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I obviously love working with Danai so it makes my job a lot easier. But it’s really interesting to see Michonne more in battle and more on the front line of things. Working with Danai is so awesome just because she’s such an amazing actress and I’ve been so fortunate to have a ridiculous amount of scenes with her. The mother and son dynamic that Carl and Michonne have is really, really cool because Carl was Michonne’s first friend in the group and the first person to actually bring her in and help save her from the walkers and everything, so it’s definitely a very interesting dynamic that I’m definitely having a lot of fun exploring.

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(2/2) or they're like "I'm ready now" and I'm like I'm stocking chips, I cant hear you Brenda. also people get mad because they dont know their pin and with the two banks in my town you need a pin for credit, theres a way to get around it but i only do it for people who are nice and dont blame me or the store for them not knowing their pin. "i dont have to use my pin at Carl's" well this isnt carls buddy boy so figure it out.

Oh jeez

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Daguerreotype portrait of Helene Biewend and her friend Emilie Fromke sewing in a garden probably somewhere in Germany, 1846. By Hermann Carl Eduard Biewend.

Source: National Gallery of Canada.

Daguerreotype portrait of a woman posing in a garden in front of a building by German photographer Hermann Carl Eduard Biewend, October 1, 1846.

Source: National Gallery of Canada.