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Carl‘s back home

[Not my gif. credit to the rightful owner]

Summary: After worrisome hours of wondering where your younger brother, Carl, could be, your prayer is answered whenever Negan knocks on the door with Carl by his side. You, of course, are intimidated yet intrigued by the idea of Negan. He plans to drop Carl off to toy with your father’s feelings, but instead finds you which makes him delighted.

warnings: language and negan’s vulgar mentions

You anxiously chewed at your unpainted fingernails; allowing your mind to ponder about all the terrible things that could have happened to your brother Carl during his little sneak out.

What if one of his ridiculous antics got him killed by Negan this time?

He only told you he was going out for a walk with Enid, and of course you remembering how you wanted alone time as a teenager yourself when you were his age made you have sypthamy, telling him it was only between the two of you and dad wouldn’t know.

Great, what if he got killed because of me?, you thought as your bottom lip quivered at the unshakable thought.

Your father, Rick, was out with the rest of the group gathering for The Saviors. They reminded you it might take a while or even an entire day and not to worry.

“Come on already.” You clenched your fists as you repeatedly paced along the kitchen floor.

With that, a loud knock echoed throughout the house causing you to instantly spring to your feet and run to the door with your heart racing.

Carl, you’re going to fucking get it-” You exclaimed once you opened the door, instantly becoming flushed at the cheeks as Negan stood in the doorway with his arm around Carl.

Your mouth stayed slightly open like a fool, your heart race beginning to increase at the sight of him.

You muttered a considerable amount of inaudible stutters which only brought a smirk to his twisted face.

“Oh shit.” He slipped his tongue between his lips as he grinned at you. “Didn’t know Ricky’s fine little daughter would be here,” His eyes peered along the room; analyzing every little thing. “Alone.”

You gulped in nervousness but put on an annoyed expression to make yourself look less like a coward. You had to protect your brother.

You raised your arm, prompting it against the doorway. “What are you doing with my little brother, Negan?”

Forgetting you were in a cropped tee and silk pajama night shorts, he reminded you by skimming his eyes across your figure with a pleased face.

“Ah damn,” He groaned as he bit his bottom lip causing you to blush again.

He invited himself inside as he waltzed towards you with Carl behind him.

“Your little asshole brother killed two of my men, and threatened me himself. Being the generous man I am, I let it slide. Just asked the kid to show me his gnarly missing eyeball and fucking shit was that awesome.” He grinned, bawling his fists up in excitement which caused a disgusted expression to form along your face.

Your glance was targeted to Carl and you shook your head. “I thought you were with your girlfriend? I swear to God,” You shook your head in frustration.

“Go up to your room before dad gets back, Carl.”

Carl sighed heavily in embarrassment as he jogged upstairs at your demand.

Negan watched in astonishment. “Aren’t you a lil young to be playing mama, sweetheart?”

Your rolled your eyes, placing your hand on your hip. “I’m Twenty one Negan.”

He grinned happily, “You know what that means, right? Legal.” He dragged the word knowing it annoyed you.

Scoffing, you push past him.

“Anyways, where’s daddy-o?” He followed you as you walked into the kitchen near the island.

“Gathering for you and your people. Uhm, he probably won’t be back for a while or even a day.” You responded but instantly regretted as he smirked devilishly.

He blocked your entrance as he pinned his body against yours along the island.

Your face brushed against his chest as you looked up at him with your bambi like eyes, your heart racing more than ever.

He towered over you and that gave him great satisfaction knowing he could lift you with one arm.

(Y/N), I am sorry for having been so rude to you just now. Looks like I’m going to be here for a while, awaiting your fearless father’s return and if you’d like, I think it would be enjoyable to screw yours brains out.I mean, if you’re agreeable to that.”

You scoffed at his cockiness, but mentally smirked as an idea popped into your head.

You giggled softly, leaning forward and placing your lips against his ear.

“Mm Negan, want to know how I feel about that?” You draped your arms along his neck with a seductive smile.

A smirk plastered onto his lips. “What kitten? Tell me.”

His hands trailed down to your waist, gently squeezing your sides.

You brushed your lips against his, gripping his face as you continued to lock lips.

He groaned, placing tiny kisses along your lips before plopping you down on the counter with a thud.

Your plan was to pull away in an instant, but of course he had to put you in one of his trances.

You pulled away and quickly slapped his face causing him to chuckle loudly with a grin, holding his sore jaw.

“You know, I’m 50% more into you now, baby girl. Didn’t think that was possible. I believe I’ll spend the night. I know Rick wouldn’t like the idea of his precious darlings being home alone all night.”

You flashed him a fake grin but inside anticipation filled your veins.

  • what she says: i'm fine.
  • what she means: maggie and carl have been through so much together. maggie was the one that warned hershel that rick and carl were coming and needed help. maggie was right by carl's side when lori was going to die. maggie protected carl when rick was going crazy and having hallucinations in the prison. carl gave maggie the music box after beth died because he thought she would like it. carl was right beside maggie letting her know he and the rest of the group were going to take glenn and that it would be ok. carl was there with open arms accepting a hug they both needed more than anything while maggie was crying in his arms. these two have been by each others sides during their most tragic moments and if they don't team up and kick negans ass together i'm going to riot.

“To look up is to look back in time, because the ancient beams of light are messengers from the Universe’s distant past.”

- Brian Cox, Wonders of the Universe



Pairing: Daryl Dixon x Reader

Genre: angst, comfort 

Words: 683

Summary: you and daryl meet once again at the Hilltop. 

Notes: takes place legit in last night’s mid season finale. FUCK GUYS I HAD SO MANY FEELINGS I AM SO EMOTIONAL so i had to write this short drabble…enjoy. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 

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Girl-lie You’re a Badass Motherfucker

Anonymous asked for a LONG Badass!Reader X Carl imagine.

