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Hey :) I don't want to be annoying or anything but I was wondering if you could recommend some books or websites were I could learn more about space.. I have huge interest in it but I don't really know much about anything from the astro field >_<

Since space always has a bunch of crazy shit going on in it, I’ll just take a bunch of random bookmarked links I have and throw them at you!

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Star Signs as PnF Characters

Aquarius: Ferb (Reserved, honest, reliable, sarcastic)

Pisces: Doofenshmirtz (Imaginative, innocent, scattered, sensitive)

Aries: Phineas (Optimistic, short fuse, energetic, spontaneous)

Taurus: Isabella (Persistent, reliable, possessive, loyal)

Gemini: Carl (Intellectual, devious, lively, impulsive)

Cancer: Perry (Loyal, protective, quick-tempered, instinctive)

Leo: Candace (Dramatic, ambitious, stubborn, enthusiastic)

Virgo: Baljeet (Observant, fussy, analytical, diligent)

Libra: Jeremy (Diplomatic, oblivious, charming, easygoing)

Scorpio: Buford (Loyal, forceful, stubborn, instinctive)

Sagittarius: Lawrence (Honest, careless, cheerful, calm)

Capricorn: Monogram (Ambitious, stubborn, practical, aloof)


I’m always going to have love for Martin the show and Martin the person because the show was reppin’ for HBCUs (and Detroit) from the beginning. From top: FAMU, a/k/a Florida A&M University (but y'all should already know. From the highest of seven hills, Rattlers stand up…then strike, strike, and strike again!), Alabama A&M, Morgan State, Grambling, Jackson State, Morris Brown.

Evolution has equipped humans with curiosity, always wondering
about the next place to settle, new things to learn,
the next adventure to go on. We’re pushing the boundaries of
knowledgeas we’re getting ready to explore the next frontier:
the cosmos.
There are still many things to study here on Earth,
but the most magnificent unknowns are outside of our atmosphere.
The nomadic impulse in all of us is pushing us there and I can say
without a doubt that it’s the greatest adventure so far-
leaving the solar system, the galaxy, our galaxy cluster,
seeing other worlds, discovering civilisations.
I think that it’s very important to have a cosmic perspective:
it helps you see the universe and your place in it in such a different way.
I made this post to link everybody who’s interested in this to the,
in my opinion, best videos about the cosmos.

CARL SAGAN// you are here- the pale blue dot | we humans are capable of greatness | the frontier is everywhere | humility | life looks for life | the humans | his most pertinent message for humanity

NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON// the most astounding fact | a thought experiment | 1% | scientific literacy

LAWRENCE KRAUSS// we are all stardust | we provide our own meaning

BILL NYE// the joy of discovery

NEIL ARMSTRONG// blue & beautiful on engineering

SYMPHONY OF SCIENCE// a glorious dawn | we are all connected | our place in the cosmos | the poetry of reality | the case for mars | the big beginning | the quantum world | onward to the edge | we are stardust | secret of the stars | monsters of the cosmos |ode to the brain | higgs remix