him into the water.

Milton-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d make you a cup of tea and offer you some chocolate. He’d try to figure as to what your favorite flavors were and remember all the ones you had a lovely and satisfied reaction. He’d put quite some time into making the box pretty and just try his best to write something cute inside of it. As you’d open the door for him, he’d nervously admit to you how much he loves you and awkwardly offer you the gifts, making you smile and pull him in for a kiss as well as into your room.

Aaron-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d get you a new corny car plate and some flowers, knowing that it’ll add to the collection and make you smile. He’d just spend most of the morning in bed, cuddling with you and telling you how much he loves you. As you’d try to get up to leave for the day, he’d stop you and tell you to wait, only to come back with the gifts. As you’d chuckle at him, he’d hug you again and you’d both end up back in the bed.

Gabriel-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d surprise you with some flowers and a basket in hand to take you out for a picnic. The night before he’d ask you to go to the cars when you are ready in the morning. As you would, he’d walk over to give you the gifts with a smile. He’d ramble on about his feelings for you and compliments but suddenly get nervous when he admits to you that he has been working hard on this whole date, making you just kiss him on the spot and get in the car for a little action before leaving.

The Wolf-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d give you extra food supplies and tell you that you can cuddle with him if you want to. He’d find your favorite snacks and all while scavenging and just offer it to you the moment you’d mention the holiday. From your shy smile, he’d then casual let you know that he doesn’t mind a hug as a thanks, making you do as he’d ask and just get into bed earlier. He’d then kiss you out of the blue, making you want more of him.

Noah-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d get you some heart candies and offer them to you by putting them in your backpack and pockets as a surprise. You’d get ready in the morning, and grab your jacket to wear, only to feel candies inside. As you’d work throughout the day, you’d find more and more and just smile and feel happy to know how much he cares for you, only for him to surprise you with a back hug and making you just kiss him.

Simon-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d jokingly offer you his dick as the gift, only to give you the real one later. He’d just have a blast preparing the prank and put way too much thought into it. As you’d walk in your room, you’d see him standing by the bed with a leg propped up with his dick wrapped in a ribbon and you’d just gasp at him before calling him a creep. As you’d try to leave, he’d managed to stop you and offer you the real gift, a bottle of gin, making you kiss him and finding that his first gift not to bad.

Ezekiel-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d have Shiva surprise you by making her bring gifts to you throughout the day. He’d reluctantly tell you that he’d be busy and wouldn’t be able to spend the day with you, only to actually make Shiva walk all over the place to follow you around and drop off some gifts. From flowers to chocolates, he’d get you all of the romantic gifts and you’d just find Shiva near you and patiently waiting for you to take them before leaving. As you’d finally see him again, you’d kiss him and he’d apologize by making love to you.

Benjamin-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d take you to the movies and just spend a date that feels like what it was before the outbreak. He’d take you out for dinner before the movies and you’d just enjoy some time reminiscing about how you met and first impressions before he takes you by the hand and head to the theater. As you’d watch the movie, he’d always have his hand in yours or touches your shoulder. As the movie gets slightly boring, he’d turn to look at you and you’d kiss him just to surprise him.

Caesar-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d wake you up in the morning with oral and later on just offer you whatever you want from him. As you’d wake up moaning and griping the sheets, he’d playfully chuckle and have his fun making you come as many times as you’d ask of him and wouldn’t want anything more than to spend the whole day with you.

Heath-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d take you on a run and finally just offer you some flowers. He’d feel slightly too shy to just give it to you while at home and have you away with him in order to give it to you. He’d grab your hand to hold and you’d both end up having a date while scavenging and having fun playing some games together. As you’d thank him for the gift, you’d kiss him and he’d just push you down to the ground for a little while.

Spencer-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d invite you over for dinner and go pick you up from your house with some flowers in hand. He’d want to prove to you how romantic he can be and get you to go eat at his house. He’d talk to you about how everything was prepared with care by him for you specifically. As you’d both eat and talk about how much you mean to each other, you’d end up realizing how much he means to you and just lean over to kiss him and unbutton his shirt.

Richard-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d offer you some flowers and would’ve gotten you to go with him in his RV. He’d see you working around the children and just surprise you with flowers for the occasion, making you kiss him on the spot. As he’d kiss back, he’d then pull back slightly and whisper in your ear to wait for him by the stables when you’re done. As you’d get there, he’d take you for a horse ride, only to end up at his RV and for him to start kissing you and for you to quickly opening the door to get in.

