Season One → Season Two
rick: i love u coral
carl: i love u 2 dad

Season Three → Season Four
rick: *puts a little too much rick grimes in carl*
carl: FUCK u dad

Season Five → Season Six
carl: where r u dad?

Season Seven
carl: what’s a dad
negan: omg holy shit hi holy shit


Imagine - you’re Carl’s girlfriend who was taken by Negan during the line up because he wanted ‘something fresh’. Carl knew it wouldn’t be easy getting you back, but he was willing to try anything, so when Negan takes him back to Alexandria, only to find you in the passengers seat he feels a great sense of relief. Things get heated between the pair of you and Negan catches you in the act. Oops.

Warnings - swearing, violence, angst, slight smut, teasing and slight bullying from Negan.

“Why are you here?” you whisper to your boyfriend as he clambers into the truck, sitting at your side, you assess his face for any damage, but he seemed clean.

Carl smiles slightly at your worry and lightly squeezes your hand without Negan seeing, “I had to find you,” he decided not to tell you the details, how he killed two of Negan’s men before being apprehended, he wouldn’t dare tell you how Negan made him show his eye.

In the corner of your eye you see it, something you’ve only ever seen once, you reach your hand up to tilt his head to face you when you’re stopped, “Ah, ah, ah Princess, don’t touch him, you’re mine, remember?” your arm drops to your side but you don’t take your eyes away from Carl, you know he’s not telling you something.

Negan dragged you from the line up, he had hopes of making you one of his wives but he knew you had too much fire to be cooped up in a room all day, so instead, you were his favourite person, he lusted after you whenever you were around. To him, he’d rather have you over anyone else, he would constantly ask you to marry him but you’d always politely refuse his offer. Part of it was because you enjoyed the game, but the rest of you belonged to Carl, and that’s how it was always supposed to be.

The journey was spent in silence on your part, of course Negan would make the odd remark about something along the road, but other than that you could say you were comfortable, even if it was a lie.

Soon enough, the truck rolled to a stop before a set of familiar gates, “Y/N, take him home, I’ll be there soon, I’m going to have a look around,” he leaves a lingering kiss on your forehead before he saunters off into the distance.

Carl looks to you, “Come on then,” you tell him flatly as you head towards his house in Alexandria, “You shouldn’t have gone looking for me, Carl,” you tell him, tucking a strand of your H/C hair behind your ear nervously.

“What was I supposed to do? Leave you there?” he asks you as he walks by your side.

Turning to look at him, you give him sad eyes, “Yes, you were,” you jog up the porch steps and let yourself in, noticing Olivia in the kitchen, “Negan will be wanting you, think he’s by the armoury somewhere, I’ve got this,” you tell the woman who nods slowly before scurrying off.

With a sigh you look around your former home, you used to live with Carl before Negan took you away. Rick loved you, even if you were a couple years older than Carl, but no one ever said anything about it.

Carl wraps his arms around you, pressing his soft lips to your neck before moving up to your sweet spot, making you moan softly, “Carl-”

“Don’t” he mumbles against your skin, “Just let us have this moment, it might be the last,” your knees go weak as you face him, forcing your lips together roughly, your fingers tangle in his dark waves as he backs you up into the counter, encasing you between his arms before he lifts you onto the counter.

Carl smirks on your lips as he removes your shorts slowly, teasing you when he drops them to the floor and palms your dripping cunt which is ready, waiting for him, he takes your shirt off and kisses down your chest, biting at you hard nipples through the thin fabric of your bra. Your back arches as he slips a finger inside of you, reaching to that spot before curling slightly before thrusting his finger into you. Not once does he take his eyes off of you, his blue orbs finding your own as his free hand roams your curves, like he’s willing himself to remember every detail about you, “Carl, please,” you whisper, he nods with a smile and kisses you hard again, you unbuckle his pants and let them fall to the floor as he removes his finger from your core, leaving you cold and yearning for something bigger.

Your boyfriend gasps, throwing his head back as you grab his hard cock through his boxers, he’d forgotten how good it felt to have your fingers wrapped around him. Slowly, you push his boxers down, grabbing his full length, spreading his precum over the tip as he rolls his hips in and out of your grip desperately, his lips closed over yours, his hands knitted in your hair as it almost becomes unbearable for him to cope with.