Summary: Carl wants to kill Negan. Even though she’s a badass, (Y/N) thinks it’s a bad idea after what they saw.

AN: ‘hock-a-lugey’ means to collect mucus in your throat and spit it out. Also, I hope you guys enjoy. I’m not very good at writing badass’

Negan is a complete and utter asshole. It’s common knowledge among his Saviors, they all fear him because of it. The day he had rolled on on her group she had not shown her fear. It was clear to her that she would have to act with courage. He was no nice guy, and she would have to prove she wasn’t someone to play with.

When he had walked past her and Carl as they knelled side by side, Negan had called Carl a future serial-killer. Then, he had the nerve to make a joke about her being the serial-killer’s psychopath. Anger soaring, the girl ‘hocked-a-lugey’ at him. 

With a laugh he keeps walking, “Since I like your boy, I’m gonna ignore that. It’s outta the kindness of my heart, girl-lie.”

She sits up, heart pounding in her chest as she looks around the room. She sighs in relief as (e/c) orbs land on the beige walls of her room. Only a flashback, a nightmare, one of many since that night. He may think her a psychopath, but it could only be (Y/N)’s resting bitch-face.

The (h/c) rolls out of bed, stretching as she rises to her full height. (S/t) arms span out above her head and her mouth drops open to release a breath stuck within her lungs. Letting out a sound of content as her joints snap soundly back into place she struts out of her room. Since Denise was dead, and Tara wasn’t home, she had the place to herself. The eerie quiet of the morning, being the earliest riser of Alexandria, didn’t dissuade the girl a bit as she followed her daily routine. First, she would use her restroom for about thirty minutes, grooming herself and showering. After feeling good and ready, the girl steps out of the shower, pushing unkempt hair from her face. She dries off, dressing in one of the few pairs of clean clothes she has left; some dark denim jeans, a grey cotton shirt, and a plaid button up. 

Her boot heels click as she descends the stairs and slinks into the lonely kitchen, the stools are cold plastic. The air is solemn, and she can’t help but remember that Tara still doesn’t know anything thats happened. (Y/N)’s second, currently only, guardian was out on a run and would return in three days. She doesn’t know what to do for Tara yet, and she won’t know until the time comes.

For now, she settles on making herself some breakfast. When they had been supplied eggs from the Hilltop, she had been the first to ask Olivia for a carton. Eggs really weren’t her favorite thing in the world, but it had been some time since she had tasted one. As she sits at the counter, boiled eggs in tow, she revels in the nostalgia. The scent of bacon litters her senses, and as her eyes close she can just imagine her mom setting pancakes down at the bar before her.

Then her eyes open, and she is brought back to reality.

She is oblivious to the passing of time, sitting there, alone. Her ears are deaf to the sounds of the Alexandrian’s moving around outside. She is blind as Saviors enter her home and take her neighbors things.

It’s in that moment, she hears it.

“Why do you need those balloons, little girl?” 

Anger shakes her down to her very core as she slaps her bowl off the table. She storms outside with a storm brewing in her (e/c) irises. (Y/N) marches down the road towards the Savior who had decided to toy with Enid. She stops behind the brunette haired girl, a scowl on her face as she meets eyes with, a just as angry, lone blue orb. The hate in that one eye is almost enough to mirror her own as she looks the man up and down.

“Oh lookie here, the poor baby can’t fight her battles herself?” The Savior laughs, Enid looks back at (Y/N) unshed tears in her blue eyes.

“She can, but she doesn’t have to,” (Y/N) nearly growls holding herself back, “Why do you need balloons, huh asshole? Mommy never come to celebrate your birthday? Or, did she die trying?” 

The Savior’s smirk drops as he pulls out a knife and puts it to (Y/N)’s throat.

“You watch your tone, young lady.”

“Why? Did I hurt your feelings? Why don’t you run off like a good boy and tell your daddy Negan,” she sneers. The man looks at her with shock, fear momentarily flashes in his eyes. He doesn’t move the blade away until the girl reaches up and squeezes his wrist enough to make him drop the blade. His gaze lifts to (Y/N)’s angry face before he throws the balloons down in front of them both. After he disappears, her facade drops and she turns to Enid again. 

The poor girl looks like she could burst any moment. She knew how much the balloons meant to Enid, to Maggie. (Y/N) bends down and picks them up, with the green balloons in hand she turns back to the older teen and pulls her into a tight hug.

“It’s okay, Enid. Everything is okay.” She mumbles as Enid softly lets out a small sob into her shoulder. The moment doesn’t last long as they both pull back.

“Thank you, (Y/N).” She smiles, wiping her eyes as the other hands her the pack of green plastic

“That’s what family does, Enid.” (Y/N) smiles brightly as the other girls eyes light up. Their once hardened faces now only express happiness.

(Y/N),” The two girls turn to the knew arrival, Carl. Behind him, Rick sends the teens a look of disapproval. Of course (Y/N) knew his plan, she was all for following it until her family was in danger. 

“What’s up?” She shifts, eyebrow raised.

“They’re taking our guns, all of them.” 

She found herself in her house alone once again. The Saviors had left only an hour prior, and after a long talking to courtesy of Rick; ‘I understand why you did it, you just shouldn’t have.’ She had prepared herself a single serving of sloppy Joe, the leftovers tossed in the fridge for tomorrow and the next few days. Denise once told her sloppy Joe was Tara’s favorite, and it was the closest she had to ice cream.


After a long moment, she glances over her shoulder at the door. She was only halfway through her meal when someone had interrupted. Swiveling back around in her chair she continues to eat after a shout of:

“It’s open!”

The front door slams against the drywall, whomever it was seemed to have no care for her drywall. Hopefully they hadn’t opened a hole.

