Rick: we need to play by Negans rules

Olivia: * slaps Negan into next week*

Michonne: *makes a road block of walkers and forced a Savior to take her to Negan at gunpoint*

ROSITA: *is having Eugene make bullets*

Sasha and Jesus: *tracking down the Sanctuary*

Carl: *deadass kills two saviors and threatens to kill Negan*

Rick: *deep sigh*. BOI

Rick leaves for a day

Daryl: *Escapes from Negan*
Olivia: *Slaps Negan*
Carl: *Tries to kill Negan*
Michonne: *Hunts down Negan*
Sasha: *Orders Jesus to find Negan*
Rosita: *Tries to shoot Negan*
Eugene: *Made bullet for Rosita to shoot Negan*
Father Gabriel: *Wouldn’t mind the death of Negan*
Spencer: dumbass tried to team up with Negan