carl nelson

Another leaked scene from the Defenders miniseries:
  • *the Defenders are gathered in a restaurant*
  • Danny: Hey guys, what should we call ourselves?
  • Matt: What do you mean?
  • Danny: Well, since we're together now, we need a name like how the guys downtown call themselves the Avengers.
  • Jessica: How about the "We Fucked You Up" Club *laughs before taking a shot*
  • Luke: Jessica, swear jar. Also, I'd suggest the Heroes for Hire but I'm the only one here fighting for pay so...
  • Danny: Okay, I do have a name and I wanted you guys' input on it. How about...the Fantastic Four-
  • Matt, Jessica, Luke: NO.
  • Danny: But, we ARE four people and we are fantastic-
  • Jessica: Danny, don't make me reconsider naming my child after you.
  • Danny: But, it's iconic-
  • Luke: Sweet Christmas, that name is terrible.
  • Danny: You guys aren't even listening-
  • Matt: I'm tempted to punch you right now. You're lucky that I was raised Catholic.
  • Frank (from his own booth): No.
  • Claire (calling in): No.
  • Colleen (walking back from the bathroom): Danny, please stop.
  • Misty (from the bar): No.
  • Kingpin (from his cell): No.
  • Foggy (bursting into the room): Me and Matt may not see eye to eye right now...because he's blind yes but it's a no on the name.
  • Trish (on the radio): And for this episode of Trish Talk, I just want to tell New York's very own Iron Fist that his name suggestion sucks hard.
  • Elektra (from outside): I came back from the dead to just tell you it's a no.
  • Danny: *aggressively sips his tea*
  • Jessica: Wow Danny, don't have to sound so DEFENSIVE about it.
  • Matt, Jessica, Danny, Luke: *all four look like they just had an epiphany*

Carl Nelson (Am) & Nina Gilkenson (Pro) at ALHC 2007.

I only know two cats in this business that really had it all; Elvis was one of those guys, the other was Ricky Nelson. There was a difference in those two guys though. Elvis moved…Ricky never had to; he stood flat footed and captivated his audience with his good looks. We grew up with him; those who didn’t missed something. History books are gonna have to say that he played a big role in Rock ‘n’ Roll music…. and he did it his way. -Carl Perkins

RIP Eric Hilliard Nelson | May 8, 1940 - December 31, 1985

Carl on You're My Waterloo
  • Interviewer: ... What about You're My Waterloo then? This is a love song about a beloved soul mate who one is destined to meet once in a lifetime but who also becomes his nemesis later. Is this about you from Peter's point of view?
  • Carl: But the phrase of the song is a metaphor for Napoleon's most worthy opponent, which means Admiral Nelson who defeated him at the Battle of the Waterloo.
  • Interviewer: I think it was not Admiral Nelson but the Duke of Wellington that beat Napoleon at Waterloo.
  • Carl: Shit. Nelson was the one at the Battle of Trafalgar. My mind is in a haze after touring every day (blushes). Back to your question, the name of the song used an English colloquial word that implies respect for the best opponent of one's life. Saying it's a love song will cause funny misunderstanding again ...
  • Interviewer: But the lyrics say "you're the only lover I had who ever slept with a knife"? Oh well.
  • Rockin'on, November 2015