“(Y/N), Enid climbed the wall.” Carl breaks the silence as he skids to a stop beside her. With as sigh she places her spoon back down. Would she ever get to eat?

And? She’ll be back later,” she just wants to eat the rest of her portion, “She always is.” Hurriedly, she shovels meat into her mouth.

“No she wont,” he adds now almost amused by her rush to eat, “She said she’s going to see Maggie.”

“Seriously?” With a groan, and only one spoonful left, she regrettably tosses her bowl into the empty sink. Her focus returns to Carl as she grabs his arm and tugs him from the home. She stops momentarily to grab a skateboard from her grass before tugging him over to the wall.

“What’s with the skateboard?”

Dramatic entrance.” The girl smirks, winking to him before throwing the board with all her might. It just makes it over the top before she starts climbing.

(Y/N) lets go of the bumper of the car as Carl turns into a stray walker. Her arms come up, ‘borrowed’ extra katana slicing through the head of another walker who was flanking a lone Enid. She skids to a stop, turning to face Enid who looked to Carl with a questioning look.

“We decided to take a drive,” Carl shrugs stepping out of the car. Enid can’t help but smile even as (Y/N) lets out a laugh and kicks her board up to catch it with her hand. 

“Alright love birds, lets get going.” She states sliding the katana back into the sheath tied to rest on her back. She doesn’t notice Enid’s blush or the frown on Carl’s face.

“Hey, (Y/N), come check this out!” Carl’s shout pulls the girl from her thoughts. Spinning around the (h/c) jogs over to him after shrugging to a curious Enid.


“I found skates, want to skate with me?” He laughs jovially.

“I have a skateboard, why don’t you ask Enid?” As she turns around she is once again oblivious to the crestfallen look on his face.

“Carl, why don’t you just tell (Y/N) you like her?” Enid asks skating up beside him. (Y/N) had since taken the lead, she was by far the strongest of the three since Carl had lost his eye.

“What? I don’t know what you’re talking about,” the look on her face looked as if she could smell the bullshit rolling off of him in waves.


“She doesn’t like me.” He protests, shaking his head.

“Tell her when we get to the Hilltop or I’m going to tell everyone you’re a chicken!” She laughs shoving the boy playfully.

Shut up!” He grumbles shoving her back with a laugh.

“(Y/N) wait,” a hand lands on the girls wrist turning her around, “I have to tell you something.” She turns around, eyes meeting Carl’s lone momentarily. Her eyebrows furrow as she looks at him questioningly before lips are covering her own. She melts into the boy eyes fluttering shut as she leans into him. After a moment they pull back and search each others eyes.

“I love you,” a blush appears on both of their faces as they both speak up at the same time.

“(Y/N), I’m going to kill Negan.”

“What- what the fuck, Carl? You can’t just spring that on me after kissing me!” She shoves his shoulders lightly, only a little ticked off.

“Sorry, (Y/N).” He sighs eye dropping.

“I’m going with you,” She frowns defiantly. 

“No, stay here with everyone. You’re a badass, (Y/N). You should take care of our family.” He nudges her towards Enid who stands a safe distance away. She glares back at him, but she knows this isn’t over.

Just as the truck pulls away from the Hilltop, and Jesus climbs in the truck he is greeted by Carl.

Up above, (Y/N) grins, ain’t no boy tellin’ her what to do.

“Not that Carl’s my lover…” - Peter Doherty

I know you lie, I’m still in love with you…

I know where to find you, my love, at the same old flat by the river….

And you’re the only lover I had, who ever slept with a knife…

You’re gonna be in the dark once again, my love, my love…

And I love every inch of you, yes I do love every single inch of you…

He was my hero, oh yes he was, my hero every inch…

Just say you love me, for three good reasons…

You said that you love me, why don’t you fuck off…

If I have to go, I will be thinking of your love…

If call I must do, to take my love my love to you…

Are you still shaking out all the deadwood from your bed love, like you used to…

On the off chance that you’re listening to the radio, I thought you might like to know you broke my heart…

“I listened to everything. He hid love messages for me in them. We both did that.” - Carl Barât.

Wasn’t Meant To Be

Request Prompt: A smut imagine for Carl where the reader was dating Ron before Carl showed up and she gets really close to Carl because they are both survivors and one day when they are hanging out one thing leads to another? Thank you!!! -Anon

Request Prompt: Hey (: Can you do a carl smut where he sleeps with the reader and the reader is dating ron when it happens 😂 thank you ! xx -anon 

Pairing(s): Carl Grimes x Reader x Ron Anderson x Enid

Warning: Fluff and Smut

A/N- The two prompts were similar so I just combined them and changed some things around.


His hands roamed my body as he hovered over me and I arched my back. He chuckled and slid my panties to the side.

“Ahh Carl.”, I moaned as he slid two fingers inside me.

“Who’d ever thought we’d end up in this position.”, he said pumping into me.

I moaned and he smirked before curling his fingers. He brushed against a certain spot and I arched my back further of the mat so our chests were touching.

“You like that don’t you Y/N”, he whispered in my ear.

I nodded and thruster my hips to meet his fingers. He chuckled again before speeding up. I felt my stomach clench as I was close. He pulled out and I whimpered from the loss of contact. I heard him unzip his pants before sliding into me. I moaned as he went a steady pace.

“Harder”, I said and he obliged.

Our moans filled the room as he slammed into me hitting a certain spot inside me every time.

“I’m about…”, I moaned and he nodded.

He came first and I followed swiftly. He pulled out and I fixed my clothes with a frown on my lips.

“Cheer up Y/N. He doesn’t deserve you anyway. You see how he is with Enid.”, Carl stated and I sighed.

“I don’t know that for sure.”, I mumbled. I figured it was something going on between them I just refused to believe it. Carl just offered a way to cope with it all.

