...And Crashing To The Ground (closed)

“End of the line, buddy.”
“Please, just a little further. Until we get to Portland? Please?”
“Kid, this bus only goes so far. This is it. Storybrooke. End of the line. Now, c’mon. Grab your stuff and get moving.”
“Yessir.” Jonathan mumbled, grabbing his backpack and moving out into the light of the station. He turned and tried to wave to the bus driver, but they were already gone, back into the mists. 

Possessions:, he wrote in his journal, starting a new list. 

1 glass eye
1 pair glasses, prescription
1 ammonite necklace
1 stuffed dragon (”Rossi”)
1 Carl’s Junior coupon, only usable in Indiana two days ago. 
2 pens (1 blue, 1 black, both found)
1 journal
1 prescription each for Zoloft, Tenex, Latuda, Abilify, shoes (found–forged?)
1 weekly medication dispenser (empty)
1 California ID 
1 Monterey County Library card
1 bus ticket stub
1 laptop
2 chargers
1 set of headphones (starting to tatter)
1 mp3 player 
1 change clothes 
1 hoodie
1 pair shoes (red Converse)
3 extra pairs socks & underwear 
5-7 books (lost track, will list later)

He trudged down the main street, clutching his bag straps tightly. Eventually, he found what he was looking for–a pawn shop, and in his mind, the most perfect pawn shop that had ever existed, because it was RIGHT THERE. 
“Sir? Ma’am? Anybody?” he called, moving inside. At the counter, he plunked the list down in front of the first person he saw. 
“Are you the proprietor?”

Do any of you know what this fucking thing is? It’s the mother-shit-kicking Spicy Chicken Sandwich you ignorant mongoloid.

Carl’s Junior was all like “God damn, we need some more ass-kickery up in this bitch”. So they bought some fucking chicken, spiced the hell out of it and slapped it between a bun along with some lettuce and mayonnaise.

And then after tasting it Carl’s Junior said “This shit be poppin’, yo! How much should we sell it for?”

$1.00. They are selling it for $1.00.

Shit son, it even came with a $1.00 off coupon for any of their Steakhouse Burgers on my next purchase, so I basically got this thing for free.

Carl’s Junior for President 2012


Bacon to the 6th Power

I love these guys, but I’m jealous of the loads of money that must have by now.