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Musician crushes timeline

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Paul McCartney 2001-2002 (Back then this was a big deal.)

Liam Gallagher 2002-2006

Julian Casablancas 2004-2005

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CJ Fogelklou 2004-2005 (I just googled him and he’s forever adorable!!!)

Dee Dee Ramone 2005

Keith Moon 2005-2006

Jimmy Page 2005-* I hated the sight of the guy.

Colin Greenwood 2006-2007

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Andy Bell 2007-2009

Roger Waters 2007-* I always had a thing for him, but 2007 I went “serious”. LOL
Apparently, I have 17 pages tagged as “roger waters”… Mmhhh…

Richard Ashcroft 2008

Ed O'Brien 2008-*

Jason “Spaceman” Pierce 2008-2011

Mark Collins March 2009 (It has to be mentioned, the funniest two weeks I ever had. Oh, and actually, I was quite infatuated by him during the Charlatans concert in Berlin in 2008.)

The Edge 2009-*

Pete “Sonic Boom” Kember 2009-2010

Neil Codling December 2010 Suede concert in Berlin.

Curt Smith 2011-*

Roland Orzabal 2011-*

Mark Owen 2011

Thomas Newman 2011

These are only my major crushes though. ^^

Oh my God, I cannot believe who I forgot until now…. XD