Nicholas-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d get you a stuffed animal and spend the day following you around. He’d want to spend even more time with you and just try to make you smile and laugh while you’re working around the camp. He’d help you and the more the time passes the more he get more loving and affectionate with you. As it would get late, he’d finally offer you the gift, making you hug and kiss him and then for him to pick you up.

Gareth-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d offer you some love notes and leave for you to see it before walking up to you. As you’d work through the camp, you find different notes to remind you of how much he loves you, making you smile and feel happy. After you’d collect most of them, he’d walk up from behind you and just grab you in for a hug before whispering to you of all the things he had prepared for the night.

Tobin-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, he’d grab you by the hand in the middle of your work just to get you back home. He’d be reminded of the holiday at some point through the day and just feel terrible to not have anything ready for you, making him just walk over to you. He’d get closer to you and just take you away, explaining he has a something for you, only to start kissing you the moment you both get in the house and for you to spend the whole day together.

Michonne-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, she’d prepare a romantic dinner for you and just chill on the couch with you later on. She’d make you laugh with her story of all her efforts to make the meal perfect and you’d just feel at ease. As you’d turn to look at her, you’d realize how much you love her and just kiss her out of the blue, surprising her. Nonetheless, she’d kiss you back and you’d both spend some time on the couch.

Maggie-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, she’d make you a pie and offer it to you out of surprise. You’d simply work around the camp, only to feel her touch your shoulder and turn to see her smiling and asking you if you’re hungry. As you’d answer her yes, she’d give you the pie, making you smile to see it be heart shaped. She’d offer to feed it to you and as you’d get dirty, she’d kiss you clean, only for you to pull her away by the arm to go home.

Andrea-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, she’d make you stay in bed with her and just want to hold you tightly. Although, you’d at first think she’d want you to make love to her, she’d actually really just want to hold you, making you realize of her feelings for you. You’d both talk about your past together and you’d just enjoy her company for the day.

Jessie-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, she’d wake you up with a full breakfast the moment you walk down the stairs and later offer you some handmade heart shaped figure with your and her name engraved on it. She’d just feel like you deserve a nice meal for the day and put all of her efforts into it, just to see you smile so brightly at her in the morning. As she’d offer you the gift, you teared up at the thought of her feelings, making you just hold her.

Beth-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, she’d write a song about how much you mean to her and sing it to you as you’re both eating dinner together. She’d spend quite some time getting the lyrics and melody right to suit you and just get slightly nervous on the evening of the dinner. As you’d eat and talk about your feelings, she’d accept your gift and then tell you what she has for you. As she’d sing, you’d tear up to hear how beautiful it is and just pull her in for a kiss in the end.

Sasha-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, she’d take you out scavenging with her, only to surprise you by telling you that she’s actually taking you out for a date. She’d want to really surprise you with how romantic she can actually get and just invite you over casually for the run. As you’d drive together, she’d instruct you where to go and you’d both end up in a nice place for a long walk, making you kiss her and go onto the side of the road together.

Rosita-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, she’d roll her eyes and scoff at you offering her gifts, only to end up surprising you with the gift she gets you instead. She’d find you childish and ridiculous for offering her so many things but in reality just be glad and happy to have you love her this way as she thought of herself to be too much for you. As the day would go on, she’d finally let go of her tough act and just grab you away to tell you about her true feelings before giving you a necklace that was hers, making you kiss her.

Enid-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, she’d offer you some bracelets she had made for you and invite you over to hang out outside the walls with her. She’d spend so much time to make you bracelet that as she’d offer it to you while you worked, she’d get nervous and just hope that you like it. As you’d show her how excited you are, she’d put it on you and just start to ramble on about her feelings and suddenly inviting you outside. You’d accept to tag along and while in the woods, you’d end up sharing a kiss.

Tara-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, she’d get you some flowers and a plush to remind you of how you cute you are to her. She’d surprise you by letting her gifts in your office in one of the houses and just make you smile and think of her throughout the day. As she’d come back from the run, you’d walk up to her to playfully confront her about the gifts, making her admit how much you mean to her and for you to kiss her and pull her away from the group.

Carol-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, she’d bake some cookies and prepare a nice dinner for you. She’d make sure you would spend most of the day outside and just put a lot of thought and effort into making the perfect meal that you always wanted. As you’d come back, you’d both eat together and she’d end up being sweet to you and being as genuine as she can about her feelings for you. As you’d listen, you’d realize the truth and just walk over to kiss her.

Arat-For your first valentine’s day as a couple, she’d give you a long massage throughout the night as you’d get back from your work. The moment, you’d back in your room, she’d tell you to lay down and let her take care of you. She’d make you feel relief and slowly as the night goes on, your clothes would end up on the floor and her touches gradually would turn you on.