carl espen

And there’s silent storm inside me, looking for a home. I hope that someone’s gonna find me and say that I belong. I’ll wait forever and a lifetime, to find I’m not alone. And there’s a silent storm inside me, some day I’ll be calm. Some day I’ll be calm.
—  Carl Espen, represented Norway in the Eurovison finals in Copenhagen

Carl Espen - Silent Storm

This got short shrift from the panel and viewers tonight, but probably deserved a lot more. Many listens in, it doesn’t wear but tear at the heart. People were quick to mock the carpenter / biker / hipster look of the singer (you can hear chuckles after the first chorus) but this is seriously beautiful and wonderfully sung. Conchita deservedly won with a gorgeous, torchy, classy number, but “Silent Storm” mined similar emotional terrain with as much feeling and restraint and should not be overlooked.