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Daily Doodle! 5/4/17
Okay, so after initially watching “Battle of the Bands” something inside me was ,like, “you know that voice (of Max) from somewhere, like the way he says “four” it seems so familiar.” and then the observation faded in the back of my mind until I spent 3 whole days at work listening to the entire Phineas and Ferb soundtrack, and then BAM!!! CARL!! CARL KARL IS THE VOICE OF MAX!!! so I looked it up and sure enough I was right. so here’s to that discovery.

But they’re not animals!” Said Monogram, “How will they qualify?”                                 

“You mean, how will you make not paying them legal?” said Carl, rolling his eyes. “We can file them as Volunteers if it’s that big an issue, sir.

—  Carl, calling Monogram out on his bullshit.
"Make Play"
  • Major Monogram: Princess! Opera House! Claw Machine! Stuffed Animal! You put that together and you get a Claw Princess Animal... Uh... Stuffed Claw House...
  • Carl: Ooh-ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh! Or a... or a Singing Animal Claw!
  • Major Monogram: A Singing Claw!
  • Carl: Clawpra House!
  • Major Monogram: A Clawing Clawing House with a...
  • Carl: Stuffy stuffsis...
  • Major Monogram: It's terrifying!
8th Anniversary: Bone Queef and Chief Segment
Comedy Bang Bang
8th Anniversary: Bone Queef and Chief Segment

#BoneChief || Full clip of the introduction of Bone Queef and The Chief from the 8th Anniversary Special


Lost in Light II is a short film showing how light pollution affects night skies using one of the most prominent constellations - The Orion. The success and reach of my previous film( - made the news in over 40 countries and published on National Geographic, inspired me to make a follow up to help people even better relate to night skies and further raise awareness on light pollution. One thing I realized from my last film was that people were able to relate to the difference between the light pollution levels but not the Milky Way itself. The Milky Way appears more colorful to a camera than it does to our eyes and most people haven’t seen it. But, the Orion is a more common sight. It’s a great subject to help explain light pollution.

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Good Advice

emthegreenshoyru: Trick or Treat: Carl after the good-evil-good-inator incident? So far only two fics focus on that and Carl doesn’t get much fanfic love… :/

Carl had never been invited to Major Monogram’s house for dinner before. Sure, he had eaten dinner there plenty of times, but that was different. Sometimes Mrs. Monogram would give him a sandwich when he came over to erase computer viruses, and sometimes he would be told to “sit down and have a bite” when he came in the evening to deliver important documents that the Major had left in his office. But he had never been formally invited.

Normally Carl would have been ecstatic. Over the moon. But today he just couldn’t concentrate.

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PnF Oneshot: Profile Update

Carl the Intern wears a lot of hats at the OWCA. Naturally some responsibilities are a bit more fun than others. The tedious and sometimes disgusting job of maintaining surveillance on the DEI Building is brightened by one hilarious chore: keeping tabs on updates to Strudelcutie4427’s online dating profile.

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