“Tell me you’re not that stupid Y/N.”, he chuckled and I ran a hand through my hair.

“Two wrongs don’t make a right! He may be cheating but so am I Carl. It feels wrong.-”

“But right.”, he cut me off before wrapping and arm around me.

“Yeah.”, I sighed as a noise broke us apart. I turned to see Ron with a angry expression on his face.


“What are you doing here with him?”, he asked and I frowned.

“We were just-”

“What? Fucking behind my back?!”, he screamed and tears threatened to fall down my face.

“Its not like that.”, I whimpered and I lifted his hand to hit me. I flinched back but felt no pain. I looked up to see Carl holding his wrist with a deadly glare.

“You raise your hand to hit her again and I’ll kill you Anderson.”, he sneered and Ron scoffed.

“Whatever, you can keep her since she wants to be a whore now.”, Ron snapped walking out.

My mouth opened in shock as he called me out my name like that. I finally let the tears fall as Carl pulled me in for a hug.

“I told you this was a bad idea! I look like the bad guy now!”, I shouted and he frowned.

I stomped out intending to talk to Ron about everything. I approached their house and saw Sam sitting outside on the porch waving at me.

“Hey Sam where’s your brother?”, I asked him.

“Upstairs with Enid.”, He replied and my eyes narrowed in the direction of the staircase.

“Enid? What’s she doing here?”, I asked him and he frowned.

“She comes here whenever you aren’t around. They’ve kissed and do other things that I can’t see.”, he explained and i remained emotionless. 

“Why isn’t it you? I liked you guys together.”, he frowned and I clenched my jaw.

“That little-”, I stopped as I ran past him and went upstairs. The sounds of moaning echoed through the hall and I banged on the door.

“Ron open this fucking door right now!”, I shouted and a string of curses followed.

Ron swung open the door with a scowl as Enid covered herself with the covers.

“What do you want? Can’t you see I’m busy?”, he asked and I scoffed.

“It hasn’t even been 30 minutes Ron. And you’re already sleeping with Enid?”, I asked and he ran a hand through his hair.

“Why do you care when you cheated on me. Need I remind you how you’ve been going behind my back for days.”, he questioned and I bit my lip.

“It wasn’t like that.”, I stammered and he laughed.

“Then what was it like then? We broke up and I’m sleeping with her to deal with that.”, he shouted.

“But you’ve been doing this for months.”, Sam’s voice stated and I stood silent.

“Shut up Sam. Go back outside.”, Ron told him.

“Don’t you move Sam!”, I screamed before turning to face him, stopping him in his tracks.

“How long did you say?”, I asked and he stared at his feet.

“In not upset with you Sam. Tell me.”, I said and he looked up at me.

“About 3 months now. She comes over and they tell me to go outside to do whatever they were doing.”, he told me and I chuckled.

“So this whole time YOU were cheating on ME! For months!! Making me seem like the asshole in the situation!”, I screamed.

“You cheated too remember!”

“The only difference is that you’ve been cheating on me all this time and haven’t been caught!”, I stated.

“What else am I supposed to do when you don’t ever have time for me! You’re always with Rick and his people!”, he yelled back.

“At least they care for someone feelings and tells me when something’s up! Not like some weak cheating bastard like you!”, I snapped.

“Yes I cheated. Because I felt like you didn’t love me anymore! That I wasn’t enough but now I see that I really wasn’t enough for you. Carl was right.”, I added and he stared at me with a dumbfounded expression.

“I cam here to at least apologize but I bet you weren’t even gonna try. Because she had her legs open waiting for you every time you and I weren’t next to each other and you have the audacity to call me a whore!”, I screamed before turning to Sam.

“Sam you’re welcome to come to Carol’s for cookies whenever they put you out. And if you don’t mind, go let your mother know everything that’s going on so she won’t expect me for dinner tonight.”, I told the younger boy and he grinned up at me before running downstairs and out the door.

“Hope the both of you fuckers have fun.”, I said before flipping them off with a smile.

I walked down the stairs and out of the house making my way back to Carl. He sat on the porch holding Judith and I quietly sat down. I could feel his stare on my back and I let tears roll down my cheeks.

“What happened?”, he asked.

“Months Carl. He’s been cheating for months.”, I replied quietly. He sighed before standing up and holding out a hand.

I took it and he pulled me into his embrace. I can’t believe I was so stupid.

“I was so dumb.”, I mumbled and he kissed my head.

“It’ll get better. I may not have known how much you loved him but I know that you have us. You have me.”, he stated before kissing me softly.

It Gets Better - A Carl Grimes Imagine

“Can I request a Carl Grimes imagine where Carl is insecure about losing his eye and the reader comforts him (with fluff)?”

