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I have a feeling that Rick would pick Carl up from school and Carl would be walking out with a girl he liked and Rick would just start telling a bunch of embarrassing stories

Baby photos included, like he obviously carries them in his pockets 

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10 w/ rarl? :) Fun fact to help you out with this; if you mix warm water with salt and gargle it, it cures a sore throat.

“why are there 2 pepper shakers and no salt shaker?” ron asked after walking into the kitchen and trying to find salt for the tater tots he’d made

“the salt is right here.”
 carl said casually from the kitchen island.

ron glanced over and his mouth dropped in shock.


carl hardly glanced up from the steady stream of salt he was pouring into a mug of water.

“because im secretly a mermaid.” carl waited for ron to react and groaned when he didn’t. “oh come on, you’ve never seen aquamarine?”

carl stopped pouring in the salt and tossed the shaker to ron.

“we were out of salt and it only came in a pack with pepper,” carl stirred his disgusting concoction. “hence the two pepper shakers.”

carl tipped the drink back and gargled.

“you disgust me, grimes.”

salt water splashed out of the smaller boys mouth as he started laughing and coughing, spitting it all over the floor. ron screeched as he tried to move out of the splash zone.

“oh, come on, did ya have to get it all over me?” ron groaned.

“hey, you’re the only reason im doing this, it’s not my fault if you get caught in the crossfire.”

“how the fuck is this my fault?”

carl rolled his eyes with a slight grin and peered up at ron through thick eyelashes.

“gargling salt water helps with sore throats, obviously.”

carl winked and stepped away to gargle the last of the drink, leaving ron blushing and soaked with salt water.

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“Your room looks like a cyclone ran through it.”

Carl glanced up from the comic he’d been reading after his dad had entered his room, a faint laugh passing his lips at the comment that followed. Rick didn’t look the least bit impressed with the state of his room, but it had been (somewhat) tidy about an hour ago. He’d lost one of his comics that he’d been reading, and so in determination to find it again, he’d tore his room apart to search for it. Now there was comics laid out everywhere, including a bunch of other stuff that he’d moved out of the way in the process.

“That cyclone was me. Remember that comic I told you about? The one I said I’d lost?” He asked, closing it and giving it a small wave in his father’s direction. “I found it.” The teen paused, looking over all of the other things scattered about his room. "Aaaand probably lost a lot of other things in the process.”