carl has no respect

  • you: magnus loves alec more than he's ever loved anyone else
  • me, an intellectual: magnus has loved many people over many centuries and it's incredibly disrespectful to discredit his past loves just to make his relationship with alec seem more "special". magnus having deeply loved people in the past doesn't make his love for alec any less real or important. also, love isn't a contest and having magnus "rank" his various relationships is gross.

You can definitely see the envy in Carl. Especially when Negan brings him in and shows him all the Saviors bowing down to him. After Negan leaves he sort of stays for a second and goes to the rail and tests it out. He considers it. He’s never seen anyone with this much power before. No one has that much respect for Rick, so for him, that’s crazy, and kind of a cool thing for him to see. For Negan to kind of hint at offering that to Carl, it’s really surreal for him.

Also, Negan’s the only one who treats him like an adult. He’s the only one who sees Carl as an equal. No one else has that kind of respect for Carl. The more Negan treats him as an adult, the more Rick treats him like a kid, and that’s a problem.

—  Chandler Riggs talking about Carl being seduced by Negan’s way of life (x)

it’s pretty fucking official that the “strange respect” that Negan has for Carl is going to go to Daryl. It’s pretty fucking clear that he will get the entire run down of how the Sanctuary works. who knows, maybe Negan will even burn Mark’s face while he’s there!! that’d be great! and while they’re at it, they can have Daryl grumble you are my sunshine while Negan swings a bat behind him! it’s completely necessary to have this seen through the eyes of a greasy man and not a complex child ;DD this is going to be the best season ever!!

I can’t wait until Carl gets to go to the Sanctuary. this is how it’s going to go down. He will get caught, Negan will say “lol kid ur not as sick as Daryl, now let’s get you home ;)” and I stg if they do what I think they’re going to do and make his entire reason for going after Negan about rescuing Daryl, and not even an ounce of it is for Abraham and Glenn I will be so livid I will burn something, I SWEAR. I am so sick of this oil bucket staining everything ever. No one is safe from Daryl’s shit.