It was getting late, I said good night to Rick, Judith, and Michonne and went upstairs to the bedroom me and Carl shared. He had been very distant lately. It had been a week since it happened. He kept to himself a lot, and he wasn’t outgoing and talkative as usual. Instead, he stayed in the house.
I opened the door to our room and saw what I had been seeing for a while now. Carl laying on his side, facing away from the door, sleeping. Or rather, pretending to be sleeping.
“I know you’re awake,” I said gently, closing the door.
He muttered something. “How could you tell?”
“You’re never asleep this early.”
“Sometimes I am.”
“And sometimes you lay there pretending to sleep so you don’t have to talk to me.”
He sighed. “Carl, can you at least face me for once?” I sat on the bed next to him.
“I’m comfortable here.”
I sighed, “Carl, please. I know you’re upset, you have every right to be. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I just want to help you through it. Talk to me, baby.”
He sat up and leaned back against the headboard. “I feel..fuck. I don’t even know how I feel, or if I feel anything at all. It feels..weird. In a bad way, a really bad way,” he bowed his head, tears welling in his eye. I took his hand in mine and rubbed circles on it with my thumb. “I’ll never be the same. My perception is completely fucked up, and I’m gonna have to wear a fucking eye patch for the rest of my life. You wouldn’t even believe the pain. It hurts so bad, y/n,” his voice completely broke. I pulled him into me and he sobbed into my shoulder. I rubbed his back gently, feeling the sobs wrack his body. Tears threatened to spill out of my eyes, but I had to be strong for him. “Baby I know it hurts. I’m so sorry you have to go through this. But it’s gonna get better. The pain will go away, your perception will come back, and it’ll all be okay.” He pulled away, still crying. “Y/n look at me. This is not okay! I’m ugly. I’m horrifying to look at. My sister is probably terrified of me. No one will ever look at me the same, including you. You don’t deserve to be with someone who looks like this,” his voice quavered as he continued to sob. He put his head in his hands. I grabbed his chin and pulled his face up to meet mine. “Carl look at me. You are not ugly. You are not horrifying. You are the same. You’re still the brave, strong, loving Carl we all know and love. You may only have one eye, but that doesn’t matter. I’ll never look at you differently, and neither will anyone else,” I said very firmly. He had stopped crying, and his voice was hushed. “I’m hideous,” he whispered, looking down at his hands, picking at them nervously.
“No you are not. You’re still the most handsome guy I’ve ever seen. You’re still my adorable little ray of sunshine, and you always will be.” He smiled. I continued, “See that? That smile. That perfect smiled I’ll always love. I still love your eyes, even if there’s only one now. I love the dimples in your cheeks, and the way you laugh, and your voice when you wake up, and how you’re cuddly when you’re tired. I love your sense of humor, your personality, everything. You’re so brave and strong, and I love that, too. I love everything about you, Carl. You losing an eye will never change that, nothing will.” His cheeks tinted pink and he smiled a wide, beautiful smile, making his dimples pop. I poked them, and kissed him lightly. “Y/n I can’t even explain how much I love you. Thank you so much. Without you, I don’t know what the hell I’d do.” He hugged me tightly.
“You don’t have to thank me, that’s what I’m here for.”
“I’m actually tired now, let’s go to sleep,” he said, pulling me under the covers. I laid on my back and he put his head on my chest. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed the top of his head. “I love you,” I whispered. “I love you more, babygirl,” he mumbled as he drifted off to sleep.

Rick's Epic Father Look

When Rick looked at Carl after Negan told him he snuck into a truck a gunned down his men, I think it was the first time Carl thought he was going to get his ass beat. He’s usually all defiant to his dad, bit his look was def Im about to get laid dafuq OUT!

Its unfair they didnt show Michonne finding out too because the last time she caught him out by his lonely she was all up in his grill.

Basically, I need a family dinner soon with Richonne side-eying Carl.


Sing, Sing Pt. 2, Sing Pt. 3, Sing Pt. 4, Sing Pt. 5, Sing Pt. 6

Request: Yes, anon

carl imagine? reader and carl both go to negans place (carl doesn’t like the idea but somehow agrees) and yea everything that happened in “sing me a song” but with reader by carls side. maybe negan hurts reader and makes carl sing it her while she’s in pain? or something sad? thanks!:)))



There are going to be several parts to this bc I started writing and sorta didn’t stop. The second part will either be out tomorrow or later today. Idk how many parts there will be


“No, y/n,” Carl says, shaking his head. “I’m not letting you come with me. This is something I have to do on my own.”

“Uh, no, it isn’t. Last time I checked we all lost Glenn and Abraham to him, not just you. He didn’t only kill your friends, Carl. So, I don’t care if this is one of those times you’re gonna run off and do something stupid, I’m coming with you.” Carl looks at you and you stare back, determination and stubbornness blazing like a forest fire in your eyes.

“So…got a plan?” you ask Carl. You both have been riding in the back of one of Negan’s supply trucks for the last hour maybe? Carl wants to kill Negan and like hell were you going to let him go on his own for this suicide mission.

You hear a click and turn around to face Carl. He’s holding a machine gun, you don’t know what specific one. Of course, we’ll just shoot our way out in there. Nothing could possibly go wrong there. You keep your mouth shut, not wanting to piss Carl off and make him even more reckless–which is pretty hard to do right now. Carl hands you one and you take it, not truly believing you’ll use it before being detained or killed.

Negan’s voice sounds outside the truck and you both get into position. Our whole body is tense while you wait and watch them. There is enough space for you both to hide and not be seen at first, but once of them drops a box of bottle they see you.

Carl is the first one to shoot, taking down two. Then you get up and you both get two others.

“We only want Negan,” Carl declares.

“Our friends are dead because of him,” you chime in.

“You guys are adorable,” Negan says. You both have your guns pointed at him, waiting to take him down. You look over at Carl, waiting for a single or something to pump him full of lead, but none comes. “You pick that gun because it looks cool?” he moves one of his men in front of him. “You totally did, right?”

“Coward,” you say when you see him doing this. His attention turns from Carl to you.

“Excuse me, little miss?” he says.

“I said you’re a coward. Hiding behind your own, hoping we shoot him and spare you. That how you like to do it?” Carl shoots you a look, begging for you to shut up before you get yourself killed. Maybe it’s not him that’s the reckless one.

Negan doesn’t respond, but instead you’re both tackled to the ground by his remaining men. Carl puts up a fight, but you’re pinned down until he grabs a gun and holds it on you.

“Back off,” Negan says. The man gets off of you, but makes sure you’re not left with any weapons. The other man does the same with Carl. “That anyway to treat our new guests? Even if they’ve been rude to us.” You assume the last comment is directed more at you than Carl. He’s seemed to take a liking to him.

He offers a hand to Carl and then you.