In one swift motion, you open your legs wide and positioned him at your entrance, he buries his head into the crook of you neck as he slowly pushes into you, welcoming the familiar warmth and tightness which he loved so dearly. Carl allows you to adjust before thrusting into you faster and harder, so hard you have to grip the sides of the counter for support as he leans on you, his lips leaving sloppy kisses across your collarbone, “Oh Carl,” you moan loudly as your hands dig into his back, whilst you buck your hips to meet his hard thrusts, the sound of your skin slapping filling the air as well as your mixed moans.

Carl pulls away looking into your eyes, “Let go, baby,” he kisses your lips softly as he fucks you harder, your stomach tightens as he fucks you in the spot where you need him the most.

“And what the fuck is going on here?” You eyes grow wide as Carl freezes inside of you, you look to the doorway and see Negan stood there, his eyes scream fury as he takes in the scene before him.

Carl removes himself from you, pulling his pants back up before handing you your shirt and shorts, which you slip on quickly, “Negan-”

“Shut it, Y/N,” he snaps at you, making you nod and take a step back as he stalks over to Carl, “That’s my girl, god, do you know how much I want her? How much I need her to be mine, but the second I turn my back she’s on your cock, maybe you’re the problem, kid, maybe you have to go in order to make her a bit more submissive, hm?”

You knew what that meant, “Negan, stop this, please,” you sob, he looks at you and his eyes soften for a moment before growing hard again.

“I won’t allow this,” he tells you with apologetic eyes as he shoves Carl to his knees, raising Lucille over his head.

Your next actions come from impulse, “Negan!” You shout and he freezes to look at you, Carl does the same, begging you not to be stupid, you take a step forward and another when you realise he won’t hurt you, all until you’re stood between them. Negan looks down at you, waiting, you run your hands down his chests before his gaze, “Let him live, let him live and I’ll marry you, I’ll submit, just don’t hurt him.”

“Y/N, no-”

Carl is silenced when Negan points Lucille at him, not taking his eyes of you, searching for lies on your features, “Alright, doll, he’s spared,” Negan wraps an arm around your waist, licking his lips as he does so, claiming your lips roughly, “Looks like we’ve got a wedding to plan, isn’t that right, baby girl?”

Hello darlings!

Sorry if this is really crap! I’ve been writing and eating pizza at the same time so I don’t know where my focus has been. This was a request but I feel like doing a part two where Negan takes the reader back to the sanctuary and tells everyone how he found her with Carl? Basically humiliating her?

Let me know if you fancy it!



Get that hair out of your face. Let me see. Christ! That is disgusting. No wonder you cover that up. Have you seen it? I mean, have you looked in the mirror? That is gross as hell. I can see your socket. I want to touch it. Oh, come on. Can I touch it? … All jokes aside, you look rad as hell. I wouldn’t cover that shit up. It may not be a hit with the ladies, but I swear to you, no one is gonna screw with you looking like that. No, sir.


*in this series, Negan does not have any wives except you, but they are still at the sanctuary.

You were more than upset with Negan, not only had he paraded you around in front of your dad like some prize that he had won, he had killed two people from his group and taken one man back to the sanctuary with him. You didn’t like that he was exploiting your family, leaving them with two dead members and next to nothing. No food, guns or medical supplies, it wasn’t fair but you knew Negan had done it for you. The sanctuary was running out of painkillers and vitamins in the stock, because you had to take so many as pregnancy wasn’t treating you so well. You just felt bad that you were practically stealing them from your family, even if you weren’t doing it personally.

“Do I want you to in pain? No. Do I want something to happen to the baby or you? No. Do I want you to become ill? No. So, oh beautiful wife of mine, you will take that painkiller and be content as I go out and provide for you and our future child.”

You and Negan had been arguing quite a bit for the past few weeks, you hated the way he was treating your family. He knew it, but he couldn’t let up. If he did, they could fall out of line and with his baby on the way, that was the last thing he needed to be dealing with. You had been hanging out with a woman called Sherry who was married to Dwight, one of Negan’s top guys. She had been helping you throughout the pregnancy; having a woman to speak to about the baby was therapeutic. Unfortunately, Negan didn’t understand half the things you had to deal with, but Sherry could better recognize the struggles of being a mom in the apocalypse.

You had been explaining how bad your morning sickness was getting, asking if she knew of anything that could ease the pain when you saw Negan walking towards the barrier of the balcony, looking down at everyone. They began to get on to one knee to bow to him and the room went silent, all eyes on Negan, you not having bow with everyone else.  He had told you that as far as he was concerned you were equal to him and people should respect you as such, the members of the sanctuary already knew that, being Negan’s wife it was a given that they should hold you at the same place as Negan, above them all. 

