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au in which the reader looks like beth

When the group finds you trapped inside a car, walkers drumming their dirty fingers on the windows, groans smacking against the car, there wasn’t much hope in getting you out alive. They even considered leaving you; rescue is often a waste of bullets, and always a risk. Besides, you’re a total stranger.

Then Daryl catches a glimpse of you through the fogged up window. His stomach tightens and he loses his breath, and suddenly he’s thrown back in time, finding out that the girl he had tried to protect is dead.

Beth.You look like Beth.

And Darryl isn’t going to lose her again.

He surges forward, pulling his knife out of his pocket. He doesn’t look back to make sure that the others are following. He couldn’t care less if they were.

But because they are who they are, they follow. And the walkers are down in minutes.

They pull you out of the car, all dirty and sweaty and exhausted, and the resemblance hits them all.

“Thank you. Thank you so much.” You say, voice thick with an accent that sounds so much like Beth’s it’s a bit scary.

“What’s your name?” Daryl asks. You lift your eyes to his, lips curling up in a tired smile.

And when you tell him, it’s so like her name that no one says anything else.

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The decision was made a long time ago, before any of us knew each other.  We were all strangers who would’ve just passed each other on the street before the world ended.  And now we mean everything to each other.  You were in trouble.  You were trapped.  Glenn didn’t know you, but he helped you.   He put himself in danger for you.  And that started it all, from Atlanta, to my daddy’s farm, to prison, to here, to this moment now.  Not as strangers, as family.  Because Glenn chose to be there for you a long time ago, that was the decision that changed everything.  It started with both of you, and it just grew.  All of us.  To sacrifice for each other.  To suffer, to stand, to grieve, to give, to love, to live, to fight for each other.  Glenn made the decision, Rick.  I was just following his lead.

Maggie Rhee

me leaving school for summer vacation:

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