“Let me show you around. You do the same damn stink eye as your dad, but it’s only half as good cause you know…. Missing an eye.” Carl doesn’t take his hand and you can tell this doesn’t please Negan. “Really? It’s because of me that you still even have that hand! Same as Daryl over that. How’s the jb going Daryl!” You turn your head and see Daryl watching you both from behind a gate where walkers are tied up. What the hell kind of job does he have Daryl doing over that? You wonder.

Negan lays off Carl for a minute though to turn to you, offering a hand. You don’t take it. Instead, you push yourself up off the ground and dust yourself off, flaring at Negan the whole time. “I’ll let you slide by not taking my hand because when you do it, it’s defiant in a cute way. I like you. A girl who can take care of herself and have the guts to talk like that to someone like me. I can tell why Carl likes you now. Perfect match.”

Carl stays on the ground, not getting up. Negan offers his hand once again and this time Carl takes it.

“Smart kid. Now let me show you guys around.”

Kid Genius (Carl|Reader)

Request: A carl grimes x reader imagine where you are two yrs younger than him but you are a genius (like smarter than Eugene) and you say something intelligent catching everyone off guard. Thank you!!

Word Count: 1219

Notes and Tags: I feel like it’s a little different then requested, my apologies! I hope this is what you were looking for, if not, message me and I’d be happy to write it differently for you! ( @glitterbearbear

   No one particularly expected you to be as smart as you were. I mean, you barely went to elementary school before all this happened, if people were assuming your level of education based on your age, something not uncommon. Well, no one except Carl. He’d gone to school with you, before the world went to shit, as Daryl liked to refer to it.

    You sigh, reflecting on the past momentarily, before leaning into Carl’s side once again, looking up at him through your eyelashes. Your eyes silently beg him to leave and go lay back down, but he doesn’t notice or he doesn’t care. You decide to listen to the conversation between Rick and Eugene that Carl’s keeping you here to listen to.

    “Eugene, I don’t know what we’re gonna do,” Rick says nervously, running his hand haphazardly through his hair, not sure what he was going to tell Negan if he wasn’t able to get supplies for him, “there’s way too big of a walker herd to go anywhere for a run, and it’s bound to come through here, gates or not.” Judith and Carl’s names run through his head, along with yours, not sure if he would be able to save any of you.

    “Maybe… Maybe there’s some way around it? Do we have maps somewhere..?” he asks the second question quietly, and Rick stares at him momentarily, not sure if he heard right, I mean, no one had left camp for a while, due to the walkers, the current problem, where the hell would we be keeping a map, before shaking his head.

    “… I have one. I’ve been recording one since no one else bothered to.” you get up, Carl letting out an involuntary whimper from the lack of warmth at his side.

    Rick rolls his eyes, not expecting much since he typically saw you just snuggled into Carl’s side. Needless to say, coming back with a map of the immediate five miles or so wasn’t what he expected. You hold it out to Eugene, and he grabs it quickly, looking over it. Rick looks on, impressed, to say the least.

    “Me and Ca-..” you trail off, clearing your throat, knowing if Rick found out Carl was helping you experiment with walkers, outside the gates nonetheless, he’d be pissed.

    “Tara and I have been experimenting with the walkers. With the help of Daryl, of course. When he hunts something we drain it of blood. We’ve been soaking scraps of clothing, that have been worn, in blood and nailing them to trees. Well, I say nailing but it’s closer to just draping fabric over branches, just out of reach of the walkers. No mess. Well.. At least no mess you have to actually wear. They react well to the fabric. And yes, Rick, that’s where your socks have been disappearing to.”

    “… Why not just keep with what we’ve been doing?” Rick asks, referring to just covering ourselves in walker innards and wandering through the herd.

    “You assume everyone can actually be exposed to the smell of rotting flesh and death. You ignore the probability that someone can’t, and that they’d have a gag reflex. Strong smells, especially those that smell like things humans are no longer adapted to smell, can cause emesis, and the smell and the adrenaline rush it temporarily produces is much stronger than the non-complex smell of blood, which is why is there’s sympathy emesis, not sympathy bleeding. Sympathy emesis is where the reaction to is being exposed to someone’s expelled stomach contents, is emesis. Most mammals’ blood smells exactly the same to a human’s nose that isn’t used to different types of blood, so it’s not such a surprise that they react more to the smell and sound of emesis than blood.”

    “… Now try again, this time in layman’s terms.” Rick asks, staring at you.

   “When exposed to-” you start, and Eugene interrupts.

    “Not everyone can handle the smell of walkers. They would vomit, and the smell of expelled stomach contents.. would attract the walkers more than the smell of fresh blood.”

    “… And how did you figure this out?” Rick asks, seemingly full of questions.

    “… I’m the one who has a nose that’s reaction to being up close to the dead is emesis. … Vomiting.”

    Carl gets up, wrapping his arms around you from behind, smiling proudly.

    “That’s my baby,” he says quietly in your ear, causing a shiver to run down your spine, and you instinctively lean back into your older boyfriend. He shoots a glare at Eugene when he offers a weak ‘I’m smarter than you’ under his breath.

    “If you were such a genius you would have figured an alternative to the ponchos covered in walker innards a while back.” Carl growls, dropping his grip on you.

    “The only reason I can even stand the smell is because of my mom-..” he pauses for a moment before continuing, and you notice the all too familiar hurt of memories, that should be forgotten, running through his head prominent in his blue orbs.

    “My mom cooked pancakes every Sunday that always made the neighbors think we set our house on fire. They..” his anger dissipates instantly, and he stands still, staring down at the ground, reliving every good moment he missed and somehow having a bad one to cancel out all the happiness the memory should have provided.

    “Carl, honey, relax..” you offer weakly from behind him, grabbing his hand and lacing your fingers together with his. 