You looked up at your husband, eyes widening when you saw who he had with him. You could see Carl beside him with his white cloth eye patch and dad’s sheriff hat. He looked directly at you, a small smile creeping up on his face before his eyes wandered to your stomach, the smile falling off his faster than it came on. He didn’t regard you as the enemy but he had to keep an eye on you, if Negan could persuade you to leave your whole family behind to marry him, he would use that power against you again.

“The saviors have gone out into the world, fought the dead and come back with some really good stuff.” Negan announced to the loyal followers, all still bowing down, showing respect to him. “Some of that stuff can be yours, if you work hard and play by the rules.” He briefly looked over at Carl, before turning back to the crowd. “Today, everybody gets fresh vegetables at dinner, no points needed.” Everyone began to murmur amongst themselves, while clapping at the announcement. Negan twisted around back to Carl, saying something inaudible before shouting. “As you were!” he said, walking away from the balcony. 

He looked around the crowd, locking eyes with you. He motioned you to come over to him, as Carl was trailing behind him. You followed behind Carl, to yours and Negan’s room. Negan lead you both into the room, before motioning Carl and you to sit. You sat next to Negan, faced towards Carl. You felt like letting all your emotions out and running over to give Carl a hug but you knew you couldn’t. “So, you two have a lot of catching up to do. I’ll let you have your time, 10, 20 minutes, I’ll see how I feel.” He patted your leg, before standing up and walking out of the room. 

You looked over at Carl, there was a large tension in the room, and you could both feel it. You were both fighting for different sides, even if you were family. “How’s dad?” you asked, in a quiet voice trying to start some sort of conversation. “How do you think he is? He knows you’re alive, married and pregnant to the man who’s taking everything from us Y/N?!” Carl began to get angry, he felt bad because it wasn’t your fault but it was your husband doing it. “I’ve tried Carl! I told him I didn’t want him taking stuff from you because you’re my family! He’s just worried and stressed because of the baby, he just wants me to have everything I need, and I can’t fault him for that! That is how a husband should treat his wife!” you told him, becoming frustrated with Carl. “I understand that he killed two of your group and I am sorry for that but I can’t sympathize with you! I didn’t know them, I never met them. Your group killed a hell of a lot more people from our group than Negan did. He only killed two, he could have killed more. He doesn’t enjoy killing people, Carl! He had to do it to show you all what happens if you don’t follow the rules.” You tried to explain, but Carl wasn’t having it. He huffed, looking away from you.

 “You have a baby sister. Mom died giving birth to her, I had to put a bullet in her head to stop her from turning. She’s a few months old.” You felt your eyes tearing up, a baby sister?

“Honey, what do you want from Santa this Christmas?” Your mother asked you, with your dad recording on a video camera. “A little brother or sister! So, I can play with them and sing them songs and take care of them!” you giggled, as your mother and father looked at each other. “Looks like we need to get busy, darlin’”

“Oh my god, a baby sister?” you asked, tears now freely running down your face. Carl nodded, shocked by your reaction. He didn’t think this would affect you so much. In all honesty, he thought Negan had turned you fully against them all, meaning that you wouldn’t care about Rick or himself.

The door slammed open, Negan entering with Lucille on his shoulder and a bottle of whisky in his other hand. “All caught up babe?” he asked, noticing the dried up tears on your rosy cheeks. “What did this little shit say to make you cry?” you sniffled, looking at Negan as he took his seat back next to you. He placed his arm around your shoulders, pulling you into him, smirking at Carl. “He didn’t say anything, knock it off.” You told him, hoping he’d lay off Carl. “I can’t do this; it’s like talking to a birthday present! I gotta see what grandma got me, take that shit off!” Negan laughed, staring down Carl. 

He took off his hat, placing it at the side of him. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to Carl.” You told him, before Negan shouted, pointing his finger at you. “Two men, Y/N! He shot two of my men dead, there has to be a punishment.” He turned back to Carl who was unwrapping the bandage from around his head; the patch came off, his long brown hair covering the open wound. He tucked his hair behind his ear, showing the large gaping wound to you and Negan. You gasped, putting a hand over your mouth, feeling the tears coming again. “Christ! That is disgusting; no wonder you cover that up. Have you seen it? I mean have you looked in the mirror, that is gross as hell! I can see your socket, can I touch it? Come on, can I touch it?” Negan taunted Carl, as he began to sniffle. You sobbed, getting up and walking over to Carl, pulling him into an embrace. “Get out Negan, you’ve over stepped your line.” You spat at your husband, disgusted by the way he spoke to your family. Negan’s face dropped, looking almost regretful. He knew he had gone over the limit and his woman was going to have his ass for it.

