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this white girl i kno on snapchat (shes like....16) came out as asexual.... n her caption included "and btw, i'm not a plant" and like.... okay thats cool and all that but also whos gonna kick ur ass and call you a plant for being asexual its legit 2017

thats cool that shes ace or whatever but today this trans guy at carls junior was talking about how he was afraid for his life if her came out, and i think thats the real fundamental difference between being oppressed and wannabe-oppressed

  • Momota: You gotta be dunkin my donuts
  • Akamatsu: You gotta be huttin my pizza
  • Harukawa: You gotta be mackin my Donalds, man
  • Amami: You're really innin my outs, buddy.
  • Yonaga: You're fiving my guys
  • Ouma: Ya whitin my castle, you're dairyin my queen
  • Yumeno: Ya steakin my shake
  • Hoshi: But are you belling my taco
  • Iruma: you're expressing my panda
  • Shinguuji: You're starrin my bucks
  • Toujou: you're really krispyin my kremes, master
  • Shirogane: you're really carling my junior here, bucko
  • Kiibo: Wendy's

Do any of you know what this fucking thing is? It’s the mother-shit-kicking Spicy Chicken Sandwich you ignorant mongoloid.

Carl’s Junior was all like “God damn, we need some more ass-kickery up in this bitch”. So they bought some fucking chicken, spiced the hell out of it and slapped it between a bun along with some lettuce and mayonnaise.

And then after tasting it Carl’s Junior said “This shit be poppin’, yo! How much should we sell it for?”

$1.00. They are selling it for $1.00.

Shit son, it even came with a $1.00 off coupon for any of their Steakhouse Burgers on my next purchase, so I basically got this thing for free.

Carl’s Junior for President 2012