     He turns around, wrapping his arms around you tight. You instinctively hug back, petting his hair, reassuring him that it’s better now, that you and everyone else he loves are safe now. It takes minutes of coaxing but he eventually stops crying enough to allow you to lead him to your current shared room. 

     “How did you convince my dad to let us have a room again?” he asks, laughing weakly, and the memory floods back.

     “Hey, Mr.Grimes, where’s Daryl gonna sleep?” you ask, sitting on the ground next to him. 

     It’s obvious he hasn’t thought about this, because a look of panic takes over his features quickly.

     “Hey! He could have my room! It’s easily bigger than if he bunks with anyone else. Plus Jesus could even keep an eye on him, and Daryl wouldn’t have to be so close to him.”

     “… Well I was thinking he could bunk with me you know,” the older Grimes offers weakly, more to himself than anyone else.

     “So you could keep an eye on him? Well.. I mean I’ve talked about it to Carl, and he’s willing to sleep in my bed. Or well, a bed, with me. So Daryl could have that bed? And Carl could move in with me?” you smirk to yourself, knowing he doesn’t exactly have a better option.

     “… I’ll think about it.” he says, smiling to himself, and walking off.

     “Maybe I’m just convincing.” you offer, grinning and pulling him closer to your chest. You sigh, fiddling with the bandage wrapped around his head.

     “We’ll make it out of this world together, babe.” he says, looking up at you. You know he says it more to reassure himself than to comfort you, so you nod, kissing the top of his head.

     “We sure will, Grimes.”

Dating Carl Would Include!

Dating Carl would include! (with shy/quiet reader)

  • + His family being surprised by your shyness
  • + When he first met you he fell for you
  • + You and Him being perfect together because you fit together awesomely
  • + You getting scared when he goes to Juvie
  • + After he get’s out he’s changed but still so sweet to you
  • + Carl always being there
  • + Him fighting people that try picking on your for being quiet
  • + You and Carl being the romantic couple in secret
  • + You being Shy is what drew him to you
  • + Carl loving that you just listen to him and not try to make him be different
  • + You loving Carl with all your heart but not knowing how to show it
  • + You getting more shy when Carl flirts with you or slaps your a** in public
  • + People not understanding how you to are together because your polar opposites
  • + You both always being there for eachother and never leaving eachothers side
  • + Carl loving you know matter what people say

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p.s I loved writing this so darn much! -AdminBrook

The plain white walls of Judith’s room were bathed in the moonlight. You offered to take care of her while Carl was off doing something with his dad. You and Carl had been together for a while now, but were best friends with him even before that. You met outside the first camp right outside Atlanta. Honestly, you were surprised you survived this far, staying by Carl’s side all the way to Alexandria. You didn’t have your parents in this world so Rick let you live in the same house as his family, which you were forever grateful for.

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I got this one just before winter break of school and I was so busy throughout, so sorry for the time! I suck at deadlines lol. This one has more angst and violence than planned, but I like how it came out! I hope this is what you were looking for, dear :)

Prompt: When the Wolves invade Alexandria, Carl and Reader stay in the house to protect Judith and something happens? And Carl protects her?

Requested by: @friendly-letters

Characters: Carl Grimes x Reader

“And that’s how we were able to-”

“Enid? Shut up.” You say, the gun in your hands a familiar heaviness. You didn’t need to hear the sob story. As much as you loved her, you didn’t need to hear her monotony. You knew how problems arise with big compounds. You listened to this tune before. You know how the song plays out.

“You think we don’t know that?” Carl added to your side. His back pressed against yours, his gun pointed to the back door of your house.

“It’s not our first rodeo, hon.” You said. It seemed to shut her up. You sighed contentedly. Silence. You couldn’t hear anything except for the blood pounding in your ears. You hadn’t felt an adrenaline rush like this for almost two weeks. You couldn’t say that it felt good. Rather, it felt normal.

Living in Alexandria, you had what would have been considered a normal life. Living in a home, working on stupid homework the designated teacher gave, watching over Judith. It was what you were doing now. But it never felt normal, not after everything that happened. Your defined normal was shooting walkers, scavenging the forest for food, killing a few people if necessary. The latter still troubled you. If they were the considered bad people, you had little to no trouble. There were the few mercy kills you made, and those that were just for pure survival. Still, taking a life felt wrong to you. You kept track of how many you killed, and the number steadily rose with each sunrise and sunset.

That was, until you came here. For the past two weeks, you didn’t need to kill anyone. No one fought you for the last can of beans, and the groans of the undead were far from here. Sure, a roamer would pass by the wall, but it either ran off or was dealt with by the adults. They didn’t want you kids to buck up and handle the walkers. Inside the wall, you were considered just a rowdy teenager with raging hormones. Not a person who killed.

The sounds of a panicked hustle outside brought you out of your thoughts. Carl and Enid jumped from the ground, running to the front door. You meant to follow, you really did. Your legs were being stretched and you stood from the ground, but your feet didn’t pace behind the other two. They stayed glues to the spot, refusing to go and see what was happening. You didn’t want to deal with what was outside.

So there you stood, listening to the gunshot that jolted through you and being scared to death that you knew that meant someone was dead, but you couldn’t move. The only movement you made was when you heard the door behind you being jimmied and thinking, “Two of them. One for the front, one for the back.” It was a good strategy, really. Something you and Carol had done multiple times before, with a high rate of success, but right now it meant trouble.

And you were still standing in place.

The lock busted and you held up the shotgun jerkily, praying to god that you wouldn’t die today. Another gunshot from the front yard made you jump in place, and your finger slipped from its place on the trigger. The Wolf ran in, a large knife in his hand and a, “W,” written on his forehead in blood. He reminded you of a caveman; covered in dirt and blood, torn clothes, a wild look in his eyes that made you want to scream but no words came out. Instead, you moved your finger back in place and pulled the trigger on your gun.