“Holy hell, kid. Look… I just, it’s easy to forget your… your just a kid. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings or anything, I was just screwing around.” He sighed, looking up at you. You glared at him, pointing to the door. “Get out.” You demanded sternly, Negan knowing he was going to have to grovel to get himself out of this one. “Baby, I didn’t me-.” You shook your head at him. “If you didn’t mean it you wouldn’t have said it, Negan. Now, this is the last time I’m going to ask. Get out.” He got up from his seat, looking at you before walking back out of the room.

Carl realized the sort of power you held over Negan, not only by being his wife but carrying his baby. He knew it would be a valuable asset for the Alexandria group and decided to remember it for later.

Loyalties (4)

Loyalties Part 4

Pairing:  Y/N (Rick’s daughter)/Negan

Words: 2869

Summary: the reader takes a great risk that might cost her everything


The look in your father’s eyes as he watched you leave haunted you all the way back home to the Sanctuary. The conflict inside of you felt like a barbed wire wrapped around your throat, tightening its grip by the second. You couldn’t stop thinking about the words your brother had thrown at you or the feeling of Judith in your arms and seeing her smile innocently.

You couldn’t quite ignore the heavy ache in your chest and you couldn’t ignore what it meant either; longing, longing for your family. All you desperately wanted was for your father told hold you in his arms and tell you he was proud of you. Except, you didn’t know if that would ever happen. The only way that could happen was for you to betray the man who’d saved your life, protected you, loved you. The man you loved.

And maybe it should’ve been crystal clear, but you genuinely didn’t know on whose side you’d find yourself on if push came to shove. More than it already had, that is.

The first thing you did when you got back to your room was to find a bottle of liquor and take one good, long swig from it. Negan was outside working some issues over with some men, so you silently went about getting ready for bed.

When Negan returned to the room, his heavy boots against the floor marking his arrival, you were standing in front of the mirror brushing out your hair, clad in nothing but underwear and Negan’s shirt that swallowed up your frame.

Negan leaned against the doorframe and made a deep hum of satisfaction. “Damn, if that isn’t my favorite fucking thing to walk into after a long, productive day.”

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Imagine - you’re Negan’s only wife and you’re pregnant with his child, after he returns home from Alexandria and seeing Judith for the first time, you see the real soft side to your husband.

Warnings - swearing, fluff, negan is a warning on his own tbh.

Negan hadn’t left your side, you were nearing the last few days of your pregnancy until your due date and you were more excited than you ever had been. Your relationship with Negan hadn’t always been perfect, he did like to sleep around at the beginning but he soon realised he’d never get another chance with you, so left his other wives to spend the rest of his days by your side.

After the kid from Alexandria had turned up, Negan gave Simon strict orders to sit in your shared bedroom until he returned, and that was 2 days ago, of course you were beginning to worry, being pregnant wasn’t exactly a walk in the park, especially during an apocalypse.

Simon had made sure you were kept in bed, Carson came in to check on you every couple of hours doing his best not to wake you from your sleep, you were too worried though, “Where is he, Simon? Our baby is due today, why isn’t he here?”

Negan’s right hand man was like the brother you never had, he cherished you with all his heart and would do anything to protect you. Simon looked up from his book before throwing it aside and sitting on the edge of the kings sized bed, “He’ll be here, he’d never miss this, you hear?” You nod slowly as he tucks a strand of your H/C hair behind your ear, caressing your cheek slightly to soothe your nerves.

A soft knock sounds on the door, “Come in,” you groan in annoyance, the door opens slightly and you see Negan’s smirking face appear in the gap, “Negan,” you breathe as he steps in, dismissing Simon as he takes his jacket off, “I thought you wouldn’t be back in time.”

Negan smiles down at you as he climbs onto the space next to your body, lying beside you, “Like I would miss the birth of our son,” he rubs tender circles into your large stomach, gazing down on you lovingly, “Rick has another kid you know, a little girl, Judith, seeing her made me realise how lucky I am to have you,” he pauses, looking into your eyes, “Fuck, I love you, Y/N.”

