• Momota: You gotta be dunkin my donuts
  • Akamatsu: You gotta be huttin my pizza
  • Harukawa: You gotta be mackin my Donalds, man
  • Amami: You're really innin my outs, buddy.
  • Yonaga: You're fiving my guys
  • Ouma: Ya whitin my castle, you're dairyin my queen
  • Yumeno: Ya steakin my shake
  • Hoshi: But are you belling my taco
  • Iruma: you're expressing my panda
  • Shinguuji: You're starrin my bucks
  • Toujou: you're really krispyin my kremes, master
  • Shirogane: you're really carling my junior here, bucko
  • Kiibo: Wendy's

Do any of you know what this fucking thing is? It’s the mother-shit-kicking Spicy Chicken Sandwich you ignorant mongoloid.

Carl’s Junior was all like “God damn, we need some more ass-kickery up in this bitch”. So they bought some fucking chicken, spiced the hell out of it and slapped it between a bun along with some lettuce and mayonnaise.

And then after tasting it Carl’s Junior said “This shit be poppin’, yo! How much should we sell it for?”

$1.00. They are selling it for $1.00.

Shit son, it even came with a $1.00 off coupon for any of their Steakhouse Burgers on my next purchase, so I basically got this thing for free.

Carl’s Junior for President 2012