And you missed.

You had been on millions upon millions of raids, killing dozens of walkers one after the other, headshots galore. And you missed a man that had walked into your glass home. So easily broken.

You pumped and pressed the trigger again, hoping that the second time was the charm, but he got too close you couldn’t think straight and the gun was just another weight in your hands. His manic laughter scared you and his knife was lifted above your head and you backed up to the coffee table. You heard the jitter of something on the table and you hoped it would help. You grabbed the rim and brought it up hastily to your attackers jaw.

A dessert plate. You had used it for this mornings breakfast and forgot to clean up. You mentally thanked your sloppiness. It wasn’t much, and you weren’t sure the force behind the dish slap, but it had rattled your attacker. You took the chance to connect your knee to his groin, this time aware of your force with the hit. His hand released its grip on the knife’s hilt, going down to his groin as he groaned in pain. Your arms pushed him back, and you went for the discarded knife. He thought the same as you and dived for the metal. You were quicker in the endeavor.

You grabbed it shakily and a hand went to your side, grabbing you harshly and pulling you in the air. And your mind went to attack-mode. The previous shakiness, the uncertainty, the part that was stuck in place vanished into thin air. Your only motive, was: kill him.

Your hand holding the knife dug into his side. He screamed in pain, and you twisted it without thought. He dropped you to the ground, and you turned to face your victim. Your eyes looked into his; agony. Terror. Regret. Whatever it was, it was no longer pure insanity. It was scared.

You kept your eyes trained on his as the knife went into his neck. You pushed the blade in deeper, and deeper, until he fell to the ground in a heap. The only noise he made was guttural gasps and gargles. You settled yourself on top of him, and plunging the knife into his stomach again. The red blotch on his messy shirt grew, bigger and bigger with each time you set the knife into his body. He was gone with the blow to his stomach, but you were set to autopilot. Your hands held the blade and you couldn’t stop and you didn’t even realize that tears were on your face and Carl and Enid had returned.

“Y/N!” Carl cried, dropping his gun. “Y/N, stop! He’s gone!”

He ran to your side, getting down on his knees next to you. You stabbed the Wolf one last time with a cry, and Carl grabbed your hands. His touch was gentle, and soft. Something to bring you back to reality. You let out a loud sob as you fell to the wall.

“I can’t. I can’t. I can’t!” You repeated to yourself.

“Hey, hey, it’s okay.” Carl spoke to you softly. He sat in front of you, shrouding you from everything and anyone else.

“I can’t.” You sobbed out. “Carl, I can’t.”

His hands held your bloody ones tightly. You were shaking, you noticed, and he took a hand from yours to brush a stray stand from your face and hold you close. “It’s okay, I’m here.”

“He-he came in… From the back.” You tried to explain. Your voice was shaking with each syllable. “He broke the lock, and he-he tried to-”

“I know.” Carl said, his hand grasping yours tightly. “You don’t need to say anything.”

“I just, I- Ugh.” You looked down at yourself. You were covered in the sticky red liquid. You were mentally berating yourself for losing control like that. You never took out someone like that. You just let loose, and you couldn’t stop. It scared you to hell.

“It’s fine. You’re fine.” He told you, an arm reaching around you, holding you gently. He didn’t want to push you. “You’re safe.”

His lips kissed your forehead, a feathery touch. Barely there, but it set your skin on fire and you welcomed the warmth. It wasn’t the red hot fire you experienced, but a small spark that kept you lit. Something you needed. Something to keep you grounded.

You two sat there together, breathing heavily. You couldn’t move again, stuck in the rut like you were before you stabbed a man to death. You wanted to speak but you weren’t sure if your voice would actually take form. But you tried.

“54.” You whispered, your voice raspy.

“What?” Carl asked.

“54. He was the 54th person I’ve killed.”

“… You keep track?”

“Yeah.” You sighed. Your eyes closed, feeling a small relief form.

His other arm wrapped around you, pulling you into a tight hug. “61.”

“Hm.” You snuggled into his side, keeping him close. “Doesn’t feel right, does it?”

“No, it doesn’t.”

A cry was heard from upstairs. Dammit, you thought, the baby.

“Could you get her?” You asked. “I don’t want her to see me… like this.”

“Yeah.” He stood from the ground and held out a hand for you to take. You grasped it gratefully. He bounded up the stairs to check on his baby sister while you stood in your spot, looking at the dead body you created.

Your eyes left the dead man and circled around the room, and realizing something was missing. Actually, someone. Enid.

You went to the front door, hoping that she was somewhere to be found. She wasn’t. But she left a note.

JSS. Just survive somehow.

Well, Enid, that’s our plan.

Carl the Animator: “Ted! Ted! The boss needs this running scene done in the next 5 minutes!”

Ted the Animator: “…what? Why? That’s not possible!”

Carl the Animator: “All I know is he really, really needs it. Can you do it?

Ted the Animator: “No! There are too many leg movements! It’s a ton of frames to swap between!”

Carl the Animator: “Well, can you… like… skip some?”

Ted the Animator: “…everyone would look like they’re magically skidding along the ground, while their legs flash from side to side.”

Carl the Animator: “Oh, come on. It can’t look THAT weird, right? …Right?”

wolfap  asked:

I just wanted to say, I love your webcomic! I found it the other day and binge-read it. How did you come up with Billy? Like he's different from the conventional werewolf, and I love it!

Thank you! When I first came up with Billy, I thought it would be pretty funny if a ferocious werewolf turned out to be a big dope. And to contrast with Carl, what if the human-side was actually worse than the werewolf-side. Carl & Billy were initially throwaway characters for just that gag, but I ended up fleshing them out waaaay beyond just one-off joke characters.