In a second you slap his chest, “No swearing around the baby,” you remind him sternly, he would give him credit, he had been trying to control his language to the best of his ability, but even if it did slip you would tell him off.

Negan rolls his eyes at your words, “Sorry, doll,” he kisses your lips softly, both of you moving in sync. Your husband pulls you in closer, and as soon as he does you feel wetness gush between your thighs, you freeze, “Baby? Are you okay?” Negan sits up, assessing your suddenly frantic frame.

“Get Carson, he’s coming.”


It had been 7 hours since your water broke and to say you were in agony was an understatement, Negan did his best, pulled your hair away from your face and used a cold rag to ease your temperature, not once did he let go of your hand whilst Carson checked on you, “Alright, Y/N, it’s time to start pushing,” he tells you with confidence, “On three, one, two, three,” you push hard, a cry of pain erupting from your lips.

Negan sits beside you, hating that he can’t ease your pain for you as you push that little life from your body, he looks at you, how beautiful you are even in that moment as you push your son into the world, he looks at Carson who smiles slightly, “One more should do it, Y/N,” Negan grabs your hand, whispering sweetly into your ear as you push for the final time before the room is filled with the cries of you child, “We’ve got a boy,” Carson tells the pair of you as he wraps him up in multiple blanket, handing him to you almost immediately.

“Baby, I’m so proud of you,” Negan tells you, stroking your sweat ridden hair from your face, “And you’re still gorgeous,” you giggle at his comment before connecting your lips harshly, “I’ll never let anyone touch you.”

6 months later

Negan looks at you from across the room, how you bounce your son, Noah, on your hip in front of the women who loved him more and more each passing day. Negan knew it hadn’t been easy for you to get back to normal, he knew you felt insecure so when anyone mentioned something about ‘baby weight’ or anything of the sort he would should them down instantly, if anyone went to touch you or your boy then he would push them away.

One night you all lay in your shared bedroom, Noah resting on your bare chest as you play with his lack of hair. Negan rolls onto his side, his hand rubbing the soft, pink skin of his little soldier who sleeps soundly on your chest, “I want another one,” he tells you with a twinkle in his eye.

You look at your husband, “So do I,” you tell him, “How about we start trying again soon? We all know that’s the best part,” you attempt and innuendo, he smirks at your comment but doesn’t remove his eyes from your child.

“You know what? I think this is the best part, nothing can beat this,” he leans over you, planting a soft, loving kiss on your forehead before pulling you and Noah into his chest, wrapping his arms protectively around the both of you.

The Easy Way (Part 4) - Carl & Negan Imagine

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

summary: the reader comforts carl after negan is a douchebag

a/n: i literally have no inspiration for this i’m just going off the top of my head wish me luck (lmao this sucks sorry to disappoint)

Carl sat between you and Negan, and Judith sat on your lap. Her head lay on your chest as she rested her eyes. The truck bounced as it ran over what you imagined were fallen walkers, making you hold Judith even closer to your body. Carl’s hand rested on your knee, his thumb anxiously tapping you over and over again.

“Aren’t you two cute,” Negan taunted. “You almost give me hope that the world ain’t all shit.”

Carl’s lips slightly turned upwards. You couldn’t believe it. Was he really accepting Negans compliment? He was obviously screwing with you guys, and it frightened you beyond belief to see him getting through to Carl.

“You better hang on to her,” Negan continued, “‘cause there are some bad people out there just dying to get their hands on a fine gal like her.” He licked his lips and tightened his grip on the steering wheel. Whatever trace of a smile that was on Carl’s face was lost, and he just seemed upset. You leaned into him, hoping to give him a sign of comfort without Negan becoming aware of the interaction.

“Speaking of you two, (Y/N), why would you go for him?”

A bubble formed in your throat that you couldn’t seem to swallow. “Why wouldn’t I?” You sat up straight again, looking into his eyes with the meanest face you could muster.

Negan chuckled, shaking his head and leaning back into the worn down driver’s seat. “Honey, you don’t have to be a damn rocket scientist to recognize that your boyfriend here only has half a face.”

You had had enough of him. “Stop the truck.”

“Excuse m-”

“Stop the truck, you bastard,” you boldly demanded.

“What are you gonna do? Walk back? We’re almost there, baby doll,” Negan said teasingly.

You inhaled deeply, processing everything. Was it really worth it to defy him? You had no idea what he would do to you, or Carl — or Judith.

“Let me out.”

The car halted to a stop. Your head whipped back before your body was slammed forward. You weren’t wearing a seatbelt, neither was Carl. His first instinct was to throw his arm across you and Judith, trying to act as a makeshift seatbelt. To his delight, it kind of worked. You were all fine, and you took the first chance you got to open the door and jump out. You rocked Judith as she cried, bouncing on your heels to soothe her.

“You little shits made your decision!” you heard Negan yell from behind you. When you turned around, you saw Carl slam the door and walk towards you.

“He’s not gonna do anything,” Carl assured you.

“I don’t know about that,” you mumbled. Judith’s cries had softened, as she rested her head on your shoulder. “There’s always something. I just don’t want Judith anywhere near him.”

“Yeah,” he agreed. You fell back into silence as you walked along the paved road. “Why would you go for me?”

“What?” Was Negan really getting in his head?

“Why would you choose me? There are so many people who you could have in a heartbeat. Why me?” Carl questioned.

You frowned at him, hating it when he degraded himself. “Why not you?”

“Look at this!” He stopped walking to face you and point at the scar where his eye used to be. “It’s gross! Hell, even Negan said it was disgusting, and he’s seen everything disgusting this world has to offer.”

“It’s not gross at all! If it really makes you feel better to cover it, we can do that back at home. I really don’t mind, though,” you explained. He was always so tough on himself. Sometimes you wished he would stop working so damn hard to be what he thought was perfect. “We’re just kids, I know, but you’re so mature. You’ve worked so hard to get where you are. I know I can’t take back what Ron did. I know that, but I just want you to move past it.”

Carl sighed. “Thanks,” he mumbled, unsure of how to respond. “I can take her if your arms are tired.”

You smiled as you handed the baby to Carl.

“See, she doesn’t care either,” you remarked. Judith lit up every time her brother would hold her or play with her. She loved him. You could tell. You knew she was going to be such a badass, just like her big brother. Even though things won’t come to her the easy way, she’ll figure it out. We all had to.

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Carl Grimes needs to be loved more, he’s suffered so much, he had to shot his mother after her giving birth to his little sister who then turned out to be his half sister. He lost his eye. Tortured by Negan into taking his bandage of. He needs more love.

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bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly.

A/N: Decided to write this little blurb. Im half asleep guys bare with me. The other stuff is being formally written, I just typed this up in 30minutes

Summary: Reader remembers why she hates Negan after he comes for his “Service”

 She could still feel it in her core, her lungs, in her feet that stood bare upon the Earth. Today was off . It had only been a few days since she had watched the brutal death of her friends, clinging to her older brother afterwards like a lifeline. She hated the ‘man of the hour’ almost as much as her brother did.


Being a Grimes kid, Negan had taken more time to show (Y/N) and Carl off to their dad. He took a second to call Carl a serial killer, but he had taken a different approach with her. The creep was entirely mesmerized, she could still feel the harsh scratch of Lucille along her cheek as he used the bat to push hair from her face. The skin along her cheek had stabbed over, some of it had begun to scar.

(Y/N) sat eating at the kitchen table when she heard it, three loud bangs. The clashing of wood on metal. Somebody was at the gate. There was only one person stupid enough to mess with her family.


After he had left them, she had helped her brother and dad up. The brief moments of sadness she felt in that moment gone as relief washed over her, had her tugging her family into a quick group hug. She pulled in her emotional father, her desensitized older brother, and waved Michonne over.

It wasn’t until they got home that she felt it. The hatred inside her built up to the point where she was overflowing, and as she threw her dirty plate in the sink she was left with a terrible noise.


Well, there goes the plate. Her dad would understand if he manned up. Carl would get it, he always understood what she was thinking. Call it, ‘twins intuition’.

Upstairs, Judith begins to whine. Fearful she runs to hush the baby she may be livid, but she’s not stupid. No one would forgive her if the monster outside found the baby.

Finally, Judith’s cries quieted until the toddler was silent enough to be left to herself. That’s when she heard the gunshot. She knew her brother could be reckless, but this seriously had to make the cake. (Y/N) steps outside just in time to see the Saviours taking all of their guns.

“Well, would you look at that,” Negan was conversing with her father just outside of their house, “Finally decided to join us sweetheart?”

Sneering the teenage girl walked off to find her brother. She didn’t have the patience for it. For one reason or another, Negan let her go.